This is what public transport should look like

Len Brown and other socialists want 19th century technology for public transport.

The future of public transport are vehicles that pick you up from where you want to leave from and take you to where you ant to go to, for a reasonable price.

Beverly Hills seems to have worked it out.

Beverly Hills is known for celeb residents like Jennifer Lawrence and Harry Styles, but in just a few years tourists might be heading there to take photos of something else – a brand new fleet of on-demand driverless cars.

A unanimous vote by the council means that preparations are now underway to build a fleet of robot-controlled vehicles that will take people to every address in the city, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

‘This is a game-changer for Beverly Hills and, we hope, for the region,’ Mayor John Mirisch said in a press release. ‘Beverly Hills is the perfect community to take the lead to make this technology a reality.’  

Given the number of expensive sports cars circulating in the area, some might disagree with that statement – but Hollywood Reporter points out that the tiny 5.7 square mile city area would simplify things for the vehicles.

And plans to fit the city with a high-speed fiber-optic network would help the city’s vehicles communicate with each other, the mayor said.

It is also hoped that the cars would help those using the two ‘purple line’ subway stops that will open in Beverly Hills in 2026, but won’t feature parking spaces.

‘We can’t solve future or even today’s problems using technology of the past,’ Mirisch said.

‘[Driverless public transportation] will take private cars off the road, reduce demand for parking, increase safety and mobility for everyone, including the disabled, and solve the ‘first/last mile’ challenge for residents using the future Purple Line,’ he promised.

He also said that ‘It is now both feasible and safe for autonomous cars to be on the road,’ he added.

Driverless cars, on-demand are certainly the way to go. If such a thing were available in Auckland I’d use that.


– Daily Mail


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  • Orca

    Yes, unfortunately, if and when such cars become available here, the Auckland Council will do everything in their power to stop it. Not only Len, but the town planners are still reading from the city handbook that was written a century ago, i.e compact city with public transport, walking and cycles.

    There will be very few roads left anyway for cars (driverless or not) to run on, as this road space is earmarked for more bus and cycle lanes, wider footpaths and “shared spaces”. Also, having tried so hard to force more people onto trains and buses, and having spent so much money on electrification, britomart, north-shore busway and the planned CBD tunnel etc etc, they will never allow any new technology that will now take away those public transport customers and make Council look even more foolish for those investments.

    • Kevin

      Cognitive dissonance means that no matter how stupid others can see the Council are being, the Council will continue pouring more and more money investing in the Council’s “vision”.

      Yet another reason why I believe Councils should be run as boringly as possible and on a shoestring budget, and definitely shouldn’t be allowed to invest ratepayers’ money in retarded visions.

  • Korau

    ” If such a thing were available in Auckland I’d use that.”

    Depends on price, but if you take the expensive meat sack out of the front seat that will reduce the cost substantially, and free up another seat.

  • cows4me

    But how will the peasants know their esteemed leaders are traveling amongst them if so called esteemed leaders have to travel in vehicles designed to move the peasants. Will we need special coloured vehicles to denote status ?