Unite the country? Are you serious Audrey?

Audrey Young thinks Helen Clark’s candidacy for the UN top job will unify the country?

More so than a flag debate apparently?

Helen Clark’s decision to campaign for the top job at the United Nations puts her in the centre of a stunning piece of history in the making.
It will be a contest like no other.

Whether or not she wins the, her candidacy will be unifying force in New Zealand.

Really? Unifying? I don’t think so.  

I support her candidacy not out of sense of nationhood or a sense of unity; I support her candidacy so she doesn’t come back to New Zealand.

There will be genuine pride in her bid. And there is no down side for John Key in using his own impressive international connections as her champion.

That she wanted the job has been an open secret. But she had choices about whether to make a bid and how to go for it.

She could have sat back and hoped that no consensus would form around another candidate. She might then have the advantage of being the fresh circuit-breaker – coming through the middle.

The disadvantage of that strategy is that you don’t look serious about wanting the job.

That is what happened when former Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer was promoted as a last-minute compromise candidate as Commonwealth Secretary General last year and he missed out.

Clark has entered a race that has seven competitors. Others can join at any stage.

In the unique way this United Nations appointment has been run – with the “grass roots” member countries demanding a role instead of leaving it to the Security Council – it makes perfect sense for Clark to publicly declare, accept transparency and face scrutiny.

It is the honest way. It is the fearless way. It is a salute to the modernisation of the UN.

What a lot of tosh. Audrey is wetting her knickers almost as badly as Barry Soper did this morning on the wireless. She has chucked all rational thought out the window.

Few who know Clark would doubt her ability to do the job, and the fact that Clark will be in contention is an incredible achievement.

But Key is breaking the habit of lifetime and cautioning people not to be too optimistic.

He and Clark both know that such contests are more about politics than merit.

Her chances are dependent on Russia really, and if they line up behind Eastern Europe then Clark won’t win.


-NZ Herald


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  • Red_NZ

    will the New Zealand tax payers be funding her campaign, as getting a seat on the security council did? I’m not sure a lot of kiwis would be very happy about that…. I know i’m not

    • Dog Breath

      Why would you not want a Kiwi as head of the UN and why wouldn’t we pay for it.

      • Vutekno

        The idea of having a Kiwi heading the UN! Well maybe, but not this one.

        • Kiwi Sapper

          Agree totally

      • PhantomsDoc

        Like we paid for it when she was PM?

      • Nobody pays for my cushy job applications!

      • Red_NZ

        Well she wouldn’t be representing the country? couldn’t it be considered a Helen Clarke “vanity project”? we all know the country usually on the left side of the house don’t like “vanity projects”. I don’t see how Clarke being in the position would be of any value to the country, if her last performance review was anything to go by, it might actually make us look more foolish than a John Oliver smear campaign

      • Doug

        If a kiwi became head of the UN, we may be “encouraged” to follow more of their edicts, many of which no one in their sane mind would agree with

  • Vutekno

    Unfortunately New Zealand tax payers will pay the cost of supporting this “Forlorn Hope”. It strokes her ego I guess but the Politics of the UN will prevail and someone from the Eastern Bloc will get it. It’s their turn apparently.

    Even so, I share the view that we don’t want her back!

    Must check iPredict, there maybe an opportunity to make money here.
    Edit: last sentence added.

  • “That she wanted the job has been an open secret. But she had choices about whether to make a bid and how to go for it.”

    It’s been an open secret for 20years and as to how she went about it?
    Well that’s easy too.
    She went about it by leveraging herself into prominence and staying there by bankrupting a nation through a series of cynical bribes and a reign of terror.

    Having Helen in any kind of position of authority is about as palatable as a plate of hedgehog poo.

    Her and her nasty evil GF H2 can take their WFF, Interest Free Student Loans, Moronic Tertiary & University Courses and unfettered socialism, political correctness and man hating policy and shove it into their UN undies.

  • Souvlaki

    Yep….if she does not win…likely to return here to lead the Republican campaign with a view to becoming El Presidente . No way Jose !!

  • Lux

    I despair, I have totally given up on the possibility of any person in the MSM making any common sense judgments these days.

  • Kiwi Sapper

    Ye Gods, what an unholy alliance, Clark and Key……..Labour and National in the same bed. What has got into my absent member of parliament in agreeing to fund Comrade Helen’s drive for control?
    We all know she drove NZ into disaster in pursuit of her goal of getting her knees under the UN table and now, if Key and She have an alliance,then we can only expect very bad results , such as enormous numbers of financial refugees flooding into our country.

    We cannot allow this to happen and if we have to get rid of Key to do it, so be it, he has no interest in Mr and Mrs Average New Zealander…….Only his financial cronies.

    • rua kenana

      It won’t only be financial refugees.
      She was bleating the other day about NZ potentially being a model of religious tolerance, and will likely try her best to enforce it it by strong-arming NZ into taking massive numbers of Muslim refugees, so as show how “tolerant” we are.
      And it’s hard to imagine Key putting up any resistance, given his urge to import massive numbers of people from almost anywhere.

  • kayaker

    I think Putin will rain on this parade.

  • Usaywot

    John Key is no fool. Support her and push for her to get the job and get rid of her so she can’t meddle in the next election. I am sure she has been pulling strings, spectacularly unsuccessfully, behind the scenes of NZ Labour party. Nobody takes any notice of the UN so she will effectively be impotent

  • cows4me

    Has Audrey been hitting the cooking sherry with Trotter ?

  • Hard1

    Here is the list. That is an awfully big field. And there’s a Bulgarian….

  • Timebandit

    Unite the country??? has anyone else listened to talkback today?

    • herewego

      That was my thinking – busy struggling to listen to Kerre/Mark tying to defend her (the indefensible) against as barrage of realism (or as they put it “nasty” talk)



    At least we will know whose fault it is if she won’t be elected….John Key, of course….who else

  • Manfred

    True to form, another eco-gobalisation puff piece in the NZ Herald. One only has to look at the past line of UN Secretary Generalissimos to realise it has precious little to do with credentials or ability, and everything to do with internal UN realpolitik.

    • No, it is a job that rotates around the functional power blocks. Moon is Korean and that means he’s part of the Western / First World group. The next person will be from the old Soviet bloc, or a mullah.

      Clarke is not going to get this. Because in Realpolitik she does not matter. And missing out is probably in her best interests. If you are her sworn enemy, encourage her to remain in that corrupt cesspool adjacent to New York.

      • Manfred

        I don’t disagree. As I mentioned, this is consistent with the realpolitik of the UN. HC is irrelevant in the current cycle of musical chairs. I imagine though, given the current trajectory of the UN policy having that sexy green tinge helps.

  • Toby

    I dunno about unifying the country.
    I think most kiwis would support her, I think she would do a reasonable job and represent NZ well.
    and also, all the time she is over there she isn’t here :)

  • CheesyEarWax

    Yeah, just like the appointment of Ban Ki Moon have united North and South Korea. Maybe Maori will come out and apologise to her about their actions at Waitangi, and forgive her over the foreshore and seabed. Two birds with one stone, I am looking forward to her appointment to unify and keep Helen out of NZ at the same time. That will be awesome.

  • Miss Phit

    So a washed up irrelevant trougher wants an irrelevant flashy job at a largely irrelevant organisation and some how the lefty luvies think it will be the coming of the next messiah.

    About all it will do is put NZ in the spotlight and if she does win then we will get hammered by her and her mates over any percieved infractions. God help us…

  • Aucky

    Go Helen! It will keep her out of our hair for another five years and with a term as Secretary General under her belt she could join her old buddy Tony Blair on the international speaking circuit for an indeterminate period. She would go gangbusters speaking at socialist talkfests.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Albeit hard to find a good side to Clark in such a roll it might see a few of her cronies drawn to the flame like moths so she can be surrounded by the Sisterhood remnants or should that be relics?
    The reaction to being an also ran could be priceless.Lol

  • Nige.

    im united with anyone who wants to abolish the UN