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  • George

    The old adage is “We all have our price, the only question is, at what point do we submit?” Whilst this has become somewhat of a clicheand we would like to assume we can’t be bought, it appears Labour thinks we can. There is a level of morality associated with personal negotiation, and I’m sure, for most of us, there would be a line in the sand. The margin would vary from person to person and much would depend on the consequences of your decision. That is why middle NZ don’t support Labour, they understand the difference between maginal, risky and recklessness and apparently Labour doesn’t.

    Society today is much more sophisticated, better educated and more attuned to fiscal reality. Labour’s reliance on policies that where influential decades ago is no longer relevant in today’s world. We understand that money has to be earned before it is spent. We understand that every policy has a price and has to be funded by additional tax or at the expense of other commitments. Election “brides” will only expose the desperation of the party putting them forward. JK and National are aware of this and have avoided taking this route, and it must be said, have been well supported as a result.

    On the other hand Labour, with its $200 Universal Basic Income suggestion, its promise to bring in three years of free post-school education over a person’s lifetime and its policies to eliminate “poverty” are fiscally reckless. It is an insult to believe that we are so gullible as to buy into such nonsense. When Labour starts treating NZer’s with some respect they may gather a little traction. Their problem is they have fools formulating their fiscal policies and an even bigger fool promoting them. We can’t be bought by amateurs.Labour’s support base will continue to be the gullible greedy and envious; its their natural home.

    • Cadwallader

      Yes; the politics of envy is a vivid phenomenon. Only a few years back politicians of the likes of Jim Anderton carried a career on it. I agree that NZ’ers are now generally less susceptible to irresponsible financial bribes but there remains a core of those who believe handouts are their right. The UBI is the most recent and possibly the least sustainable of a series of bribes largely from Labour but NZ First (Gold Card) and National (interest-free advances to students not having been abolished) are not above making them. I would’ve expected the current government to have doused all undeserved privileges by its third term.

    • oldmanNZ

      didnt think we would be becoming like a muslim state and get Election “brides”.
      what if we already married?

      But yes, Labour supporters are the low income, benefits and basically, people who want “free”, money. By enticing them with the carrot, they hope to find the missing millions.

      Its just about winning, no matter what the cost. the Tax payer and greedy corporates will pay.

  • Wheninrome

    I read that the Borders in Europe are slowing the data sharing on terrorists, that Europe is making the mistakes that USA made prior to 9/11.
    When will the world learn terrorists don’t care about personal privacy, they will use the stupidity of governments trying to protect their citizens “so called” privacy to their advantage.
    There are no boundaries in place to stop terrorists.
    Joe Public get real allow your “personal data” to be trawled through by the security services in your country, allow that data to be shared throughout the “safe” world. If you are not happy for your little email/tweat saying “love you” to your partner to be looked at then take your chance on the world stage.
    Everyone is happy to share the most boring of selfies and other information regarding their daily life on Facebook, twitter etc., so why get all precious if security services just dig a little deeper on a very small number of people to try and protect the majority of us.
    I have no issues with the minutiae of my life being looked at, it is probably as boring as everyone else’s life and only of personal interest to myself and acquaintances, it will wash through with all the other things that the security services may or may not look at, but I would feel the world was a little safer for the scrutiny.

  • hookerphil

    Gosh, I suppose that as many will think I am just a rabid Crusaders supporter that if I was to comment on the performance of the South African referee in todays game.
    It is interesting that the South African commentators have also been questioning some of his decisions that to me have brought back many memories of days gone past when our All Black teams trekked around the veldt.
    My 15 years of refereeing at a reasonable level does give me some basis of analysis at an unbiased basis but his insistence of finding fault against the voice of both the 4th referee and the commentators is appalling.
    For the record Crusaders are leading 43-34 after 71 minutes.

  • rantykiwi

    Labour really are stuffed when even Steve Braunias goes full satire on them. I’m guessing they’re not bright enough to realise though.


  • Macca

    Interesting to watch the antics of the MSM worldwide ramping up the anti Trump rhetoric as he builds momentum. Were it not for Leighton Smith yesterday morning playing the main parts of the interview by the hard left US reporter, I like most others would not have been aware that his ‘women should be punished’ line was only made after continued baiting and badgering from the reporter and was then completely taken out of context. Of course TV1 news was only too happy to run with the lie – in between all four political reporters giving National a good blagging.

    Had I not been so hard out at the rock face, I would have loved to have given Leighton a ring when he was berating the media to point out that he was guilty himself of ridiculing Trump the day before when the story broke.

    Make no mistake, as I’ve said right from the start, Trump won’t be a ‘silver bullet’ but he’s got to be a better bet than the Clinton alternative. Apparently many of those voting for him are Republicans who don’t normally vote. As for these idiotic statements that he will start a nuclear war – give me strength! These are statements from the same class of Muppet who believed Clark when she said John Key would embarrass NZ on the world stage and he could never be PM as he had no previous political experience. Give me a worldly Trump any day over someone with a lifetime at the trough who can’t even figure out which email server to use!

    • JEL51

      Leighton did well with that piece but he has been all over the place in the last few weeks.(I had suggested to him last week, that the Ferald virus was in danger of infecting zb’s frontrunners)
      The msm over there are doing what they did here during our last election , just replace KDC for Hilary.
      There was an interview with Ben Carson about his reasons for backing Trump a few weeks ago which was worth the time to listen.

  • Nige.

    Eek. My public liability insurance is up for renewal.

    Are there any Whaleoil insurance brokers out there who want my business?

    • Curly1952

      Nige, the company I work for have very good brokers. I can hook you up with one of them if you like

      • Greg M

        Ditto here, send me the details via Nige too please.

        • Curly1952

          Noted Greg. Have set wheels in motion

        • Curly1952

          Greg – Give Simon a call or send an email.
          I have spoken to his boss and he said he was the ideal man
          Tell him Graeme from Bayleys referred you to him and I will follow up on Monday
          DDI: 07 929 7951
          ext: 1401
          M: 021 277 0455
          E: [email protected]

      • Nige.

        Go on. Hit me with a link or a phone number. Very appreciated.

        • Curly1952

          Nige – Give Simon a call or send an email.
          I have spoken to his boss and he said he was the ideal man
          Tell him Graeme from Bayleys referred you to him and I will follow up on Monday
          DDI: 07 929 7951
          ext: 1401
          M: 021 277 0455
          E: [email protected]

          • Nige.

            Thanks that’s awesome. Will email these details to Greg too and delete from public view.

  • Graham Pilgrim

    What a great “reveal” by David Fisher on the front page of The Horrid this morning. “Key texted All Blacks over flag.”

    I thought we already knew that months ago.

    Is this really the dirtiest muck that Fisher can rake up on Mr Key, and at the same time, attempt to besmirch the names of McCaw and Carter, two of the greatest New Zealand Rugby icons of all time?

    Way to go, Herald! Little wonder that I, and thousands like me, won’t renew my subscription, and refuse the numerous desperate offers I receive almost weekly.

    (Note: I read the front page while in Countdown!)

    • JEL51

      (safest way too, you can read from the stand & no risk of contamination by having to pick it up)

  • Usaywot

    I’ve just heard an interview on National Radio with photographer, Fiona Partington. I have to say I was shocked by her malicious comment regarding John Key’s daughter studying art in Paris. She said “it just goes to show what JK thinks of art in NZ by sending his daughter to Paris to study art with a whole lot of American rich kids.” How nasty, petty and snide can you get? At least the interviewer interjected and asked ” wasn’t JK just letting his daughter do what she wanted?” If I was Stephie key I wouldn’t want to stay in NZ either with all the totally uncalled for criticism she would have to face. I certainly will not be bothering with a visit to look at Partington’s so called art.

    • Wheninrome

      Is this the Fiona Partington who was the recipient of an opportunity to study in Menton?

    • Effluent

      She’s another exhibitionist, narcissist harpie, relying on the power of offensive imagery ( including her own defaced bod, which is covered in the usual mass of fading tatts, to achieve the degree of notoriety which passes for fame in her world. Of course, she’s anti just about everything, like most of her ilk.
      At least Kim Hill, for all her many faults, does interview some interesting people, not all of whom are rent-a-crowd lefties. The only problem is that she then interrupts and talks over them, which is very irritating.
      edit – spelling