The only reason the refugee quota is back on the agenda is because Helen wants the top job

Helen Clark wants the top job at the UN…and I want her to get it too…so she doesn’t ever come home.

But it explains the full-court press by the left-wing and their enablers in the Media party for an increase in the refugee quota.

Clark will need the credit of NZ being seen to be doing something.

As Europe embarks on its first major, combined attempt to combat the migrant crisis, New Zealand has been urged to take more refugees.

Hundreds of asylum seekers have been deported from Greece overnight, sent back to Turkey as part of a deal that aims to ease mass migration to Europe.

It is Europe’s much-lauded solution to a migrant crisis the likes of which the world has never seen — refugees deemed illegal, deported at dawn and sent back to Turkey.

Anticipating trouble and violence, one guard was deployed for each of the 202 migrants.   

Three boats left all up — one from Chios, two from nearby Lesbos. The isolated resort island is also Greece’s most popular arrival point for fleeing refugees.

The protests were small, but the deportations are roundly criticised by humanitarian groups.

They’re the first acts enforcing Turkey’s refugee deal with Europe. For every Syrian deported back to Turkey, a Syrian is resettled in Europe.

But only two Syrians were onboard; the overwhelming majority were from Pakistan.

A volunteer-run camp at a beach just minutes from the port is predominantly Pakistani.

The migrants have been through a lot — weeks and months being smuggled, near drownings, friends dying — but they do not want to go to Turkey.

“We are not safe in Pakistan, we are not safe in Turkey,” they say. “I’m not going to Turkey.”

How come there are refugees from Pakistan? There is no war; no civil war. Pakistan is a parliamentary republic that holds elections. These people are not real refugees; they are economic migrants.

But Helen Clark has to get some credits and so the push goes on for more refugees coming to NZ.

 –  Newshub


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  • john Doe

    “Only two Syrians were on board. The rest were from Parkistan”. There would seem to be a simple win/win solution here. Put these Pakistani refugees on a plane and send them to Pakistan. This is were they are from and where they will enjoy a familiar culture and religion. This refugee wave is an orchistrated rort for all and sundry to enter Europe. Time to close the borders and this includes NewZealand. Enough is enough.

  • LabTested

    The Czech Republic has taken in Iraqi Christian ‘refugees’ who just got caught trying to escape from Czech to Germany

    • Duchess of Pork

      And it will be interesting to see if they stick to their resolve to deport those they caught.

  • R&BAvenger

    The European Union’s policy is better than open slather. they better be vetting people 100%. If the Humaitarian groups are moaning then you know it’s the right thing.

  • veridian

    Politicians will continue to ignore the wishes of the people they were elected to serve as they have become beholden to the idea that the importation of other cultures is always good. The evidence of problems with the large numbers of third world muslims in France, Sweden, Belgium, Germany and the UK should surely set off alarm bells in the beehive so why does noone in government ever voice concerns? Why is it that only one position ever permitted?

    • Lynette

      The people in parliament don’t mention Muslim refugees for fear of being branded racist.

  • D.Dave

    Perhaps Helen should take Saudi Arabia to task over their refugee quota,- nil, no one not a soul from their neighbours. Not a single poor muslim soul. We should wait until they take their fair share. Then all the other Muslim countries who have neglected their comrades in religion can stand up and do their part. Until then, I am happy with a few refugees from christian based societies.

    • Charley jones

      Helen could not care less about anyone but Helen. She has no children or grandchildren to have a protected future in NZ or anywhere. This is an ugly, dollar driven , destructive agenda about controlling the future peasants of a dysfunctional world society. Of course only the real Christian refugees should be even considered as potential NZ citizens at the moment. We already have a high 1% muslim population, aparently 2% is critical mass for the problems to start appearing and we are half way there already. But people like Helen only think about what is good for THEM. Everybody else can just put up with the mess they create.

    • rua kenana

      Nah. Saudis would just tell Helen to go get stuffed. And she knows it.
      NZ is the country she thinks easiest to lean on to show the world how much religious tolerance she likes to think she’s capable of promoting. And she knows this country well.
      So in our own interests to stay very very alert.

    • kiwi

      I don’t think any Islamic countries are signed up to the International Refugee Convention.

  • rua kenana

    Very unfortunately she has a very powerful ally in John key, who both wants Helen to be head of the UN and also wants lots more immigrants-cum(older meaning of the word)-refugees into NZ.

  • Jman

    Here’s a must watch debate on the refugee crisis with Mark Steyn and Nigel Farage taking on two bleeding heart lefties.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Clark is there for Clark and that is as it always has been. Has been is what they got and there is no warrantee return program for such exports. Even if she looses she still has her cushy job there to amass travel points.
    The Prime Minister has taken a the politically correct move which has eliminated high pitched whinging from the left and we have await the outcome of the refugee review to see if he can get that one politically right. Lets hope it is not another of the thousand cuts as he reflects on the terrorists alternative of a single cut for head removal.

  • JohnO

    These people are Islamic colonists more than economic migrants or refugees. They have no intention of coming to the west and becoming part of the western culture. They are coming from their own superior Islamic culture and they will form an Islamic colony within the west and change the backward country which gives them welfare and work and prosperity into an advanced Islamic state ruled by Sharia law.

  • ross

    Western countries should get rid of the bloody International Refugee Convention. It’s just a means for economic refugees to overrun the world.