They gave their lives so our feral offspring can vandalise their memorials

via Hawkes Bay Today

via Hawkes Bay Today

Just over a week ago Taradale RSA president Peter Grant proudly helped oversee the placing of 66 memorial crosses as part of the Spirit of Anzac celebrations, which were being staged at the Taradale War Memorial grounds.

Yesterday he was back at the site, but for all the wrong reasons.

Vandals had targeted the crosses which were set up as a Field of Remembrance for serviceman from the Taradale district who died at war.

“About half of them had been pulled out and left lying across the ground and several had the cross spars broken off – it is just so disappointing,” Mr Grant said.

Sixty-five of the crosses, which are adorned with a poppy, bear the names of a soldier from the Taradale district who died in wartime, while the 66th cross honours the unknown soldier.

They were all eventually repaired and put back in place, with the RSA crew hopeful they would remain that way.

Mr Grant is a retired lieutenant colonel and Vietnam veteran with 25 years military service. He is also a former manager of the Hawke’s Bay Regional Prison and regional manager for the Department of Corrections with 15 years service.

“Putting my corrections hat on, I have to say that this sort of vandalism, and things like graffiti, are usually indications of a start to a criminal history unless they can sort themselves out – in my experience they are on the road to prison and I don’t want to see that.”

He hoped the offenders would think about what they had done and take in the fact that the “guys whose names are on the crosses” died for their freedom.

“If they had any courage they should turn up at an RSA and offer to do something for the veterans.”

The best we can hope for is that they grow up and look back to realise they were little scrotes when they were younger. Some will; others will blunder through life with exactly the same disrespectful attitude.


–¬†Hawkes Bay Today via NZ Herald


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  • sandalwood789

    You can bet your life that they’ll be lefties. A right-winger would never do this.

    This is what 40-plus years of socialist brainwashing in the schools results in.

    • Effluent

      I doubt if the culprits could tell you the difference between left and right, or if they even have a grain of political thought in their heads. They may well be the inevitable product of socialist policies, but I doubt if they could tell you why they did this. My guess is that it’s a result of resentment against the respect that the older generation enjoys through having made a contribution to their society, and the lack of respect they experience in their own dysfunctional lives.
      In this sense, I feel we have failed some of the the current younger generation,by allowing them to be brainwashed into sullen resentment, and not providing pathways to jobs which would give them some self respect. Paying people to sit around on the dole, smoking dope, is not a recipe for a healthy society.

  • Hans

    Yet to hear someone on the left say out loud and clear that they love this great country and thank the men and women who suffered so we could be free. And yes Sandelwood you are correct, a right wing extremest would never do this – we love our vets and country to the bottom of our hearts and souls.

  • Nechtan

    This is just mindless vandalism made even worse by the symbolism behind the crosses. What sort of person/s contemplates even doing this? What sort of “thrill” do they get performing such meaningless actions? There are segments of society that are surely stealing our oxygen.

  • Brian Smaller

    I am not so sure that they would be lefties. Ferals may usually vote
    left, if indeed they actually vote, but that is not out of any
    conviction other than self-interest and political tribalism. I suspect
    drunk or drugged ferals committed this vandalism because destruction is
    all they know. It empowers them. The symbolism of the crosses is meaningless to them – they don’t think about the future so not surprising that they don’t think about the past either.

    • OneTrack

      Of course they could have been National voters, working hard to succeed from their own efforts.

  • Dr Wang

    “..the best we can hope for is that they grow up and look back to realise they were little scrotes..”

    Does anybody believe that Phil Goff, Helen Clark etc look back at their spitting on returning NZ servicemen and think “sorry, we might have gone a bit over the top there…”? Yeah right – it’s ANZAC weekend, not April Fool’s Day. The sort of sick hatred that fuels this behaviour is hard wired in, they’ll be nasty bitter a—holes until they day they die.

  • Chris Bell

    Only a maggot does such a thing

    • Dog Breath

      Maggots are only interested in meat, these people are way below Maggots.

  • H. Upmann

    Calling them Feral is being too polite.

    • rantykiwi

      If they’re caught they should be sentenced to 12 months in Waiouru doing a never ending course of Army Basic training. We’d just want to make sure they copped 2 winters there.

  • duve

    I don’t believe in extremes of either left or right. But at least right wing extremists are inclined to express their views or anger openly. Those of the left lurk in the shadows and carry out their mindless actions under the cover of darkness. Weak, spineless jellyfish that that are.

  • johnandali

    The problem with a lot of young folk nowadays is that they have no respect for anything or anyone – but they demand that people respect them. It’s obvious that the concept of respectfulness and consideration is not being taught in many homes, so we need to add it to primary school curriculums. Young people need to learn that mindless vandalism is not on (nor is any other vandalism for that matter), and I also reckon that much of the litter we see around the place is also caused by young folk who have no concept of what they are doing. Unfortunately, with so many feral parents out there, the schools need to start teaching the basics of civic responsibility.

  • Big_Al

    This is absolutely disgusting but sadly reflects the mindset of many ferels these days who have no respect for anybody or anything. I hope they are caught and made an example of.

    • Brian Smaller

      If by ‘made an example of’ you mean they get practically no punishment and treat the whole thing as a lark I suspect your hope may be realised. If you meant anything else then expect disappointment.

  • Dog Breath

    The setting out of crosses seems to have evolved nation wide in recent years. It looks really impressive and brings it all home. However as I looked at the local efforts all I could think of was ferals, it’s only a matter if time. Would it be great if someone thought to put video surveillance over these plots so that those caught can be publically humiliated, forget the courts they would be useless a good public ridicule nation wide that includes MSN and cameras chasing them everywhere would be a good deterent to others.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    One wonders what the population of Taradale was when these 66 brave young men were laying down their lives for freedom so far from home?
    The Taradale RSA have gone to a lot of trouble to add a very personal touch for the families to know they mattered. So much more distinct than the broader “we will remember them” offered on the dedicated day of their remembrance.
    Sadly respect has slipped from the PC socialist curriculum along with so many traditional values instilled in the older generations as part of the natural order of things.
    It is interesting that while the older generation adapt to new ideas particularly in the techno world the young lack the capacity to appreciate older things and especially those that helped us get to where we are today.

  • SlightlyStrange

    Some feral did similar to an art installation in Wellington last year that was barely finished, representing the war dead. No-one got to see it in its full glory except those fortunate enough to attend the first night it was completed as the vandals hit it early the next morning.