Two questions for Chris Hipkins

It's a crisis I tell you!

It’s a crisis I tell you!

Following on from Chris Hipkins declaring a crisis in education, I have two questions for him to answer.

  1. Isn’t the real “crisis” in education that PPTA-staffed schools ensure that only 14% of Maori school leavers (20% of Pasifika) have University Entrance?
  2. Charter schools use their funding to provide uniforms and stationery and do not ask for donations. States schools have that choice and don’t do it. Will Labour require them to?

Actually I need to ask a third question.

Has he visited a visited a Charter school yet?

While¬†the unions block any meaningful change, and Chris Hipkins’ only ideas in education are driving licences and coding as a part of NCEA, nothing is going to change. If anything, a Labour government would send education backwards with the cancelling of the successful Charter schools programme.

Perhaps if he stopped dating bunny boilers and stopped drinking pink cocktails while watching cricket he might actually get somewhere.


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  • GT

    Well said. I just cant believe that he still has not gone to 1 of the schools yet that is like the greens trying comment on a oil spill while sitting in their office even they are not that dumb! Just goes to show how afraid of the teachers union they are (must have the dirt)

  • Gazza

    Don’t get me started….too late….I have just received an email from my boys high school announcing an ERO visit. In one paragraph they have invited ALL parents to attend an evening at the school and to meet with ERO and give feedback on the school. In the next paragraph they have invited MAORI parents to a separate event to meet with ERO and give feedback on the school. At this stage my blood is boiling and I am about to launch into print and demand answers from the school. As an ex-School Board Trustee myself from another school we had this same situation when ERO came to visit. As a community we refused to allow a separate forum just for Maori and told ERO they could take a running jump. The school did not play favourites or wish to perpetuate separatism based on race and ALL students were given the same opportunities, praised for success, and given additional help when needed regardless of their background. Only one students caregiver, a Grandmother, spoke to ERO and wished to be identified as Maori for their purposes and it was at a community based meeting not a race based one. It is the quality of teachers that makes the difference, not failure rates based on race. It starts at home with a good attitude towards education. No matter what your background is, if you want to learn, you will learn.

    • oldmanNZ

      tell them your 1/8 maori and 7/8 kiwi, hmm, which one should you attend, the kiwi one or maori one? hey since nearly all maori are mixed. why not just have one visit,
      or one for darker skins and one for lighter skins if that whats its really about.

    • OneTrack

      Iwi/Kiwi. The leftist separatists never sleep.

  • Positan

    Virtually all Labour MPs appear to react and respond to information “told” to them – rather than from knowledge they might have ascertained through personal investigation. I’m frequently amused at media performances where these cretins seeking publicity-at-any-cost reveal how much they “know” about matters that simply isn’t so.

  • Wayne Peter McIndoe

    Just a hunch, but I have a feeling that should a Labour led government win the next election, then there will be a major overhaul of our school system and certainly the end of charter schools – as I say just a hunch

  • Aucky

    I have a fourth question for Chris Hipkins.

    Has he read the three latest ERO reports yet? I’m sure that he has and just doesn’t want to talk about it.