Wednesday nightCap

Mandatory watching.  This will be in the Quiz ;)

H/T InnerCityDweller


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  • Doc45

    Religion is not computed in dollars.

  • bristol

    There’s an absolute ton of more worthwhile projects we could, and should, be spending our tax dollars on. We should be concentrating on good planet housekeeping, such as conservation, and stamping out poaching of endangered species. By all means build seawall defences, but also clean up the mountains of plastic garbage, and other man-made debris, dumped in the oceans. Making the world a more habitable place for all its creatures would cost a fraction of what the politicians are attempting to impose for the futile attempt at controlling Mother Nature. And don’t get me started on those bloody windfarms, and rare earth mineral mining!

  • JEL51

    Luv it, now wait to see if this clip will be played on msm for the general public to discuss………..

  • Chris Fleming

    If your worried about rising sea levels, move inland.

    Invest is early warning system for storms.

  • andrewo

    A simple, inexpensive solution to this problem, and several others too:
    Pay women cash to accept long term birth control (Depo) shots!
    1/ Make it part of our welfare system to reduce the number DPB children
    2/ Make it the target of overseas aid projects in the 3rd world