The point is, this 16-year-old isn’t a product of our culture – yet here he is

A 16-year-old boy in Sydney faces terrorism charges which police say is linked to Anzac Day commemorations.

He was arrested yesterday at his home in western Sydney by officers from the New South Wales Joint Counter Terrorism Team.

He was taken to Auburn Police Station, where he was charged with one count of preparing or planning a terrorist act, NSW Police has said in a statement.

The offence carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said JCTT officers were forced to act yesterday afternoon in order to ensure public safety.

“Clearly we have taken swift action to ensure community safety on the eve of a sacred day on the Australian calendar,” Commissioner Scipione said.

“I want to assure the NSW community that our counter terrorism capability is such that we were able to move quickly to prevent harm.”

“Anzac Day should be observed by all in our community free from fear and I would encourage everyone to enjoy this special day,” he said.

The 16-year-old was refused bail and will appear in a children’s court today.

I’m looking forward to more information being released about this incident. Was the 16-year-old born in Australia, or a child of a recent immigrant? Was the 16-year-old motivated by a religion of any kind? Were his motivations created by his family or from external influences?

One thing is for sure: thank goodness he slipped up enough to end up on the radar of security services because committing a terrorist act at an Anzac event. It would have been the start of something that I’m not sure you can put the lid back on.

And yet, it’s just a matter of time…


– Newshub


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  • spanishbride

    Australia has had successful Islamic terrorist attacks but NZ so far hasn’t.

    What do Australia have that we don’t? Bet you didn’t know that in 2015 a Muslim Political party was formed. Yes, Islam is now part of Australia’s political landscape.
    What else does Australia have that we don’t have in NZ? Their Muslim population is over 2% NZ’s Muslim population is over 1%.
    I believe that every country that has had an Islamic terrorist attack has a Muslim population of over 2%
    Is this a coincidence?

    • Duchess of Pork

      In addition to the political party, Australia has a very active branch of Hizb ut-Tahrir (Islamic party of Liberation) which has been banned in many Arab nations in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt,) Tunisia, Libya, Turkey, Pakistan, all the former Soviet states in Central Asia, Russia, Germany and the Netherlands. This group proclaims to be non-violent but has been implicated in many countries in murder, failed terrorist attacks, the production and on-line display of virulent anti-semitic material and intimidation against women. In my experience in Australia Hizb ut-Tahrir operates in much the same manner as the US organisation CAIR: constantly agitating and pushing boundaries, funding and producing Islamic propaganda, hosting leaders from other countries who have called for military training for Australian Muslims to prepare them for jihad and voicing contempt for secularism, democracy and national values. It would be heartening to know that the New Zealand Muslim community resist any attempt to bring this organisation to our shores.

      • kereru

        ‘It would be heartening to know that the New Zealand Muslim community resist any attempt to bring this organisation to our shores.’

        Indeed. It would also be heartening to know that the Government would not permit it to operate in NZ.

    • Greg

      Aust. Muslim population is higher than 2%. Sydney’s Muslim population has risen to 4% over the last 10 years.

    • Graham Pilgrim

      Ah. The Australian Muslim Party – AMP.

      I hope my investments are safe!

  • bristol

    Only 13.5% of Auburn residents speak English. The largest religious group is Islamic, at 42%. Auburn is also the murder capital of Sydney with more than half of the homicides committed in this suburb last year related to domestic violence. It’s hard not to put two and two together, is it not?

  • Sailor Sam

    But it will all be John Key’s fault because of – mouldy houses, high house prices, TPPA, son of a Jewish mother, friend of Obama etc etc.

  • kereru

    Hey, come on New Zealand authorities. If Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic and Poland can do it, why can’t we?

  • biscuit barrel

    You mean the GCSB could then legally spy on a fat german, and that would protect us from dodgy poor quality downloads from internet- the biggest issue of our times