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  • Nechtan

    Died today in 1960 Eddie Cochran after the taxi in which he was riding blew a tyre and crashed, he was 21.

    Today in 1964 Them with Van Morrison make their first concert appearance, at Belfast’s Maritime Hotel.

    Today in 1971 Three Dog Night’s “Joy to the World” went to number 1 on the US singles chart.

    Today in 1973 Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon” was certified gold.

    Today in 1983 Felix Pappalardi, bassist with Mountain (before that producer with Cream), was shot and killed by his wife during an argument over an affair with a younger woman.

    Today in 1994, Pink Floyd went to number1 on the UK album chart with “The Division Bell”, their fourth UK number 1 album.

  • Carl

    These should be on all footpaths. (pic)

    • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

      Don’t forget the takeaway coffee lane.They do my head in when I get in a lift and it is spelt all over the place for some-else to clean up.

    • Disinfectant

      You forgot the lane for the Lycra.

    • Platinum Fox

      Most people wouldn’t see the markings on a footpath.

      As evidence of that assertion, I refer you to the footpath and new cycleway on Beach Road, Auckland, between Britomart Place and Mahuhu Street. There are symbols painted on the respective sections which are separated by plantings, yet when I’ve been passing through the majority of pedestrians have been walking on the cycleway. I can’t report an observation regarding whether the majority of cyclists take notice of the markings as I’ve seldom seen a cyclist there.

      I’d also note that no-one paid any attention to the centre lines on Auckland CBD footpaths back in Mayor Robbie’s day either.

      I’m not sure how markings would work on the down staircase?

  • Nige.

    Steve (North Shore) answered last night’s question with:

    ” stupidity from Labour ”

    What are some of the most stupid mistakes you’ve seen made in politics?

    • EveryWhichWayButLeft

      I think the worst of all time was the Cunliffe apologising for being a man..

      Jacqui Dean wanting to ban dihydrogen monoxide is pretty stupid too, but nowhere near the epic fail of Cunliffe’s stupidity.

    • Disinfectant

      The United States pulling out of Iraq when they did.

    • Greg M

      Labour party defence procurements and disposals. We are still paying for their sheer stupidity.

      • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

        Now the main culprit Goff wants to run our City of Sails.

        • willtin

          City of Idiots might vote him in.

    • dumbshit

      Cullen’s train set, Toll can’t have been far away from going broke, and they would have been lucky to get scrap value for the rolling stock. Doubt that the smirk has eased from Tolls mugs yet!

      • Disinfectant

        Same with Air New Zealand.
        Helen Clark protected their shareholders.
        At least one New Zealand company was poised to take over the moment they went bust.
        But the details will never now be made public.
        Edit: added word.

        • dumbshit

          BNZ, quite a few smarmy worms there, that should have taken a “hair cut”!

          • Disinfectant

            If the BNZ had been taken down at the same time as Air New Zealand, BNZ might have ended up back in New Zealand ownership.

        • Miss Phit

          Still kick myself for not buying airNZ shares back when they were worth nothing. Never mind, couldve gone the otherway I guess and lost it.

    • STAG

      Clark v Skyhawks what a mistake. On another note we should have accepted the Mig’s from Russia fir the butter payment. At least we’d still have them all the Ladas have rusted away long ago.

      • Disinfectant

        We got an air access agreement instead.

      • dumbshit

        Mechanic son, related many tragic tales about the joys of working on Belarus Tractors. Franchises apparently had to wait until their warranty credits equaled the cost of a tractor, which was then supplied in lieu of monetary compensation.

      • XCIA

        You will find plenty of them in the South Island. They even have clubs.

        • Disinfectant

          And there is even a Mig at the Ashburton aviation Museum.

    • Richard

      One of them stupidly thought he could buy an election, the other guy stupidly went along with it.

    • Larry

      Muldoon calling the snap election.

      • Wasapilot

        Jeez, I remember that night. He had certainly had a few.

    • Eiselmann

      Anyone who puts faith in the backing of Grant ‘Trust me’ Robertson…hey David Shearer got any fish…you should use them.

    • Left Right Out

      The moment of truth…

      absolutely dumb

    • Miss Phit

      The debarcle of the northland election and how the Nats underestimated the ole bugger winnie.

    • rantykiwi

      The voters letting Loony Len have a second term.

    • InnerCityDweller

      Wouldn’t it be easier to compile a list of things Labour got right? Much shorter for sure…

      • Roger Douglas.


  • Carl
    • STAG

      Old men bring lead by a wash out. Not worth the effort of being interested

    • Hubby, who is a diehard ACDC fan, and I had this discussion recently, as to who would be good. He thought the lead singer from Krokus would be fantastic. After hearing them, I had to agree. Hope they come back to NZ, the only way to really tell is listen to them live. I’d certainly go again, Axl Rose or not.

      • Cadwallader

        How about that South African guy from Seether?

        • Hmmn, no, he tries too hard to sound like Kurt Cobain.

    • Richard

      Any ones gotta be better than the last bloke, I’m still waiting for some of Bon’s DNA to be cloned.

    • Nige.

      I dont think axl is made of the right stuff.
      Acdc are a hard working band. Axl is lazy.

    • OT Richter

      The lead singer from Nickleback would be awesome.

      • Mark

        LOL and he will probably turn up on stage on time.

    • Deanj

      Axls voice sounds really good lately check out the recent (4/16) you tube vids of the classic GNR line up

  • George

    In 2010 Nicky Hager had this to say.
    “National is doing well in government. This is the only measure that many observers seem to be interested in: namely, that the party is scoring outstandingly high in the polls. But it is a separate question whether National is doing well at being a government and it is obvious that mostly they are not. The reason for this is that there is a profound lack of talent, wisdom and ideas”.

    Shall we update Nicky?
    You have employed every endeavor to destroy the Prime Minister and this government. You tried to flush them down the dunny with “Dirty Politics” to only end up in the sewer yourself and now you are at it again having spent the past 15 months working on the “Panama Paper leaks”. Give up Nicky. Your crusade lacks talent, wisdom and ideas. The strength of this administration is far too sophisticated and mature to be tripped up by a two bit egoistic socialist who’s desire for credability can only be found through the criminal activities of others.

    Having wasted the last seven years of your life inventing scandal to dislodge this administration must leave you severely irritated as your pronouncements continue to fall on deaf ears. You have no credibility but for some reason you still get out of bed in the morning thinking today is the day. It won’t come Nicky, because your targets are much more elligent, brighter, smarter, talented, gifted, capable, able, competent, apt, proficient, educated, erudite, knowledgeable and wiser than you will ever be. Get the message Nicky? You continue to be a looser. Everything you attempt to sabotage continues to grow in strength and support. Not just the Government Nicky, but Whale Oil. You’re not liked, your morality is in tatters. You got it wrong in 2010, and you are still getting it wrong.

    • Nechtan

      Can I add George, that his targets are also not as corrupt and dirty as Nicky and those he deals with.

    • Richard

      You give him more credit than he is worth, he’s just a talentless hack who tries to peddle a book every election cycle, who on the last occasion was used as the facade for the real crims.

  • willtin

    Turangi – Get Blazed by the Haze

  • OT Richter

    Unfortunate choice of headline:

    • KatB

      You could say she has a stain on her reputation.

    • Wasapilot

      She has become part of pop culture, as indicated by these pics. Judging by the results of a google search of her, she does not appear to have tried to move from the limelight.

    • Huia

      Then there is this one.

  • Brent

    Went to pack and save this afternoon and as I do at the trolley stand is grab a empty box and put it in my trolley rather than buy bags.
    While walking past the vegetables a lady with a WO cap grabbed my box dropped it on the floor and started sorting through the lettuces dropping the rotten one in the box and having a right royal grizzle about the last lettuce she brought and took home only to get 3 leaves off it before finding it rotten.
    She then went on her way shopping leaving the box on the floor beside the chiller.
    I followed her around the store and out into the car park and thought to myself I hope the staff don’t see me getting into the car with her and I want my cap back.

    • XCIA

      Don’t you have a good independent greengrocer where you live………..

      • Brent

        We have the farmers market on Saturday morning and some home growers but we don’t get much time during the week and the supermarkets are easy on Sunday.

    • MaryLou

      Heh – a WO cap? What part of the country are you in?

      • Brent

        Blenheim, She was complaining her head was cold so I let her wear it

      • (I suspect he actually goes to bed with her soon) ;)

        • Brent

          Yep just looked over and She’s there.

  • Mikex

    Slaughter of innocent road signs.

    I have just returned from a holiday trip down south with my wife to walk the Milford Track. Anyway, please allow me a little rant on something that aggrieved me on the trip.

    Driving from Nelson to Queenstown and return I was aghast at the percentage and sheer number of road signs cruelly mutilated by shotgun and small arms fire. In some areas every single sign of all descriptions showed such attacks.

    What I want to know is what possesses camouflaged intrepid hunters to bravely creep up wind and shoot an unsuspecting road sign at point blank range?

    How is this infantile act a demonstration of hunting prowess, when the sign is not flying, not dashing through dense bush, but innocently staring at you doing its’ job of imparting some useful information.

    In many instances it was obvious the sign had been mortally wounded, but still hunters repeatedly attacked again and again until the coup de grace being finally delivered. It is now terminal with the signs intent now totally extinguished.

    Such handy advice as “Give Way”, now a shadow of its’ former self. Maybe a Gi…ay is all it can now gasp to unsuspecting motorists.

    Up and down the countryside the carnage is horrible to witness. These days we have thousands of visitors here from all around the world and I felt embarrassed having this display of moronic hillbilly behaviour on show for all to see.

    So fellow Oilers, I ask for your forbearance and support to help reduce this carnage on our roads.

    Get behind SHOTS

    Stop Hunting Our Traffic Signs.

    Have a word with your hunter buddies, the boisterous lads on their way home after a mornings drinking in the maimai, the adolescents with the new airgun or even the merry team on their way to rob the local liquor store. Implore them that if they see a sign, practice self-control and think SHOTS, leave it alone to carry on doing its’ job of making our roads safer.

    Thanking you for your indulgence herewith finishes the rant.

    • Greg M

      Aw come on. I put a shot shell through the O on a stop sign years back, it still said stOp. :-)

    • Nige.

      Never mind all that…. How were the pies???

      • Mikex

        I still fondly remember the dried pie and curled sandwiches offered of yesteryear….. Wow ! has NZ sharpened up it’s act with the surging tourist trade. Even every little town had first class food and great service. Very impressed. Bought mussel pies in Havelock, (of course) , they were yummy.

  • Doc45

    Sometimes journo’s are plain stupid. Kerre Woodham backed by a bunch of woolly woofter feminanazi’s think that a bit of down to earth, sensible advice to girls about the length of their skirts at school is “a sad commentary on life” and puts us back in the “dark ages”. Apparently some deputy principal suggested that short skirts can be a distraction to randy young men and even the odd teacher. We all know that teacher registration means we have no bad teachers (sarc) so that wont be a problem but pretending that boys are unmoved by a flash of thigh is just head in the sand stuff.

    Of course the extremists make one huge leap to such sensible and helpful comments to mean that the girls are inviting rape and assault. What crap. Boys will be boys and frittering away hours at school trying to see an extra inch of leg instead of doing homework is an age old pastime and wont change any time soon. As for making a huge jump to anything worse is nuts. Commonsense by both sexes makes for a happy life and more attention to learning.

    • KGB

      I agree with Kerry on this one, it was badly handled. They should have just enforced a skirt length and shut up.
      When saying it was to “protect the boys and male teachers” my heckles went up also.
      Just put them all in shorts or trousers.

      • Old Chook

        NOOO – Try being a relieving teacher when the students are all in shorts and trousers. Devon, Tyler, Charlie etc.

  • Asian_driver

    So how can the steak lovers here force themselves to eat a steak pie , given that it has well cooked meat inside it. Having read countless times on here that steak can only be eaten in the semi raw state. All I can think is that is is a similar phenomanon as men going on sex tours to Thailand and picking up a ladyboy, a dirty secret, well cooked meat is ok after all ,

    • Richard

      Easy, additionally to the pie, the connoisseur must simultaneously consume 2 pieces of crispy bacon.

    • Nige.

      There’s steak and then there’s steeeeak.

      Just like:

      there’s love and then there’s looooooove.

      • XCIA

        In the olden days, didn’t straightforward guys let their preference be known by saying “I’m a meat and potatoes man”?

    • Platinum Fox

      The steak in a pie or a casserole is of a cut which is suitable for slower cooking than a steak which is to be grilled, fried or BBQed. The former category of steaks are from working muscles so are tougher and contain more connective tissue, whereas the grilling/frying/BBQ category are typically cut from muscles which don’t contribute as much work to the animal’s mobility.

    • Brian Smaller

      Steak in steak pie is stewed meat. Slow cooked is best.


    Currently watching Sunday and they are talking about the Sugar Tax should be introduced to combat the obesity problem, maybe they should look at introducing Cannabis as a means to combat the Obesity Problem rather than introducing a sugar tax. Last year US researchers admitted that Cannabis could hold the potential in tackling the Obesity Problem, why don’t we try it in New Zealand?:



    • Sally

      There was a phrase used in the interview that sums up socialists. “Time do away with personal responsibility and move to collective responsibility”. Bingo.


        I know what you mean as Hong Kong’s Government fits the phrase, but on the Sunday show, Johnathan Coleman is ripping into the interviewer why a Sugar Tax won’t work

        • Hailstormers

          JC was spot on. A sugar tax won’t work. Full stop.


          But still Cannabis should be investigated if it could be used to treat obesity as well


            I also support Cannabis being investigated for Cancer and Diabetes treatment as well

      • kiwisnab

        That got me as well.

      • Wheninrome

        Schools teach it, projects are done jointly, not by one person, share the marks, even if one person works harder on the project than the others in the group. Helens watch excelled at this, bring on the UN Secretary job, the UN will continue to go round in circles with no more progress than the past.

  • Richard

    Hey Nige, some of the latest offerings.


  • Sally

    In a move to get family members away from their electronic devices and interacting with each other we have started to play some board and card games on a Saturday evening. The trick is find games that children as young as 6 to more senior members of the family can play together.

    So I am going to share what has been successful.

    First up is Shuffle Card games. These are a retake on the more established board games like monopoly, cluedo, trivial pursuit alone with some more modern day games for the young set. They are card games without the board. So far had great success with Monopoly Deal which even the 6 year old can play and understand. Can be played with 2 to 5 players and takes about 20 min. Have also played cluedo and trivial pursuit (16 plus age group). The monopoly game the grandchildren can play along with the adults and even win. One of the first lessons they learnt is adults are allowed to win, no tantrums allowed!

    The games come in a compact container, small and light to tuck away in the handbag or luggage. There is also an app that can be downloaded but have not introduced that as it defeats the purpose of getting off devices.

    Next up is Articulate a board game similar to charade but based on word description. Played in teams,very competitive, more suitable for 12 plus although my 8yr old granddaughter who is into reading and language loves it.

    Lastly is Ticket to Ride – a board game of building train journeys. There are several different sets based on different parts of the world. Last night played one based in Europe. All the family could play this game.

    So now the grandchildren no longer arrive demanding the ipad but pull out the monopoly cards and are looking for other family members to play. Hopefully the mission is accomplished.

    • Nige.

      We play Simon and connect four and trivial pursuit on the Chromecast

      • Old Chook

        Love Connect Four – suits my attention span!

    • SlightlyStrange

      We have ticket to ride. Cant wait for the little to be big enough to join in :)

    • Wasapilot

      SWMBO plays Scrabble once a week with a couple of the other neighbourhood SWMBO’ds. Gets home around 11pm, and there is ample evidence on her breath of how much they enjoyed themselves. ?

    • Old Chook

      Our youngest of 5, determined not to be left out, could play 500 before he started school. As his hand was too small, all it required was a card holder made for disabled persons and he was a great player and a sought out partner by the older siblings. Much better than Mum who, after a few G&T’s would bid regardless! Hey 5 kids, blended (read curdled) family sailing on Cav 36 and you would need a G&T to get through the night too!

      • Greg M

        We had a cavalier for a few years, lots of good memories.

    • johcar

      “Phase 10” is a great game for all ages…

  • Hard1

    The Aussies have put the boot into Homeopathy once and for all…

    “After assessing more than 1,800 studies on homeopathy, Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council was only able to find 225 that were rigorous enough to analyze. And a systematic review of these studies revealed “no good quality evidence to support the claim that homeopathy is effective in treating health conditions.”

    “But will the not-so-new news that homeopathy is ineffective keep consumers from wasting their money on the complementary therapy? If the growing homeopathic industry is any indication, the answer is probably no.”


    • Marty

      I have found diluted water to be excellent against thirst. So don’t knock it

      • willtin

        Water diluted by a single malt is known to be therapeutic.

  • Left Right Out

    I was rather surprised and just a little stoked to be named coach of the year today. I love coaching but after 16yrs involved in the sport industry I stopped coaching as I fell out of love with sport and it’s politics.

    After signing my son up someone recognised me asked if I could help out with some coaching, I was reluctant, but I love watching kids achieve new goals so said yes…. Little did I know 8 club records were broken this season in the events I coached…. I had no idea, was just happy the kids were doing well

    • Carl

      What sport do you coach?

      • Left Right Out


    • hookerphil

      Congratulations. Athletics I’m presuming? Always laugh when people say about politics in sport, it’s riddled with it at every level

      • Left Right Out

        And in every sport HP. I have been involved in sport to a high level in Oz and NZ and in different roles…. absolute nightmare.

        The big thing I have always tried to get across is there is only 2 representative teams your Snr Men and Women…. everything else is a development team…… stepping stones so please don’t tell me your kid is in what ever rep side…….

        • Wendy

          I have a senior coach friend who says exactly the same thing.

          But so many parents think that having made the rep side their child is special and talented and they have somehow “made it” and so deserves special treatment. And so the attitude starts.

          One of my boys is in a rep side, and whilst I am very proud of him (he has only been playing a very short while), he is in no doubt that all it means is that the hard work has just started.

    • Hailstormers

      Awesome. Congrats to you. I coached soccer for a few years and now my younger brother is coaching the littlies in rugby. Coaching is so satisfying and rewarding.

      • Left Right Out

        It sure is Hail…… there is nothing better than watching kids get the same kicks in life we did… and watching them achieve something they hadn’t done before.

    • Keanne Lawrence

      Well done. A great elixir as well as some good basic exercise. While the coach imparts the finer points of the game the kids can also teach a few lessons too.

  • Latest: RNZ News @rnz_news

    At least 77 people have been killed and 500 injured in Ecuador’s largest quake since 1979.

  • Wendy

    So let me get this right…

    Andrew Little, ergo the unions, as well as the Labour and Media Parties are up in arms over the Panama Papers because they say that Evil Rich People should be paying some indeterminate amount of tax over and above what they are legally required to pay, whilst they (unions and the Media Party) don’t even pay the tax they are legally required to pay?

    And they wonder why no one is listening.

    That would be a big “yeah right” to that.

  • Misfit

    E- Bikes – at what point does it become a motorbike requiring registration? go peds, scooters, miniature choppers all need registration to be ridden on the road, why not e-bikes?

    • johnandali

      Some years ago, any motorised cycle was exempted from registration if the motor was under something like 32-cc. I don’t know if the rule still stands. If it does, it might exempt electrically-powered bikes. And I hope it does, as I am seriously considering buying one.

      • Platinum Fox

        As a sometime pedestrian user of a shared footpath/cycleway I’d be interested to know what types of motorized bicycles (if any) are permitted on such a surface.
        I’m reasonably sure that a powered bicycle is illegal on an ordinary footpath, as should be a Segway and such similar devices.

    • Mark

      E-bikes and still at $4000 no indicators…

    • Old Kiwi

      I believe the the limit in NZ is 300 watt power. Over that it needs a WOF. That’s the reason most of them here are no more than that.

  • johnandali

    So here we have a Japanese imported car, and it’s checked to make sure that it’s not harbouring any nasties. It gets delivered to a dealer on the North Shore, and there’s a live snake under the bonnet. About 35 years ago, when I was based in an overseas city, I had the responsibility of personally checking all motor vehicles being shipped to NZ. And boy, did I inspect them. They had to be steam-cleaned and spotless, and the insides were checked for any traces of vegetable, insect or animal matter. So it now looks as if an inspector in NZ has checked this import, and has missed seeing the snake. Is that what our inspection system has come to? Who trains the inspectors? Next they’ll be letting Australian white-tail ants into the country.