This is the best the Nats could find to stand for Auckland mayor

Victoria Crone Vic Auckland Mayor

Vic Crone and Louise Upston

When Nikkie Kaye and Paul Goldsmith recruited Michelle Boag to find them a candidate to stand for Auckland Mayor they drew up a list.

There were reportedly 20 names on the list. As they worked their way through the list potential candidate after potential candidate said no…until they got to number 11…Vic Crone.

It didn’t seem to matter to Nikki Kaye or to Michelle Boag that Crone was helping Labour develop policy for the Future of Work Commission and is still on their advisory board for that. I also didn’t matter that she was extremely cosy with Len Brown as well.  

The plan seems to have been to take a drop kick, push it around National party functions, surround her with people who have a reputation for being nasty or losing and then claim the National party was endorsing her.

Vic Crone spent time collecting selfies with ministers and MPs, and enlisting their help…well chickens are coming home to roost.

That photo was taken at the Young Nats ball…and that ratepayers of Auckland is the woman who wants to be mayor.

No class, no policy and no idea.

Phil Goff will be laughing and ratepayers will continue to swipe left on the Tinder candidate.

Slow clap for Nikki Kaye and Michelle Boag…well done…and National supporters have been.


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  • This in the same category as Metiria Turei recording her “drink driving”. When you aspire to a position where you want to be taken seriously, your public persona must be a constant reminder of your capability, your dedication, and your trustworthiness (predictability)

    Once you have established that, you can get away with things like the above. But while you are trying to establish public credibility it is highly damaging.

    I know there will be lots of people that think it’s not a big deal (and it isn’t), but it will also turn potential voters off, and that’s a crime during an election cycle. The people that are funding your campaign are going to want to see value for money, instead of seeing it wasted and eroded.

    Had she been drinking? Is this the less inhibited Vic Crone? What does that mean when she has the ability to spend public money and make decisions over the lives of 1.5 million people?

    • Cadwallader

      I think Crone’s conduct is a big deal. She has chosen to place herself in the public eye as a serious local government leader. Outside Auckland and perhaps within Auckland she is not well known hence this photograph is her first introduction to most of us. It is that first impression which will likely endure. I expect the voters of Auckland seek a credible replacement to Len Brown, does this snap depict a person of strength, reliability and unimpeachable judgment? No! It depicts a person clinging to adolescent conduct and a belief she is entitled to be “cute” with her would-be electors. I suppose I am saying she is a flake? Her “policy” announcements appear to be nothing more than “I want to make Auckland a better place.” What does that mean? Nothing!

    • StreuthCobber

      Taking an unflattering photo isn’t equivalent to a Drink Driving an offence. It was clearly meant to be silly as per the person next to her, but hers is unflattering. I guess because she’s not a professional politician we might get a few raw moments. But I saw her speak and thought she came across really well. On the other side – Greg Presland and Phil Goff are taking very slick flattering photos having bro hugs at labour barbeques – they clearly know how an election is run. They’re professional poiliticians. But is that what Auckland wants.. Could Goff’s next deputy be Presland. CTalk about putting the fox in charge of the Hen House. If we keep bagging Crone, we get Goff and who? Presland, Hulse, Darby? Lol. I’ll be voting Crone. It’s the best of the options on the table IMHO. I think she looks great.

      • You won’t when you see the video of all her uhms and ahhs. She speaks in corporate speak with nothing inbetween the slogans.

  • Whafe

    There is more fluff shots / pics floating around the net of Vic Crone than anything constructive, this further leads opinions down the elusive mine shaft…
    Auckland is accepting mediocrity in vast volumes, NZ’s largest city of which is becoming more and more of time wasting gridlock needs leadership.
    Am in agreeance that Auckland will be saddled, burdened with Goff, whom in my opinion has a lie tally equal to Len Brown…
    It is getting near that time where by the list of councillors whom supported Len Brown gets circulated. Many Auckland rate payers have very very short memories…
    Stand up and be heard, discuss the shambles that is Auckland council with all your friends, team members at your work, it is at an urgent point now….

  • duve

    If she was number 11 on the list, I hate to think what numbers 12-20 were like.

  • Isherman

    Its like when you are shopping around online, and looking at options. You go to a website, and it doesn’t grab you…nothing jumps out and catches your attention, you also notice that the detail you are seeking is completely absent, instead you have some vague cliched slap sticker slogans and lots of oversized text that says nothing, so you then move on to the next site on your list to continue your search. When this occurs, it’s unlikely that you would have any reason to go back and have another look because you have decided if that’s all there is to offer, you’re not going to take any more interest in it.
    As an Auckland voter, that’s how I feel about Crone…I’ve just had nothing in terms of ideas, or policies or even appeal that interests me from her…I’ve moved on, and only those that have put ideas out there are holding my attention, and they are precious few.

  • dennis

    Is Crone currently employed? Why is xero letting her go?What did she actually do at Telecom? I don’t recollect her being well known when she was there. Boag is reasonably astute why has she chosen somebody that appears to lack charisma?

    • This is a real sisterhood push. The judgement is impaired by ideology.

  • Sally

    Why do people seeking public office or in public office make fools of themselves in public. This was a function with lots of people with lots of phones – certainly not all your friends.
    Yes let your hair down but do it privately amongst friends not at a function.
    For once I would like to see from a mayoral candidate who takes the position seriously. Get angry if you must but get angry over policy don’t take it out a person. Lay off the liquid and never pretend you are one of the cool kids.

  • Dumrse

    One things for sure, when she sees this picture and the blogs she’s going to choke on that tongue of hers.

  • Cadwallader

    “The Return of Thelma and Louise.”

  • Hard1

    Which one’s Crone? The blond or the airhead. Seriously, Kardashian does it so much better. Leak a tape or something.

  • Joe Banana

    Johm Palino ticks plenty of boxes for me!

    • Graham Pilgrim

      The only box which John Palino ticks for me is that he isn’t on “the left”. Other than that, I see no reason to vote for him.

      • Rates reductions doesn’t rip your undies? Big fan of rates increases then?

        • Graham Pilgrim

          No it doesn’t. I want to see a return to core services, and the abandonment of highfalutin schemes and projects which the City just doesn’t need. If that results in a reduction of rates, that is a bonus. But reducing rates means reducing expenditure, and it is important that any reduction in expenditure is NOT done at the expense of core services.

          • Crowgirl

            Palino campaigned on stripping bureaucracy and excess last time, and concentrating on core services instead. He also had some good ideas re public transport and didn’t support the CRL in its current alignment. He’s in favour of finding alternative means of paying for things too. WO said he’s putting together an alternative budget to show how he could reduce rates – I hope he does.

  • LesleyNZ

    “Crone was helping Labour develop policy for the Future of Work Commission and is still on their advisory board for that. I also didn’t matter that she was extremely cosy with Len Brown as well.” No way! This rings alarm bells. Unbelievable. Such a lack of good and wise judgement by Nikki Kaye and Michelle Boag. Surely they knew this.

  • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

    We have a “WINNER” in the political suicide game.Tinder Tongue Vic.

  • anniem

    Pete, I agree that this is not really a big deal BUT perception is everything when putting your name in the ring in a bid to win office.
    The photo apart there will be many people like me who thought she was the National endorsed candidate. Maybe she is but her her links with Labour and Len Brown are enough to send me scarpering even without the photo.

  • Wayne Hodge

    This person is surely a joke candidate? The promotion of Crone makes me wonder about Nikki Kaye’s political judgement.

  • hookerphil

    Have never been able to like/look at any photo other than Winston Churchill who extends two fingers.

  • Richard

    I have been to a Vic Crone meeting, and have been impressed at this early stage in the election cycle. She is experienced in large business, making business cultural changes, setting goals and has heaps of vision and energy.

  • 61dart

    Oh boy, Nikkie Kaye and Paul Goldsmith the team to source a National leaning candidate for the Auckland Mayor. If two underwhelming National M.P.’s are in charge of organising the selection Phil Goff can put his feet up and know that the job is his.