Want to eat John Key’s lettuce?


Supplied, via NZ Herald


On appearance, there’s nothing particularly special about the lettuce sprouting up from a garden box at Otakaro Orchard in Christchurch.

Sure, it’s well-formed and bug-free, but, with only a week or two before being harvest-ready, the frilly vegetable is still on the smaller side.

The only reason it’s been listed on Trade Me for four times what you’d pay for it at the supermarket happens to be that it was the first lettuce Prime Minister John Key planted.

Two months after Mr Key planted it during a photo opportunity at the opening of the $1.7 million community garden project in the North Frame of Christchurch’s central city, the celebrity lettuce is being auctioned off with a current bid of $10.50.

Touts the listing: “He may never plant one again. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to eat fresh produce from the Prime Minister’s own hands.”

Chloe Waretini, of business network Enspiral, came up with the idea while thinking about ways to lift the project’s profile.

“Then my eyes fell on the Prime Minister’s lettuce and I was like, ‘oh, I wonder if I can auction that off’?”

Mr Key’s office happily gave its blessing.

“They thought it was pretty hilarious and said yes … just as long as it was a good-looking lettuce.”

I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that some deranged leftie will now go and trash the lettuce.

Let’s hope I’m wrong.

If not, Labour will claim that lettuce prices under John Key have risen to astronomical proportions.

They’ll find some angle to make it nasty.

I would suggest a restaurant buys it and then makes a nice salad from it that they will sell for even more money that can be donated back to¬†Otakaro Orchard. ¬†Will be good publicity all ’round.


– NZ Herald


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  • Orca

    Cue Sue Moroney: “So, just because you’re a rich [email protected] with a flash holiday home at Omaha, you think you can decide what kind of lettuces we have to eat”.

  • Hard1

    It’s a plant.

    • metalnwood

      I’m not going to bite.

    • Charlie

      I think you are right, those leaves look a lot like ears.

  • Charlie

    Lets hope the left do get nasty over Johns very nice looking right wing lettuce, every little grizzle helps their poll results to decline.

  • But is it really a John Key lettuce or did he just sign it?