The slippery slope of political correctness is real

The Poms are finding out what happens when you don’t resist the slippery slope of political correctness:

A leading employment judge has demanded new laws to help the overweight fight “fattism” by allowing them to sue colleagues who offend them.

Philip Rostant, the training director for the Employment Tribunals of England and Wales, claimed in an academic paper that fat people are paid on average less and are more likely to be fired.

He argued that new laws could stop such “prejudice” against people with what he called “non-ideal weight”. The paper insists that “fattism” should feature along side other hate crimes such as racism and homophobia.  

It points out that currently under the Equality Act of 2010 discrimination against people because of age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and disability are all outlawed.

Fat people however can only claim such protected status if they can also prove that their weight is so debilitating that it constitutes a disability.

“Being overweight, or even obese, is not in itself a prohibited ground of discrimination in UK law, or in the law of the European Union,” the paper says. Claiming: “This situation leaves a gap in the law which is remediable only by legislative reform”.

If enacted, the proposals would result in the vast majority of people in the UK being classed as a “protected” or victimised group.

If fat bastards don’t want to be picked on then they know the solution…lose weight.

Passing laws to stop people calling fat bastards fat bastards isn’t going to solve anything.


– Breitbart


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  • RightofSingapore

    Another ivory tower academic showing how out of touch he is. What he doesn’t get is that in most cases, people can change their size, its not like what gender or breed you are.

    • Kevin

      It’s actually not that hard to lose weight. You just need a game plan and a bit of discipline. The hard part is keeping it off.

  • MaryLou

    Really – isn’t turning black into white, white into black and standing the world on its head, something to do with the End Of Days? I’m not of an apocalyptic bent, but really – the world has gone mad. “I’m ashamed to be human”…!!!!

  • HunuaRanger

    I suppose if legislation was put in place to stop discrimination against obese individuals because of their inability to control their eating/drinking habits, then legislation could be put in place to require people who are in danger of passing beyond their “non-ideal weight” or currently obese to attend state run “fat camps” with compulsory exercise and a limited daily calorie intake.
    That’ll fix their discrimination worries and make the world a more fat free zone. :o)

  • Tiger

    Sooo….I have a drinking problem, I like to drink from sundown on Friday to dawn on Monday morning, moonshine in particular. If I get to work and my colleagues look at me funny and tell me I stink, can I sue them for “alcoholic-ism”?

  • Oh Please

    Another victory for “It’s not my fault”-ism.

  • Greg

  • cod

    All this is going to take an awful lot of winding back one day

  • Keanne Lawrence

    It is often a good influence to have at least one fatty in the workplace as it is the best measure to keep people reminded “there but for the want of big gob go I”. It keeps many of us away from fast food outlets that are always crowded with the fatter food fans.
    The sad fact is that too many fatties are inclined to be slow which is summed up with the oft heard phrase “fat & lazy” leaving us puzzling if they fat because they are lazy or they lazy before they are fat?
    Only a fat lazy academic trougher could see the need for it to be something else that needs PC attention. Simple answer is to have very slim doorways on any room where employment interviews are conducted. Just like the Post Office envelope sizing device. That way there is a better chance of them fitting in. Right?

  • Ravan

    i suggest that maybe the most ultra sensitive, feeble-minded, easily offended, grumpy fatsos are not the ‘fat bastard’ types—-but rather, more likely, the fat ‘bitches.’ I bet you they are the ones pushing for legislation over ‘fattism’. After scoffing Cornish pastries, custard pies and haddock and deep fried chips–there ain’t much else to excite them.

  • andrewo

  • Annoyed

    Maybe some of them are more likely to get paid less/get fired because they lack commitment. They aren’t willing to do the work to lose weight, why would you think they’d be hard workers? This is clearly not all large people, but I would bet it’s enough to give the figures the guy was referencing.