This is cool. I mean hot. I mean… oh, just watch


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  • Brian Smaller

    I can remember learning that at Drury Hill primary school during a science lesson. Then I went home and tried it on Mum’s glass jars. I think I got a clip around the ear.

    • WeaselKiss

      As a kid I remember helping Dad cut off heaps of sherry bottles to use as little greenhouses to cover the young tomatoes.
      But we achieved the same result a lot easier.
      We would tie a length of wool or similar fluffy string (usually wool bale sewing string from the woolshed), around the bottle at the required height, drip a few dozen drops of meths or petrol onto the string and then light a match. You have to hold the bottle up by the neck so that the flames went ‘up’, i.e. towards the base of the bottle.
      Then simply dip the bottle in a bucket of water. A perfect cut every time.
      Caution: For those trying this be aware there will still be a sharp glass edge that needs to be dressed with a few rubs of sandpaper. Safety!