Too many white people at anti-white conference

Once upon a time, a group of social justice warriors gathered to complain about white people. It was an anti-white conference where, in every corner, you could hear people muttering “trigger words”, “offensive”, “oppressive,”  “supremacist” and ” white privilege”. What they completely failed to notice  in their eagerness to show themselves to be social justice warriors, was that most of those speaking and attending the conference were white themselves. They may have thought that their deep self-hatred and white guilt would be enough to get them into the cool group (oppressed minorities), but unfortunately they were wrong.

James Loewen, author of “Lies My Teacher Told Me,” speaks with attendees at White Privilege Conference 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on April 16, 2016 (Facebook, White Privilege Conference) Read more at

James Loewen, author of “Lies My Teacher Told Me,” speaks with attendees at White Privilege Conference 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on April 16, 2016 (Facebook, White Privilege Conference)

Race activists who recently gathered in Pennsylvania to intellectually flog white people for alleged “privilege” found themselves lamenting the sizable number of white people who paid for the experience.


Loewen was also criticized for the racial language in his speech despite the fact that it was done for instructional purposes.

“I’m not ok with using oppressive & racist language by a white man in the ‘service’ of learning,” Heather Heater wrote on Twitter April 16.

“N-word NEVER acceptable from #whitefolks lips! Deeply offensive & traumatizing,” added Jill Poklemba.

A specter is haunting America. The specter of white privilege, white supremacy and whiteness. What is whiteness? If you ask the radical education activists at the 17th Annual White Privilege Conference,”whiteness” is the source of all human evil.

…The conference with its 2,500 teachers, school administrators and counselors is a bizarre throwback to National Socialism’s ideological indoctrination of every part of society on the evils of one single race. Attendees wore the conference’s version of Nazi armbands with wristbands reading “Got Privilege”.

But not even the 17th Annual White Privilege Conference was safe from the scourge of “whiteness”.

The hashtag #WPCSoWhite was unleashed complaining about how white the anti-white conference was. Is there any better evidence that white supremacy is so much a part of our lives that white people dominate even anti-white conferences?

…Heather Hackman, who is also white, but was partly redeemed by having once taught multicultural education in Minnesota (85% white), warned about the “Wizard Behind The Curtain”. According to Hackman, who is white and a teacher, there is too much “whiteness” in teacher education and development”. The sensible response to that would be for Hackman to make teacher education less white by leaving it. But Hackman, like other white participants, seemed disinclined to cut the racial Gordian knot by leaving…

Instead these white people would like to explain how they plan to make education less white.

What is “whiteness” in education? According to Hackman, it’s focusing on things like grades, attendance and proper English in schools. Also “goal orientation”, honesty, hard work, discipline and success.

If you get rid of honesty, goals, discipline, success, grades, attendance and proper English in schools, whiteness, or as Hackman calls it, “Super-Whitey”, will be defeated. “If I was a white faculty member and unwilling to get with the program, I do not have any business in teacher education,” she declared.

The diverse youth of tomorrow will be illiterate and incompetent. Take that Super-Whitey!

If you still teach education to teachers and you focus on grades, attendance or goals, it’s time to get with the program or be driven out. What will happen to Asian, Latino and African-American educators who still want to focus on goals, honesty and hard work? Maybe DNA tests can be used to determine how much “whiteness” they have before driving them out. Or will the “one drop” rule suffice?

The White Privilege Conference was sponsored by such diverse institutions and organizations as Bryn Mawr College (48% white, 7% black, 15% Asian, 11% too afraid to report race, no boys allowed), the Germantown Friends School (67% white, 16% black) and other Quaker schools and organizations.

Will the St. Joseph’s Preparatory School (85% white, 6% black) teach students that goals, hard work and proper English are the evil marks of “whiteness”? Will the George School free students from attending classes or getting good grades? Will the Abington Friends School promote failure instead of success?

Of course they won’t.

Undergraduate tuition at Bryn Mawr approaches $50K. St. Joseph’s Preparatory School runs $16K. No parent is going to be paying that kind of money for their children to be taught to fail.

Instead this destructive racial programming will be tried out on public school children whose parents can’t afford an alternative. And the escalating misery will be sponsored by expensive private schools.

The goal is to transform education to fight “whiteness” while defining any good work and learning habits as “white”. Any teachers and educators who try to teach children to succeed will be driven out.

…It’s almost like this White Privilege Conference is some sort of conspiracy to keep white people in power.

But when Heather Hackman’s graduates are through teaching as “activists”, their illiterate graduates won’t be able to read, but they will know whom to blame for all their problems. Super-Whitey!

And that’s the real mission here. It’s the same old mission. Create misery. Then provide a target. The left “helps” people out the way that your jealous friend who always sets you up to fail gives advice. The left creates misery in the black community. And then exploits that misery for wealth and political power.

The White Privilege Conference seeks to replace education with indoctrination. It wants to displace the traditional elements of education to teach activism. And the more incapable its graduates are of functioning in the real world, the more activists and protesters the left will net for its movement.

But the White Privilege Conference wasn’t just about denouncing white people. Occasionally it also took a break to denounce Christianity…





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  • Pluto

    “If you get rid of honesty, goals. discipline, success….” you don’t get positive diversity you get the Labour Party.

  • Totara

    This is what is known as The Rescue Game.

    Each group of players is assigned one of three roles: Victim, Persecutor, or Rescuer. The first two roles are allowed one move each: the Victim’s move is to suffer, and the Persecutor’s move is to make the Victim suffer. The Rescuer is allowed two moves: to sympathize with the Victim and to punish the Persecutor. No other moves are allowed, and no player is allowed to make a move that belongs to a different role.

    The only way to win is not to play the game.

    • Kevin

      From the same link:

      “This phase of the game continues until there are no more Persecutors willing or able to act out their assigned role, or until the audience gets bored and wanders away. At this point the action shifts to the endgame, which is called “Circular Firing Squad.” In this final phase of the game, the need for a steady supply of Persecutors is met by identifying individual Victims or Rescuers as covert Persecutors. Since players thus accused typically try to defend themselves against the accusation, the game can go on as before—the Victims bring their accusations, the newly identified Persecutors defend themselves, and then the Victims and Rescuers get to bully them into silence.”

      Yup. When SJWs run out of targets they start targeting their own.

  • sandalwood789

    Thank goodness we have the Internet so that the word can be spread as to how *ridiculous* these people are.

    Ok, they’re dangerous too but also completely ridiculous.
    What a group of simpering cowardly fools. As the old saying goes – “you can’t fix stupid”.

    • Crowgirl

      The truly frightening part is that if this is the 17th Annual White Privilege Conference, then there have been 16 previous incarnations of this lunacy. I would’ve thought this stupidity would have been stamped out after 1.

  • rexabus

    Hilarious and frightening at the same time

  • Petrus Calvus

    John 11:35 !!!
    Is the world lost to insanity ?

  • EpochNZ

    Reminds me of the final speech from “The American President” (Michael Douglas)

    “We have serious problems to solve, and we need serious people to solve them. And whatever your particular problem is, I promise you Bob Rumson is not the least bit interested in solving it. He is interested in two things, and two things only: making you afraid of it, and telling you who’s to blame for it. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you win elections.”

  • Gazza

    These morons are simply pathetic and racist….. They could do with a strong dose of Ben Shapiro

  • sandalwood789

    I just want to commit lots and lots of “microaggressions” against these people.

  • rexabus

    Is Aeriel A. Ashlee for real though? Surely she’s taking the mickey

  • 10cents

    I love this stuff. Honestly reading about these morons is what I truly love about Whaleoil. Reading this had me spluttering into my superior flat white. Please, keep it up, and keep reminding us how most great societies have eventually imploded under the weight of their own stupidity.

    • Duchess of Pork

      I agree, worth the spillage of half my latte. The Whale Oil Bingo game needs to be reiterated for such stupidity.

    • kereru

      ‘The following quote attributed to Scottish history professor Alexander Tyler in 1787, seems to portray an accurate reflection of what has occurred during our 200+ years of existence as a democracy.

      “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.”

      “The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

      From bondage to spiritual faith;
      From spiritual faith to great courage;
      From courage to liberty;
      From liberty to abundance;
      From abundance to complacency;
      From complacency to apathy;
      From apathy to dependence;
      From dependence back into bondage”‘

      Seems very prescient for the times we live in.

  • SaggyNaggy

    The scariest part of all this is not that such people exist or believe in such insanity. It’s that they are not interested in reality or sound argument. They prefer their fantasy world to the real world. The same goes for all the Trump supporters. They want so badly for the world to be the way they see it, that any evidence to the contrary is just dismissed. They prefer the lie, and actively choose the lie over the truth.

    I worry that we have reached a tipping point on all this. Once people actively choose lies over truth, democracy and any semblance of civilized society breaks down. The only thing left is force.

    • Edward M Blake

      With media, university’s and regulatory authorities all drinking the same cool aid I fear that we already have reached that tipping point.
      The profession of journalism only scores 8% on the credibility index yet they refuse to question ware things went wrong. Are these not the people we rely upon to ask the questions, one of the vital safe guards of a free society?
      Instead they continue to push their zombie apocalypse on to society.

      • OneTrack

        We saw that with Green activist Jack Tame and his interview of Paula Bennett this morning. He wasn’t interviewing, he was telling her what he thought she should be doing. He was on the verge of saying he was “offended” she wasn’t doing the correct things. I assume he meant such as nationalising farms in order to stop dairy farming.

    • OneTrack

      It is unclear what you are talking about in relation to Trump supporters. I see them as the opposite – they have been listening to the rubbish coming out of the Democrat and Republican elites such as multi culturalism, sanctuary cites, H1Bs, and things are continuing to get worse for the ordinary American. They are starting to realise the elites were wrong (which Europe is proving) and can’t be trusted. Trump is their vehicle to vote against the “lies”.

      • sandalwood789

        I agree, OneTrack.

        *I* like Trump and the reason is that he is the complete opposite to the corrupt, “PC elite” establishment politicians like Hilary Clinton. Trump voices the very real and valid fears of Americans about Islam.

        • Edward M Blake

          At this stage it almost doesn’t matter what Trump’s policy’s are. What really matters is the people that Trump is addressing. One of the greatest gifts in dark times is hope and being one of the greatest salesmen that is what Trump is giving.
          The struggling middle class see hope that their working conditions will improve with meaningful jobs. The rebellious contrarians want to see the politicaly correct and the elite Washington class get a bloody nose. Those two things alone give him a very wide appeal.
          I can say with almost complete certainly that we have hit peek social justice. To many people at just about all levels of society have had a gutful of the cry bully’s.

      • SaggyNaggy

        Read your last sentence. If Trump is the vehicle, that’s the very definition of insanity. They have swallowed the Kool-Aid and checked out. They are willing to overlook every bit of evidence on Trump that points to him being the world’s biggest troll and vote for him anyway. It’s terrifying.

  • Eiselmann

    Saw this video some time ago totally destroys the logic of white guilt advocates…

    • kereru

      A brilliant slap down of so-called ‘progressive’ logic posturing. Do as I say, but not as I do. I fly around the world in luxury while instructing you to stop flying to show your commitment to saving the planet. You save electricity while I own three enormous mansions – the electricity used to light them could power a small town. Tiresome hypocrites all. Bravo Dinesh D’Souza!

    • Totara

      Brilliant summary of modern socialists at 13′ 12″

      “You’re willing to have social justice where other people pay; but you’re not willing to pay. And that’s the problem.”

      • Andy


      • PersonOfColor:WHITE

        Eventually socialists run out of other people’s money.

  • Chris Bell

    Oh give me a break – I’m so very sorry for being white – now let’s get back to the real world where academics see themselves as superior to everyone and indulge us with this crap!

    • PersonOfColor:WHITE

      I’m sorry for being; white, middle aged, heterosexual, christian, rich prick, NOT.

      • Chris Bell

        Hi Colonel – love your chicken

  • XCIA

    So, are all these “white” people now going to have children with people of another colour so that their children do not have the perceived issues that they do?

    • OneTrack

      Surely they just shouldn’t have children at all if non-whiteness is their goal.

  • One wonders if they realize how unbelievably racist it is to suggest that black people can’t be competent, knowledgeable, honest decent people unless they have some “whiteness” in them. Because that IS what they are suggesting.

    • PersonOfColor:WHITE

      The irony is unlikely to penetrate.

  • Duchess of Pork

    And somewhere in a New Zealand university cloistered within the safe space of a liberal arts department some SJW will currently be planning our very own version of this lunacy.

    • OneTrack

      Well I heard someone complaining on TV this morning about the “colonialist” sewerage system in Auckland.

      • SlightlyStrange


  • Andy

    Nowadays, in real life and NZ, the opposite occurs. Other nationalities except ‘Pakeha European’ have favourable conditions. I am talking about university and college race-based exemptions and quotas, and scholarships available. Basically, if you are Pasifika you have access to funds, and you will have preference in many workplaces esp. government offices and schools. There is no need for a guilt trip for many ‘white’ people. Most i know have a hard time of it.

  • sandalwood789

    I could have a *huge* amount of fun being a stirrer at one of these conferences.

    I’d shout “rubbish!” to the speaker and when I was thrown out I’d yell out the Monty Python quote – “Now we see the violence inherent in the system! Come and see the violence inherent in the system! Help! Help! I’m being oppressed! “

  • PersonOfColor:WHITE

    I’m in the ultimate ‘cool group’….me!

  • Superman

    I wonder who still doesn’t understand why America is in the dwang?

  • Tony

    I feel awful. The US is no longer Regan’s “shining city on the hill”. The west continues to meander and the failure of US leadership will result in our collective demise.
    It is difficult to express how disappointed I am. Didn’t WW1 & 2 teach us anything?