Useless Auckland Council’s halfwit policy on dogs


Lame Duck Mayor Len Brown and his merry band of idiots on council have decided to offer an amnesty to dangerous dog owners. As if another regulation will actually work, but it is a good excuse when it comes to not enforcing current regulations properly.

In the real world, South Auckland’s people want real action. For a moment it seemed the politicians had listened. There was a glimmer of hope after south Auckland Councillor Callum Penrose announced a high-powered group of politicians would front the media with their solution.

But by the time Thursday’s highly publicised photo-opportunity concluded, hope was lost.

People in the communities soon realised, Auckland Council’s call for an amnesty, on the owners of unregistered dog owners, was a cop-out and more a solution for political anxiety than for those who live in this city’s urban communities.

Fronting the photo-op was Auckland’s Mayor, Len Brown, and Councillor Penrose.

They boldly raised how Auckland Council will initiate an amnesty so the owners of Auckland’s unregistered dogs will be able to come forward, pay their fees without fear, or fine, or prosecution.The only thing stopping Len Brown and Calum Penrose from getting off their arses and impounding menacing dogs is their own lack of leadership.

Only the most out-of-touch politicians would believe an amnesty will get mongrel owners to take an interest in their mongrel dogs.

These useless Auckland Council politicians don’t do anything other than talk, promise and divert attention when roaming dogs bite innocent children and other domestic animals in suburban streets.

Roaming dogs are on the loose. Auckland Council should go and catch them.

It is obviously election year because Penrose is finally trying to do something. In fairness to him he is doing it to the best of his limited ability, but that doesn’t mean he needs to be re-elected. Penrose’s ward needs a councillor who doesn’t respond with knee-jerk reactions to long-standing problems because it happens to be election year.


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  • Kiwiracer

    “announced a high-powered group of politicians”
    Well there you go, they have highly inflated view of there own postions

    • kereru

      Good grief – sounds like it was little more than a photo op. Is it too much to expect them to just get down to business, consult community leaders, and do the job they’re paid handsomely to do, without the fanfare and self-aggrandisement?

  • Rupert

    It would’t be so bad, that if had said that after three months that any dog found unregistered/chipped would be immediately destroyed, without notice.

    • Nechtan

      Yes. A proposal like this, does need both a carrot and a (very big) stick.

  • Catriona

    If I was the policy maker in any council around NZ, I would compile a list of dangerous dog breeds and create a policy to exterminate them forthwith AND chuck in a hefty fine to the owner if it was found the dog was unregistered. Easy as. There would be no blah blah blah around this issue.

    • rantykiwi

      Add in some cross-checking between the councils and WINZ. Then let the councils round up and exterminate all the dogs registered to bludgers – if you’re getting a handout from the taxpayer you can’t afford a dog.

  • LesleyNZ

    Because of Len Brown and his loopiness, the council’s dog control department are like parks and reserves – underfunded. I know how dangerous and difficult enough it is for dog control officers to keep up with doggy issues and the paperwork involved than for the extra work that will be created if an amnesty was successful. I hope AKLD Council intends to employ more people to deal with this – in fact AKLD Council needs to employ more dog control officers to cope with the present demands placed upon them.

    • Raibert

      They will only act in areas where there is a chance of getting costs and fines paid.

  • rantykiwi

    I grew up in a farming community. Roaming dogs were generally shot on sight. Maybe it’s time to allow much the same in urban areas.

    • Raibert

      Councils already should be policing existing animal control laws. Means Unregistered dogs in South Auckland should be impounded and destroyed if owners not found. Owners given a reasonable time to register dog and pay for cost of catching and keeping them, no pay – dog destroyed, end of story. However useless politicians are too afraid to ensure this happens and protect their citizens, might cost votes. Instead we have Animal Control searching the streets of more affluent areas were majority of dogs are registered looking to improve income from fines as people there will pay.

  • native bird lover

    I think with time owning non working dogs will go like smoking, totally socially unacceptable

  • Hans

    Germany used to have a policy of a WOF for all dogs, you turn up once a year for you once over – you get a score card of pluses and minuses. If you fail to make improvements on some issues over the following year the dog gets a bullet – even toy dogs need to pass the test or WOF. If you fail to turn up a SWAT team will arrive at your door and take the dog away.

    Delinquent owners are another problem, half the problem here in Dunedin animal control link the dog to property not the owner. Example: my boss came to visit once and my flat mates dog bit my bosses bum as he entered the property. Animal control placed my property in the dangerous dog registry, he move house and was clean and free and i was stuck with the black mark against my property.

    • duve

      I understand your concern up to a point. But it was your property under your control, and you allowed your flatmate to keep the dog there. Some responsibility on both sides, I think.

    • rantykiwi

      When I was in Instanbul on my way to ANZAC commemorations last year there were a significant number of free-range dogs in the parks. They were wandering, snoozing and generally living a life of freedom and minding their own business. I mentioned them to our tour guide and he pointed out that they all had an ear tag, much like farmers put on their animals here. He then explained that the ear tag meant that they were registered, wormed, vet-checked as being healthy and hadn’t misbehaved. The system seemed to work – I saw no barking, no attacks, in fact not even any interest in people from the dogs and at no stage did they make me feel unsafe. God knows who fed or socialised them, but they were doing a great job.

      • Hans

        Probably the dogs took care of the socializing them selves?????? could work here as most owners don’t take the time to get there little ball of fur out and about?

  • OneTrack

    Are they saying that as soon as an American Pitbull is registered, it is now “safe”? Stupid lefties.

    Just ban the pitbulls. Do it now. How many more maulings do we have to put up with, along with the owner’s plantive cry “He is a friendly puppy and loves kids”?

  • JohnO

    Declare “open season” on all dogs not on a leash or on private property or under close control of the owner.

  • one for the road

    Meanwhile, they expect 99% of Aucklanders to have a family dog on leash in even the remotest of places – like Bethels Beach, which they patrol – for what purpose, especially when there are breeds of dogs that shouldnt even be allowed in Auckland (or the country),,, they need to wake up and get with the programme.

  • Hakaru

    Maybe council could set up something like this to pay for the idiocy of helping the ferals and their pitbulls.

  • Oh Please

    Another smack in the face to the dog owners who DO pay their fees on time and DO pay for micro-chipping themselves. Don’t think I’ll bother any more, I’ll just wait for the next amnesty.