We don’t know how lucky we are

New Zealand, 2006

New Zealand, 2006

New Zealand remains at the top of the world when it comes to travel destinations, according to the British Telegraph’s readers.

About 75,000 of the paper’s readers have ranked Godzone as their favourite country to visit for the fourth year in a row.

New Zealand came in ahead of the Maldives in second place and South Africa in third.

Isn’t that nice?  So apart from the obvious, our landscapes, what was the main reason 75,000 Guardian readers ranked New Zealand above all other countries? 

In a piece arguing why Aotearoa was “the world’s best country”, the newspaper cited the landscape, ties to Britain and the kakapo.


New Zealand Prime Minister John Key wears the New Zealand flag after Ricky Ponting pulls the New Zealand flag out on the first tee during the ANZ Challenge and round 4 at The Hills during 2016 BMW ISPS Handa New Zealand Open. Sunday 13 March 2016. Arrowtown, New Zealand. Copyright photo: Andrew Cornaga / www.photosport.nz


Oh… I guess that could have a gone wrong if we’d changed the flag, eh?

From the Guardian

New Zealand keeps current flag

So, that’s it. After a 10 month, $26m process, New Zealand has decided to keep its current flag with 1.2m votes in favour – an outcome indicated in polling for some months.

Kyle Lockwood’s preferred alternative received 915,000 votes, though prime minister John Key has said this will crack 1m once the official result had been counted.

Key admitted to being “a bit disappointed” but said he’ll back the result, and encouraged New Zealanders to get out there and fly their (Union Jack) flag, affirmed by the knowledge that it has the support of the majority of voters.

Like it or not, but those Brits still think of us Colonials fondly.


– The Guardian, NZN via Yahoo!


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  • sheppy

    But but but Angry Andy, the Melons and the Media Party keep telling us we are doomed – didn’t they get the memo…
    Or to put it another way, the British Telegraph noticed the reality rather than the spin, and inadvertently highlighted why the left are going backwards

  • Pluto

    You’d have to think they look at the turmoil that is the Islamic migrant crisis in their own back yard and promising to deeply worsen, then look at us literally half a world away and (so far at least) seemingly untouched.
    Throw in a strong economy and awesome Kiwi lifestyle its no wonder we’re number 1.
    Ed. let’s protect it.

    • Charley jones

      Some of my English friends said several years ago, ” why on earth are they letting them (muslims) in here when they are causing so much trouble back home?” Why indeed are we importing known trouble into paradise?

  • willtin

    I thought half of them were here anyway? And while I intend to purchase our old/new flag to fly from a forthcoming new home, my first vexillological purchase has been the inimitable, green laser eyed Kiwi.

  • cows4me

    Forget the union jack, people don’t give a fat rat’s bung hole about the union jack it’s security and familiarity they crave. It’s this security and “western” familiarity that is keeping us afloat as thousands settle here but it’s a double edge sword, the very ones we welcome are usually cashed up and this will create greater social pressures as poorer kiwis have to compete.

  • Toby

    I think its more that everywhere else there is a higher chance of getting blown up or shot.
    There is a lot to be said for a safe, english speaking country that is remote from any conflict.

    • Oh Please

      I used to work for a global IT company that often used NZ as a test bed for new software because 1) it has distinct geographical borders 2) it uses English and 3) if it caused major problems no one would really care.

  • Superman

    They forgot the main reason we are so lucky: Andrew Little is leader of the Labour Party.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    The Minister of Tourism will be delighted with that promotion of NZ. Who is that again?

  • Orca

    Or, to put it another way, as the MSM would of course advocate:

    “Two-Thirds of the reasons that Britons said that they liked New Zealand were because of the Kakapo’s and the landscape, a mere one-third of those surveyed said that they liked the connections to Britain”.