ANZAC Day – True unsung heroes

Wyn Fountain served as a Welfare Officer in the Middle East and Europe and was away for over 4 years. Later he ran a very successful business in NZ and, with wife Shirley, grew a great family.
At 90 years old (in this clip) he brought history alive.


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  • Dog Breath

    A few years ago I attended our neighbours funeral. During his funeral a speaker told of his WW2 experience. I was completely dumb founded, my jaw dropped. I never knew what an amazing man he was or that he had served in WW2. He was a bomber pilot in command serving ovrr Europe and that alone gained my immediate respect, he was one of the few to survive his tour of duty. Most of his bombing runs were at night and one night while over Germany his plane, that he was pilot in command of, collided head on with a German night fighter. Some how he survived the collision and by an even greater miracle managed to parachute to ground where he was captured. He subsequently escaped returned to England and completed his tour. He later survived a serious crash when piloting a Bristol freighter. I had lived next door to this man and never knew what a war hero he was or how many times he had defied death until that moment at his funeral. Rest in peace Keith Beattie.

  • J Subz

    Took me a while to realise that this is at Mt Hobson Middle School.

    Hi Mr. Poole!