We need a couple of these here

I’d put one on Waiheke, and the other one in the electorate with the highest Green party vote.

Mini nuclear power stations in towns around the UK have moved a step closer after it emerged the Government is assessing suitable sites to push ahead with a build.

The Telegraph understands that a team of experts working for Ministers is looking at possible locations for small modular reactors, which could be built by 2025.

It follows money announced by George Osborne in the Budget earlier this year, giving the green light to develop the so called “mini-nukes”.

The stations, which must be built near water for cooling and need to be close to the towns they serve, form a key part of the Government’s plan to cut carbon emissions and generate clean energy in the UK.

But campaigners are warning the plans could mean communities have new power stations forced on them if suitable sites are identified nearby.

The Sunday Telegraph understands that sites in Wales, including the site of a former reactor at Trawsfynydd, and in the North of England where ex-nuclear or coal-fired power stations were stationed are being looked at as possible options.  

Other areas including Bradwell, Hartlepool, Heysham, Oldbury, Sizewell, Sellafield and Wylfa are also thought to be possibilities.

Small modular reactors are attractive because they can be built in factories and assembled on-site. They take less time to develop than conventional nuclear power stations but they produce much less power – meaning there must be more of them to generate sustainable energy and they must be built close to the communities they serve.

A former Government advisor warned the plans were dropped under the Coalition after pressure from Liberal Democrat Ministers because of fears that communities would reject nuclear power stations close to towns.

But in the Budget in March, George Osborne announced a funding competition to get the industry off the ground in the UK.

The document revealed: “The government is launching the first stage of a competition to identify a small modular nuclear reactor to be built in the UK, and will publish an SMR delivery roadmap later this year. It will also allocate at least £30m of funding for research and development in advanced nuclear  manufacturing.”

A number of companies are already working on plans for the small power stations.

Nuclear is the cleanest and greenest power source. Which is ironic given most Greenies earned their strips opposing nuclear power. Unfortunately their climate change religion requires that they look for low carbon alternatives and the only really viable one is nuclear.


– Telegraph


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  • Jaffa

    Perfect for their electric cars!

    • Orca

      A nuclear-powered Prius perhaps?

  • edenman

    I’m sure Material Girl would welcome one of these in Waitati or Blueskin Bay. The castle would be glowing with light

  • Second time around

    If a mini reactor was built in Auckland the cooling water could warm a lot of damp mouldy state houses.

  • Gollum

    Small modular nukes with fail-safe features that are mass manufactured and could run more or less untouched for several years before being replaced and recycled, could revolutionize economics of living in small settlements eg pacific islands – well worth throwing 30 million pounds for some applied R&D.

  • I have some vague memory that makes me think some time ago land was set aside around Kaipara Harbour for exactly this reason.

    But then again I could be wrong….

  • sandalwood789

    I think thorium reactors would be the way to go. Thorium is much more abundant than uranium and neither the thorium nor the reaction products can be used for nuclear bombs.

    There are reactors in nuclear subs now that generate about 300 MW or so. That’s a good amount of power for something that would fit in a large room.
    Nothing beats nuclear power for the amount of power generated for the size of the power plant.

  • Diehard

    Auckland would be ideal, close to consumers, plenty of cooling water, it could be situated on the harbour front. How about a nuke powered waterfront stadium that made its own power and paid for itself by selling power to the rest of Auckland. Plus with all the yuppies in their electric cars in the city they would be in green heaven.

  • Anthony

    next to existing substations would save costs, e.g. otahuhu, penrose, wairau, marsden.

  • Mark

    Western Springs,next to the new Prison,/end thread.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    It is the typical hypocrisy of the Greens to ignore the single most cleanest and greenest form of power generation. But the days of coal may not be over as they have now found a way to scrub the carbon from the exhaust of coal fired generation systems. That could be a win-win for NZ and rejuvenate Solid Energy. Perhaps.