UN says Sweden will be a third world country by 2030

If you import the third world in large enough numbers you will become the third world. Swedish politician Anders Borg, the former Minister of Finance, thinks that Sweden losing its cultural identity is a good thing. Back in 2013 he said that “Sweden belongs to the immigrants, not the Swedes.” A UN report has revealed that Sweden by 2030 will have lost everything that attracted the immigrants in the first place. Sweden will certainly belong to the immigrants by then but it won’t be a country worth having.

…The UN report HDI (Human Development Index) predicts a significant decrease in Swedish prosperity, unlike their Nordic neighbors, who will retain their top positions and even strengthen them globally in the long run.

In 2010 Sweden had the 15th place in the HDI rankings but according to UN forecasts, Sweden will be #25 in 2015, and in 2030 on the 45th place.

Sweden is one of few countries with such a sharp deterioration from what it had in 2010.

Finland demonstrates one of the world’s best school systems, while the Swedish school have lost competitiveness.

Fewer ends up on welfare dependency in their Nordic neighboring countries while Sweden continues to have a greater amount of family households forced to live on welfare, which are a couple factors causing the dropped global competitiveness.

Negative developments, or rather liquidations can be exemplified by Orrefors Kosta Boda, which in 1992 had 940 employees in Sweden and was a profitable industry. Today less than 100 remain in the company after further cost reductions and adaptations in order to meet global competition.

Most of today’s less developed countries such as Cuba, Mexico, the Baltic countries and Bulgaria according to the 2030 UN report will be passing Sweden in prosperity.

Even Greece, which today is more or less bankrupt, but will be on 13th place by 2030.

Sweden’s leftist establishment and media believe a cornerstone of their perfect society is multiculturalism: large scale immigration from some of the poorest, most backward nations on earth. Swedes who disagree with that plan risk being labeled racist, fascist, even Nazi.

“We had a perfectly good country,” Ingrid Carlqvist, a journalist said. “A rich country, a nice country, and in a few years’ time, that country will be gone.”

The logic should be really simple to understand, yet many have difficulties grasping it: If you import the Third World, it’s what you’ll get.

Here is the UN report:

2010–2030 UN projections of Very High HDIs



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  • KatB

    So on one hand the UN has a report showing the demise of a once prosperous country, on the other hand the UN wants us to engage more in what has caused the demise of this once prosperous country.

    • kereru

      Well, of course. All they’re interested in is breaking up Western democracies and destroying their sovereignty. Hence BO on his latest propaganda jaunt threatening the UK if it leaves the EU, and snuggling up to Frau Merkel for her obsequiousness in taking in millions of undocumented Muslims to cause chaos in her own nation. That he is to visit NZ on leaving the Presidency and is a big buddy of JK, worries me.

      • KatB

        I’m still scratching my head and wondering what the end goal is and what these western leaders really think will be their reward at the end of it all. I can’t make any sense of this melting pot scenario and fail to see how anybody else, hand on heart, can either. If they think they will be wealthy and above it all, I think they are delusional, there’ll be no wealth left.

        • kereru

          Call me a crazy conspiracist, but I believe the end goal is to cause so much instability and anguish that nations will cry out for some kind of global authority to take charge and sort out the mess. No way can the NWO come into being without worldwide unrest. Before that can happen, the nations need to become part of a bloc, which will make it easier to control and govern. So we’re seeing the chaos in Europe which, if all goes to plan, will lead to a European federation, such as the USA, with a President of Europe handpicked by the likes of Bilderberg.

          • sandalwood789

            Hopefully people will realise that its the UN and EU that largely caused the problem in the first place.

          • kereru

            Yes, but what can they do about it short of a civil war?

          • OneTrack

            Except all the chaos is largely caused by a European Federation – the EU. I don’t see how more of the same is going to help. It just means the people are trapped under the control of the Merkels and Browns of the world.

      • Duchess of Pork
    • sandalwood789

      “So on one hand the UN has a report showing the demise of a once prosperous country, on the other hand the UN wants us to engage more in what has caused the demise of this once prosperous country.”

      And John Key will be happy to oblige.
      Either he doesn’t have a clue or he is much more malicious than he looks.

  • cows4me

    I would have thought the UN would be jumping for joy. Sweden is down for the count who’s next ? I wait with baited breath for Smalley’s dribbling mutterings on the report, the poor woman will be totally bamboozled now.

    • kereru

      Doesn’t fit the narrative so only two options for Smalley – ignore the issue and divert attention elsewhere, or report that Sweden obviously hasn’t done enough to welcome their ‘migrants’ so they had it coming to them.

    • Just me

      Smalley would predictably only ever accuse the author or bias and not address the issues expressed. She, like many others “play the man not the ball”. This level of analysis sadly falls at a level of capability that NZ journalists can’t hope to comprehend, let alone provide commentary on.

  • Isherman

    Over the ages, Sweden’s contribution to the modern world has been significant.
    Everything from the Safety Match, the Adjustable Spanner, the Ball Bearing, the Dialysis machine, Blue- tooth (along with Digital Mobile technology) and even the famous iconic shape of the Coca Cola bottle among many many other inventions and advances all came out of Sweden. A sad prognosis indeed for a traditionally advanced country. If those projections are correct, it’s the end of a long golden age for them, and worse, it’s all needless.

  • YankeeManu

    Horribly frightening and sobering at the same time. Easy to see which immigration and refugee path our Government should steer down.

    • kereru

      It’s easy to see for people like us, but the Government is toeing the UNHCR line. The only refugees who are suffering, and deserve to be given new homes, are Muslims. The Christian minorities, meanwhile, can die out for all anyone cares. Soon there will be very few left in the Middle East. Their ancient communities are being systematically wiped out.

  • Annoyed

    Belgium also looks stuffed.
    On the other hand: NZ is getting stronger and stronger. I wonder if their modelling was based on the assumption that the Left don’t get in because otherwise I don’t think we would be so strong.

  • rua kenana

    In the 70’s Sweden had a per capita real income (economic standard of living) that was close to highest in the world.
    Seems they were somewhat like NZers, unhappy/bored(?) with what they had (“white guilt” perhaps) and just wanted to change it by massive migrant imports. (And helping the 3rd world too. “Win-win” for all. Now isn’t that nice?)
    I was in Sweden in the 70’s and it was great. Seems from some reports it’s now close to being a 3rd world country already.
    Importing part of the 3rd world into one’s own country just imports 3rd world problems without helping the 3rd world much at all.
    Helping 3rd world in their own countries is the only real win-win for all.
    The stupidity of some politicians knows no bounds.

    • Duchess of Pork

      I spent a week in Sweden two years ago after having travelled western, southern and eastern Europe for 6 months. Arrived in Gothenburg and took a walk around the city centre. Within 5 minutes all 4 of our group had commented on the huge number of burqa clad women with the 4 plus kids in tow. It was totally unexpected and not something we had encountered in any other city, including Marseille, Brussels etc. We travelled on to Norway and half-way through our 10 days there realised the country was on a terror alert which resulted in a lot of catching up with the geo-political events that had slid off our ambit in the previous months. Sweden was a beautiful country but full of really is a lost cause sadly.

      • Kevin

        “Sweden was a beautiful country but full of liberal numpties like Anders Borg and really is a lost cause sadly. ”

        It’s what happens when you let SJWs take over.

        • Duchess of Pork

          Yes, if we could swap our Green Party for Stockholm’s green technology that would be a win-win.

  • Duchess of Pork

    Message from Lord Kitchener to Soldiers of Odin: “Your country needs you.”

  • Quinton Hogg

    The scandinavian socialist experiment is failing it would seem.

  • Observer

    A good example of why treason should be punishable by death. The Swedish politicians enabling this third world colonisation should at least be publicly flogged.

    Of course, they all are virtue signalling to their elite friends in the UN, The New York Times, and get the full support of hypocrites like Mark Zuckerberg, who has a huge fence around his property but loves Merkel’s crazy policies.

  • localnews

    I wonder if they have allowed for the fact that everybody who can, will start voting with their feet and leaving. The taxpaying base will shrink pretty fast once the horrible white middle class people realise they can move anywhere in Europe and go looking for a country where their children have a decent future. Who will make the welfare payments then?

  • rustyjohn58

    In the spirit of international goodwill I’m throwing my home open to a couple of healthy liberated good looking blond Swedish lasses looking for somewhere safe. Now that international relations are sorted I just have to work on domestic relations. (once I tell her who must be obeyed about our Nobel winning gesture).

  • Plantagenet

    It will be a question for historians as to why Sweden, once of the safest, most prosperous countries on earth, voluntarily joined the third world. They weren’t conquered; they CHOSE to destroy themselves. The sad thing is I doubt we will learn a lesson from it.

    • OneTrack

      Suicide by progressivism. Maybe someone like Smalley can explain why this is a good idea and why she wants to do the same here.

      • rexabus

        Yeah but the flight into Auckland will feel so much more metropolitan. Banking over sth auckland looking down at the no-go areas(what major city in the world doesn’t boast a muslim enclave no-go zone these days).

  • sandalwood789

    What a tragedy and what utter betrayal of the Swedish people by their leaders.
    Mind you, Swedes were foolish enough to vote for them. They’re starting to turn to the Swedish Democrats now (the only party that is against the massive immigration) but that will probably be too little, too late.
    No other party in their parliament will work with SD anyway so I’d say the country is doomed. The same goes for Belgium.

  • Rick H

    Anders Brevik had the right idea – -but unfortunately targeted the “children of the enablers”, instead of the “enablers”.
    I can guarantee you, that he was thinking he would be a hero, at the time.

  • Ravan

    2014 Italian article–originally posted on Identita—translated by Henry Makow—Savethe Males “The causes of mass migration are still cleverly concealed by the system’ (he includes the UN)’ and portrayed as inevitable….a spontaneous phenomenon.. is actually a longterm plan to destroy the face of the continent.”

  • rexabus

    I assume Martin Bradbury and Rachel Smalley and all the other responsible journalists from the left will be reporting an important story such as this. The people need to know what they’re getting, folks

  • Christine

    To answer One track, the Merkels and Browns and EU commission are there to do the bidding of both Bilderburg and the European Round Table. The Round Table, the most influential group of industrialist in Europe, lobby for most of the major policies produced by Merkel at al, then rubber stamped by the EU parliament. These policies are intended to produce compliant low paid workers for their industries. A capitalist dream.

    There is no democracy. Dissent is ignored. More integration is the only answer. I just hope that there is BREXIT on June 23.

  • Just me

    How long will it be before we’re taking ethnic Swedes as refugees?