Urologists told to stop taking the piss

Urologists are being told to stop taking the piss with their fees.

Urologists charging excessively high fees for crucial operations including prostate cancer surgery have been warned to rein it in.

The Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand is aware a small number of urologists are quoting inflated out-of-pocket fees for surgery without proper justification, president Mark Frydenberg said on Sunday.

Someone is pissy.  

Some patients are having to access superannuation, take out loans or dip into their savings to pay for urological care, he told NZN from the group’s annual scientific meeting on the Gold Coast.

“That’s not what health is about,” he said.

“We need to make sure patients are not harmed and not suffering.

“We are concerned patients may not access the proper care or are putting themselves under financial stress.”

Professor Frydenberg said there was no evidence to suggest charging more for operations led to better outcomes and those who charged unreasonably high fees threatened to ruin the urology profession’s reputation.

Perhaps if they didn’t have their conferences on the Gold Coast the fees might not need to be so high.


– Newshub


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  • SirHoraceGentleman

    I had a robotic prostatectomy last year. Cost 28k. The price had actually come down from 35k a few years ago. Southern Cross paid 23k. Rapid recovery and great result so value for money as far as I’m concerned.
    However, I have noticed a far greater focus on money from many specialists and their private hospitals over the last few years.
    Come to think of it, the 2 richest guys from my medical class are urologists.

  • contractor

    The reality is that many of the specialists cream it. Yes they do a very long degree then continue to undergo a lot of subsequent training, and they work hard. However they aren’t alone in those, and don’t have capital at risk, nor face the risk of massive liability like in the USA when things go wrong. They also tend to leave GP incomes way behind yet GPs degree is the same duration.
    So we have American influence here whereby specialists expect to be wealthy living in an executive house, own a bach, drive a beamer, have a boat or ski chalet overseas.

    No wonder health budgets globally are stretched, as are medical insurance premiums. Moreover, who would complain when one is ill and needs treatment? I feel the punters are being taken advantage of by specialists, in rather stark contrast with GPs who to me are in many cases worth more than they earn.

  • exactchange

    A NZ company, along with Uni of Otago, has created a non invasive bladder cancer detector (Cxbladder), now being marketed to urologists around the world. It will be interesting to see the uptake, as although clearly better for the patient, not so financially rewarding for the urologists.