They may have stopped drawing Muhammad but Charlie Hebdo still has something to say

You could be forgiven for thinking that after having most of their staff slaughtered by Muslim terrorists, Charlie Hebdo would be given a free pass when it comes to their bias about Islam. After all, the few remaining staff alive after the massacre were so badly affected that they committed to never draw Muhammed again. This decision was not because they thought drawing Mohammed was wrong but because of fear. It is quite understandable that an organisation that had their staff slaughtered for the crime of drawing a cartoon would have a very dim view of the religion that spawned such intolerance. Despite this, critics have not held back from savaging a recent article in the magazine.

The editors of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo are facing criticism for an article linking the Brussels terror attacks to ordinary Muslims in Europe.

In an editorial entitled “How did we end up here?” the magazine which suffered its own terror attack on 7 January 2015 gave its response to the bombings in Belgium two weeks ago which killed 32 people.

“In reality, the attacks are merely the visible part of a very large iceberg indeed,” the article suggests, before describing a terror attack as the “end of a philosophical line” for a society which tolerates women wearing burqas or bakers not offering ham or bacon.

Charlie Hebdo’s authors argue: “This is not to victimise Islam particularly. For it has no opponent. It is not Christianity, Hinduism nor Judaism that is balked by the imposition of this silence. It is the opponent (and protector) of them all. It is the very notion of the secular. It is secularism which is being forced into retreat.”

The article has been condemned by campaigners for diversity in the media, particularly after Charlie Hebdo was last year awarded the PEN “Freedom of Expression Courage Award”.

Media Diversified suggested the article “slandered individuals who practice Islam” as well as Islam itself, adding that the former “results in violence we have seen against young women and elderly men”.

A recent hit-and-run on a Muslim woman that the media were quick to call a Hate crime turned out to be committed by a young Muslim named Muhammad. While it may be true that there is intolerance shown towards some Muslims, the sheer scale of the violence, rapes and sexual abuse towards non-Muslims by Muslims in Europe renders the few examples of intolerance against Muslims as statistically unimportant. It is like complaining that a pea was shot at an innocent Girl Guide when there have been thousands of instances where Girl Guides have been handing out poisoned Girl Guide cookies and making hundreds of thousands of people ill and killing hundreds.

The Al Jazeera presenter Mehdi Hasan tweeted a range of criticisms of the article, including an opinion piece in response to Charlie Hebdo by the Nigerian-American writer Teju Cole.

Cole said he had to “carefully scrutinise” the piece before he believed it genuinely came from Charlie Hebdo, and that the authors “finally step away from the mask of ‘it’s satire and you don’t get it’ to state clearly that Muslims, all of them, no matter how integrated, are the enemy”.

He wrote that reading the editorial it was “hard not to recall the vicious development of “the Jewish question” in Europe and the horrifying persecution it resulted in”.

Talk about hyperbole! Charlie Hebdo criticises a religious and political ideology and comments that secularism is failing to stand up for its values and Mehdi Hasan immediately jumps to comparisons with the holocaust?

“Charlie’s logic is frighteningly similar: that there are no innocent Muslims, that ‘something must be done’ about these people, regardless of their likeability, their peacefulness, or their personal repudiation of violence,” Cole writes.

“Such categorization of an entire community as an insidious poison is a move we have seen before.”

In ten minutes I could easily find five clear examples of Imams on Youtube inside the West preaching violence and hate towards the West. Using Google I could easily find  five examples of Islamic terrorist attacks on the West and I could easily find five examples of Islam demanding special rights inside Western schools, universities and jobs. There is a problem with Islam inside Western culture and it does need to be discussed. Pretending that there is no problem because not all Muslims are violent is not going to solve the problem.

Je Suis Charlie, you have earned your right to freedom of speech and opinion in the most violent and bloody way possible. You have been brought to your knees by Islamic extremists and if anyone has the right to criticise Islam it is you.



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  • Eddie

    We should be lucky that there is no such problem in New Zealand, as the Herald and Dame Fatimah Devoy keep telling us. Thank goodness Egypt is sending Imams to help with the non-problem. The SIS must be taking passports away from non-Muslim radicals, then.

    • OneTrack

      No problems. Yet.

    • Oh Please

      As the optimist said when he fell from the Sky Tower: “So far so good…so far so good…”

  • Tiger

    And in Oz, the ABC still refuse to report that the shooter of Curtis Cheng, NSW police accountant, was muslim in their reports. They use terms like the “young man shot dead by police for allegedly shooting Curtis Cheng” and so on. The facts are, the shooter got a gun from a friend at a mosque, went up to Curtis and shouted “I love a snackbar!” before he shot him.
    Yet no mention of what this young man was, howabout “radicalised young muslim man…”? If everyone is tip toeing around the issue because of the threat of violence, then the violent medieval death – cult has already won.

  • stephen2d

    Isn’t it surprising that no one in the media and on the front page clarified who did the “hate crime hit and run”?

    • rexabus

      Yes,front page of the herald when it happened, and when they thought it was a whitey driving the car. Not a peep since. I would have thought they would feel its their duty as a news agency to correct and clarify that sort of misinformation they’ve spread

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Je suis Charlie

  • J Ryan

    Where eventually the West ends up is a chilling thought for anyone not suffering from some kind of guilt or fuzzy logic. But this direct threat needs to be confronted and the sooner the better. We simply need to offend and set the standards, adjust or depart.

  • john b

    There is a creep of Muslim activity in NZ. Meat-workers at many plants in NZ are being asked to not bring Bacon and Egg pies or Ham sandwiches as their lunch. This year they are being asked, next year ??

  • steruth

    The truth about Islam and, especially, its inexplicable bedmate – the
    political left. They are the people we should be working on. We can do nothing
    about 1.5 billion Muslims but we can make sure we ostracize those in the west
    who act as Islam’s apologists and tacit supporters – i.e. the extreme left.