The other extreme: cops reading your every Tweet and Facebook post


Some people thought it was an April Fool’s joke.  Turns out the Scottish cops are deadly serious. 



There is clearly a middle ground.

There are things written on the Internet that are offensive and illegal no matter what the context.  When someone says they’ll come round and shoot you in the face, or lie in wait to rape your daughter, that doesn’t need the Police to define it illegal.

But it appears that if you want to express your views about certain matters, you could get in trouble.  By way of an example, you could post a statement where you think that Muslim women are oppressed, less free, subject to misogyny and should not be forced to wear restrictive and religiously prescribed clothing.

You could write that marrying off a 12 year old to a 40 year old man is simply culturally unacceptable.

But if you’re in Scotland, the police may decide you are inciting ill feeling and perhaps even violence by expressing such a view in public.

The end result is that free speech is being damaged to cater for a minority of people who have a non-Western way of living but somehow we all need to look the other way.

And if you don’t, you may get arrested.

Not only are we asked to be tolerant of other people’s needs while living as your neighbours, but you are also no longer allowed to express what you think about that in public.

And in Scotland, of all places.


– Facebook, Twitter


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  • Gazza

    Land of the free, home of the brave……not so much anymore

    • Orca

      I’m not quite sure how the US national anthem relates to scots.

      • Gazza

        Scotland the Brave, the unofficial anthem of Scotland, and a cheeky reference from the movie “Chicken Run”….google it

        • Orca

          Yes, but there’s no “land of the free” in that song, and the freedom part is the point here.

  • OneTrack

    Very 1984. Maybe Britain should get it over with and cut Scotland loose if they vote to brexit. Stuff it, cut them loose anyway. All the Scots have is haggis and grasping left wingers anyway.

    • johcar

      … and whusky, ye ken!

  • 10cents

    Eventually, when islamic hate speech against their host countries laws and culture morphs into actual violence in Scotland as it has in numerous other countries, the Scotish Police will be dealing with a whole range of other issues that may cause them to re-asses their strategy of placation. It will happen. Just give it time.

    • RealKiwi

      It has morphed into violence,
      I don’t see any positive changes on the horizon as the egos of the political masters
      won’t permit them to take ownership of their failure.

  • David Kerr

    Cut them loose, where would you start. Entire governments would need removed, universities, troughers, a generation of do gooders. The enemy is not who you think they are.

  • Doc45

    There may be the very slightest justification for this if these newcomers were trying to assimilate as quickly as possible and become productive and peace loving citizens instead of very clearly and deliberately retaining all their customs and culture from their past. Come to think of it – NO, there is no justification.

    • Doc45

      Update: Oh no!!!! There is someone knocking at the door in a blue uniform.

      • OneTrack

        You’re nicked.

  • bristol

    The phrase that caught my eye, “Police Scotland will not tolerate hate crime, irrespective of where it originates.” Well, for starters they could try looking at the freely available Qur’an, and the passages of hate that are being preached to the faithful every Friday at the local mosque.

    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”
    Voltaire Police Scotland

  • tas

    It seems “journalism” has reduced to reporting tweets. Is policing doing the same?

  • Wayne Hodge

    I am not surprised that it is Scotland, given the remorseless way the SNP government there seeks to stifle every comment against it. Note the SNP’s move to have only one Scottish Police force, much easier to control politically.

  • David Moore

    Scottish police have form on this. They have a whole floor of cops who trawl Facebook looking for photos of people holding knives. If they photos look to be in a public place, they roll around and make arrests.

  • XCIA

    Good luck to them trying to sort this mess out and lock up the criminal mongrels out at the same time when all it took was a happy Easter message from a Muslim to his Christian customers for a Muslim fanatic to slaughter……and in Glasgow too.

    • ex-JAFA

      Ah, but that won’t be considered a “hate crime” (as ridiculous a concept as that is). It seems that “hate crime” is, like racism, one-way traffic only. No Muslim can commit a “hate crime”, just as no dark-skinned person can be racist.

  • Sponsz

    Even if the person who sends offending messages is acquitted, or not even charged in the end, he/she will have been arrested, spent several hours in a cell, very likely have had their house searched by the heavy-handed plods and, if the offender is a person of any prominence at all, had their disgrace recorded in the news media (with the connivance of plod). As Mark Steyn puts it, the process itself is the punishment.

    Others will take note and, unless they have tendencies towards martyrdom, will steer well clear of any conduct which could result in similar treatment for themselves. And so freedom of speech dies out in the UK … but hey, when you want to have a vibrant, multi-culti society you have to make sacrifices.

    • RealKiwi

      Spot On
      We have freedom of speech or we don’t and when the law enforcement
      And judicial system at the discretion of a politically soiled ranking police official can be
      wielded, there is no freedom period.
      Mark Steyn cuts through the nonsense!

  • Ross

    I hope they take a serious look at the tweets directed at Jamie Vardy and his daughter. I’m still gobsmacked someone could even write that kind of vile and sickening stuff. So yes, I think in certain circumstances the fuzz should look at some of the content and prosecute people. Of course the Jamie Vardy tweets are clear cut and without religious and/or political overtones.

  • RealKiwi

    I recommend all of you checking out what Mark Steyn has to say on this issue by clicking on this link.
    Politicians especially

    • KiwiLliz

      Thank you so much for posting this clip. Best 4 minutes I’ve spent so far today.

      • RealKiwi

        I’m so glad,
        Let’s make this clip go viral!
        Mark Steyn carries this debate like no other!
        Live Free!

        • KiwiLliz

          I agree . . . I’ve shared it around a bit already.

  • veridian

    I wonder what the Policemen themselves think about this and other similar policies. Do they lose sleep over their actions but reason in their minds that they are just following orders. Do they only see as far as the overtime, salary and pension and after eventually securing that pension they couldn’t care less. Do they actually agree with these policies and favour their introduction. Do they simply hate their fellow Scotsmen and enjoy throwing their weight around and making the people fear them. It would be interesting to find out.

  • Bryan

    so are we all going to go on to Scottish Blogs sites and make some choice statements and wait to see if they feel like a trip to New Zealand I think it is time a test case was taken to the courts and get a legal ruling on the privacy of all our facebook pages and as to what rights police have to look at our pages without either our adviice and consent,or facebook’s I see it as not different to the requirements for a search warrant.

  • Oh Please

    George Orwell eat your heart out.