Tuesday nightCap

H/T: Dave of the West Bank


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  • geoff

    Apparently according to the Key’s chief scientific adviser – Prof Peter Gluckman- the above speaker is of the ilk that Aids wasn’t due to HIV. Clearly Gluckman is more qualified to decide on climate change-or so he would have us believe.

  • Dave of the West Bank

    I hope the bulge in your cheek is your tongue, Geoff, and not a climate gobstopper :).

    Your remarks on Sir P. Gluckman got me to looking him up. I am not qualified to remark on his views on climate, but I am firmly of the belief that Dick Lindzen’s take on the climate (non) debate is more qualified than that of Sir Peter’s whose discipline is childrens’ diseases.

    I note on this morning’s news one Prof. Ralph Sims saying that NZ could have zero ‘carbon’ emissions by 2025. (Good luck with that!) Note the ‘could. He also said that forests sucking up CO2 was a good thing. When asked about the cost of all this, he evaded the question. So much for the once-respected Royal Society of NZ.

    An interesting read can be had here on scientific integrity: http://www.climateconversation.wordshine.co.nz/tag/scientists/