There is little hope for the USA


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  • Disinfectant

    And not one of them is prepared to say “you are talking rubbish mate”.

    • CoNZervative

      Yeah that’s the bit I find sinister with this; the pervasive thought-control to manipulate dissenters as “uncool” and “hateful” “homophobic” “racist” “sexist” etc – ie “politically incorrect” and therefore ripe for “re-education” and unworthy to be considered or engaged with (just opposed) “Kill the Beast!”

  • Keyser Soze

    Unfortunately I suspect you’d not get too much difference by way of responses in NZ universities!

  • Sticktotheknitting

    They behave as if they have been brainwashed. No hope at all.

    • JEL51

      Not possible for them to hold an opinion of their own in case they may be found to be offensive.In a sense it is almost cowardice.

  • rexabus

    They’ve got years of growing up and people hopefully get a bit smarter with age but I do wonder on the evidence of this sort of thing whether they’ll be equipped to deal with followers of a religion/ ideology that plays hardball when it’s got the numbers to contest power

  • waldopepper

    these people are the future of the planet. all i can say is i thank god im in my 50’s. ill be dead in 20 years, if not sooner, and wont have to endure the collapse of society as this sort of nonsense pervades.

  • Oh Please

    A generation of PC has given birth to a generation twice removed from reality. I remember seeing a comedy programme many years ago where a union was supposed to be representing a male member who wanted the right to give birth – even if he physically couldn’t. Absurd at the time, it seems to have become a reality.
    As an aside, if the questioner was actually allowed to be a 6’5″ female Asian, could he then sue the Chinese Basketball Association for not being selected to the Olympic team?

  • zotaccore

    Well, that’s the PC world we live in, all in the cause of liberalism and not wanting to be, at the minimum, truthful. As a 51yo, I hazard to think what the world will be like around me in say 30 years time. Sends shivers.

  • Crowgirl

    Most of this stuff is not harmful though so I can appreciate the “live and let live” attitude of many of them. It’s not hurting anyone, so why should they care? I would be the same in that situation, but to be fair you can tell they think he is being ridiculous, they just aren’t bothered enough to tell him. They are questioning those choices however, but still leaving it up to the individual.

    Where I draw the line however is with the gender identity one, and that is mainly because I don’t know how this became enough of an issue to legislate for it. Is it enough of a problem that we need laws to enforce it? Where have transgendered people been going to the toilet for all this time? I don’t think we need legislation for a virtually non-existent problem, and I don’t want to make it easier for perverts to pretend to be something they’re not to gain access to the women’s toilet.

    Go to the toilet that you think you should be going to, and then watch the reaction of others inside to see if you’ve made the right call. I’ve kicked a man out of the women’s toilets before, and been told I’m in the wrong toilets when I’ve mistakenly gone the wrong way. The upshot is I think this is a decision that can made at that level – if others are not buying that you’re a chick, then you haven’t made the grade and vice versa. That is where it begins and ends for me and not at a legislative level. All legislation does is make people afraid to speak up, and there’s too much of that already.

    • CoNZervative

      The difficulty Crow is that this thinking is now framing public policy in schools in public – like with toilets etc – so its not just an issue of “whatever they think its ok” because this thinking is a virus and its spreading; We used to call it what it was – “idiocy”

  • CoNZervative


    “If you feel like you’re 7 years old at heart; you should be allowed to be”

    I self-identify with Agoraphobia so when I leave my home everyone has to leave;

    What happens if a male paedophile who self-identifies as a 5 year old girl insists he should be allowed to use the girls toilets at a primary school he attends (because he’s “5”)?

    If I self-identify as Frank Sinatra but actually suck; can you expel me from American Idol?

    if you are schizophrenic and self identify multiple times; how many movie tickets do you have to pay for?

  • JEL51

    This same wish-washy opinion-less thought-process is carried on through to other areas other than identity too. I was gob-smacked how my own kids so easily accepted that they should be care-takers of the land (agreed to the extent that care must be taken) rather than owner of a title to the land from which they reside/depend. The brainwashing at the tender age of 17 was almost complete but one feisty mother turned much of it around. I recommend a gap year or two before sending your kids anywhere near University.

  • Kapow!

    This is a demonstration of the logical conclusion of believing that there is no absolute truth (excuse the obvious paradox of that statement).