Trump cleans up in New York and Hillary buries Sanders

Donald Trump scored a big win yesterday in the New York primary.

Donald Trump swept to victory in his home state Tuesday night, outperforming the pre-election polls, burying his two remaining Republican rivals, and putting himself on a path to enter the GOP convention in Cleveland with far more delegates than any other candidate.

With 96 percent of precincts reporting early Wednesday, Trump led with 60 percent of the vote, giving him claim to most of the state’s 95 GOP delegates.

His briefer-than-usual victory speech at Trump Tower was vintage Donald: short on specifics, and long on adjectives—“amazing” and “incredible” are two of his favorites—but as the primary season enters the home stretch, Trump started to sound Tuesday night like an actual Republican. He referred to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and “Senator Cruz,” instead of “Lyin’ Ted,” and used Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s honorific as well.

Trump retained his trademark defiance, however, when talking about the Republicans’ arcane system of awarding delegates. “It’s a crooked system,” he said. “It’s a system that’s rigged.”

Kasich was well behind Trump with 25 percent of the vote, followed by Cruz, with 15 percent. The GOP front-runner appeared at the building that bears his name shortly after the polls closed at 9 p.m. ET, in the same venue where he announced his candidacy 10 months ago. Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” blared on the sound system as Trump made his way to the podium. He won two-thirds of the vote, he noted, from “the people who know me the best.”

Cruz didn’t get a single delegate. His campaign is teetering now. Kasich is hanging in in case Trump fails to make the threshold and the nomination goes to an open convention.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton rammed home her advantage.

She danced the merengue in Washington Heights. She slammed down a mean game of dominoes in East Harlem.

And in the East Village the day before the New York primary, Hillary Clinton broke her long-held rule of not eating in front of the news media by digging into an ice cream concoction named the Victory.

Mrs. Clinton seemed, for the first time in a rocky and unpredictable Democratic race, relaxed. “That’s what’s so great about being back here now for this primary,” she said at Mikey Likes It Ice Cream, where the owner had named the dessert in her honor. “I get to go to a lot of the places that I love. I get to meet new people and see people I’ve known for a long time.”

Mrs. Clinton has had dramatic highs and crushing lows in her political career and in this campaign. But since she first ran for office 16 years ago, New York has always been the state that loved her back, and on Tuesday it delivered one of her biggest boosts yet toward becoming the first woman to capture the Democratic Party’s nomination for president.

“Today, today, you proved once again, there’s no place like home,” she told a jubilant crowd of more than 2,500 at the Sheraton New York hotel in Midtown after taking the stage to the song “Empire State of Mind” by Alicia Keys and Jay Z.

“In this campaign, we’ve won in every region of the country, from the North to the South to the East to the West,” Mrs. Clinton added. “But this one is personal.”


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  • George Carter

    Trump needs to continue his moves towards sounding more presidential without losing any of his fire. Not an easy task but one that will make him a genuine threat to Hilary should he gain the nomination.

  • Cadwallader

    The NZ media has a real difficulty in reporting two things currently:
    1 Anything positive about Trump;
    2 Any improvement in the dairy price, no matter how modest.
    This is an interesting parallel as it typifies how the media formulates then sticks to an agenda. It was down on Trump when he first became a candidate and it has thumped the dairy industry since the time dairy farmers have been conspicuously earning well. Whether Trump gets to the White House is debatable but the ultimate resurgence of the dairy industry is inevitable. How will the media react: “Trump was never a serious contender!” “The rise in milk prices will bring more environmental problems.”
    Nothing positive, nothing sensible.

    • biscuit barrel

      Good luck with the ‘small news’. Its the way it is and the government bailout of the sharemilkers cant be too far away( Fonterra will look after its farmer shareholders)

  • David

    Agree George, Trump can yet pull off the Presidency but needs to sound more Presidential and surround himself with respected leaders, Carson, some good woman and perhaps Mayor Giuliani as his running mate??? The selection of the right running mate will be make or break. Clinton and her husband have some serious dirt he will not shy from throwing at her… the Republican Party becoming uncommfortable with light being shone on their dirty backroom deals, they may well choke at the last minute and let him through.

  • Seriously?

    US election odds post New York

    The punters first reaction is minor change on the Republican side – Trump tightens slightly, and Cruz lengthens slightly. They see the bigger change being on the Democratic side, with Sanders starting to blow out.

    Meanwhile Clinton has come into 1.39 as the next president, and that is the tightest I have seen since monitoring the odds in late January 2016.

    Republican nomination:
    Trump: 1.58 (on 18/4 was 1.75)
    Cruz: 3.85 (on 18/4 was 3.50)
    Kasich: 20.00 (on 18/4 was 15.50)
    Paul Ryan: 75.00 (on 18/4 was 80.00)

    Democrat nomination:
    Clinton: 1.05 (on 18/4 was 1.11)
    Sanders: 22.00 (on 18/4 was 11.50)

    Next president:
    Clinton: 1.39 (on 18/4 was 1.46)
    Trump: 6.20 (on 18/4 was 6.40)
    Cruz: 20.00 (on 18/4 was 16.50)
    Sanders: 48.00 (on 18/4 was 23.00)
    Kasich: 60.00 (on 18/4 was 48.00)

    • David

      The thing is in this race the experts have been wrong time and time again…

      • Seriously?

        Agreed. But these odds are not determined by the experts. That are determined by those willing to back their opinions with their money. Over the years, the betting markets have proven a far better predictor of outcomes than opinion polls (unsurprisingly as they take the polls into account but also other things), but they are also much better than “experts”.

        I’m not saying it is destined to be and there is it, more that if you want an indication of how they are doing the odds will give you a more reliable idea than CNN or Fox or the expert pundits.

        • biscuit barrel

          Another thing to consider. Number of Americans who vote in Presidential election. 130 million.
          Number of americans who voted in GOP primaries 30 million (est by time it finishes in California)
          New York was the first state where Trump had a majority of votes ( over 50%)

          So Trump has less than half of the GOP half. Doesnt get you the White house,as the federal election is ‘almost’entirely winner take all of each states electors.

          he has benefited from the huge GOP possible contenders who started the primary season.

  • geoff

    It looks increasingly likely Hillary will get the presidency leaving Bill to socialize with the interns.

    • biscuit barrel

      Clinton White house ? Apparently there is a 5 year waiting list for women, for men its pick a date when you are available.

    • Boondecker

      She faces a seriously major indictment before the election (unless Obama gets the DOJ to suppress it or even goes so far as to pardon her for her sins). Either way, she’s a lame duck before she even gets to step inside the gates. Look for an impeachment or similar. It’s all she deserves.

      As for Bill, he’s been looking very aged (to the point of looking and sounding ill) lately. I suspect he won’t be physically able, or even around much longer, to consider a dabble with the interns.

  • Builder

    Cruz was beaten by Ben Carson in New York, and now not mathematically possible for him to win. My prediction, Trump will win US election beating Hillary Clinton

    • Seriously?

      There is no way Trump will go to the convention behind, but the question is whether he can avoid a vote when he gets there and how such a vote might go.

      If anyone but Trump wins the nomination it will require Trump to fall short of the 1237 delegates he needs to avoid a vote at the convention (and it seems likely he will fall short), the party wanting to roll him despite him being the candidate with the most votes (and it seems they do), them being willing to do that (less clear as it may precipitate split in the party and may write off any remote chance of beating Clinton anyway), and someone else being willing to take the fall against Clinton (who would want to be the fall guy?).

      It all seems a bit far fetched, but if you think it implausible you can get a 58% return on investment by backing Trump to be their presidential nominee, so at least those willing to put their money where their opinion is think it is unlikely but still a realistic possibility.

      Edit: If you really think Trump will be the next president then you can get a 520% return on investment!

      • Builder

        He may fall a little bit short but he would pick up some of the unbound delegates. Pennsylvania alone has 54 unbound delegates, and that is a pro Trump state. He could also sweeten the deal if he offered the VP role to Rubio or Kasich.

        • Seriously?

          Maybe so, but I think you’d be unwise to think that considering such possibilities is something you have done but those who put their money on the line have not.

          Personally, I think Trump will be their nominee. I can’t see him being rolled as the damage in doing that will be at least as bad as letting him run. If he fails in the presidential election, then they may bring home to those parts of their party that support him that such an approach might whet their appetite but simply will not work.

          The punters think otherwise though. They seem to think it an underdog, but still realistic, and the vast mass of them will know alot more about this than me.

          • Builder

            I’ve noticed Trump has changed focus and is now calling Hillary ‘Crooked Hillary’. He’ll keep hammering away at her, and the betting odds will shift. Unfortunately there are a lot of Democrats out there so it won’t be an easy task to defeat her. I hope he does.

          • Seriously?

            She should try “Coming from Donald Trump? He probably thinks it a compliment.”

            I’m looking forward to it. As a spectator sport it will be a fun head to head.

    • Metricman

      I think Carson is running against Hillary? Not Ted.

      • Crowgirl

        Carson is not even in the Republican race anymore – I think Builder means John Kasich beat Cruz.

        • Builder

          I did mean Ben Carson. It was reported there were more votes for Ben Carson than for Ted Cruz in one district of NY. Strange that people still voted for him even though he dropped out over a month ago.

          • Crowgirl

            A testament to the US education system.

  • Metricman

    I called Trump months ago. He still confounds the posters, and the media. They will still be trying to work it out while he is being sworn in as President.

  • Boondecker

    And I noted Cruz was calling Trump a fringe candidate as the results were being finalised. His reported reactions to coming a very distant third and no delegates whatsoever, shows the man is delusional beyond reason. Cruz is all out of bible-belt support, so barring anomalies, realistically shouldn’t fare much better going forward.

    Good on The Don. I happily hope he canes the rest of the remaining state primaries like he did yesterday.

  • Well I guess an ice cream named after Hillary makes sense.

    Cold, little substance, an over inflated head on a hollow platform that can be easily licked into shape by a child.

  • Mr_Blobby

    I like Trump, but I like him more because the media are so keen to jump on anything anti Trump they can find.

    Every article in NZ regardless of how well he is doing is negative.

  • lyall

    and to think if Trump just had a little bit of ‘black’ in him our media would be unable to criticise him without being ‘racist’