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  • George

    We are witnessing the leader of the opposition becoming increasingly irrational through his own insecurity and desperation to destabilise the National Government. His comments that the death threats directed at Paula Bennett were the consequence of marginalising NZers, and therefore explained the mood for such behaviour. This is unacceptable.

    Labour’s deliberate policy to marginalise Asians has fueled the underbelly of the missing million. At least eight Asian students, in four separate incidents were attacked, robbed and assaulted in Auckland this week. However by applying the same rational directed at Paula Bennet’s death threats, Andrew Little can only see this as a consequence of all those pesky Asians bying our homes therefore, again, explains the mood for such behaviour.

    The truth is Andrew, you are fueling the fire of NZ’s low life and are responsible for the increasing insecurities of all NZers. For that you have to take liability. Back off before it is too late.

    • sarahmw

      Well said George. It is becoming a concern this fuelling of anti Asian feeling or for that matter anything National /John Key amongst the left. What they do not understand or are not worried about are the consequences of their actions. As you say :” back off before it is too late”. Sadly those that are deep in this attitude are so busy grandstanding and shouting ‘look at me’ they no longer see the danger that could possibly erupt. Stupid people not fit to govern ever!

      • Huia

        Its the anti John Key, anti free speech, anti Jewish, anti Asian and pro Muslim that worries me.
        Dislike the way this is going and detest where the left politics are headed.
        All rational seems to be out the window in their no holds barred, dirty campaign, stop at nothing statements, just to get their hands on the reins.
        Despicable lot.

        • Wayne Hodge

          Huia you nail it. Despicable is what they are. Angry Andy should more appropriately be Despicable Andy. Angry can imply some degree of justification or rationality, although in this case we recognise it as lacking.

    • Aucky

      We’ve seen actions like this from wannabe dictators in the past and make no mistake Andrew Little and his backers want power. He’s failed twice at the ballot box on his own home turf and as a conclusion we can agree that he is totally unelectable. If Labour loses again in 2017 they have no future so it’s now desperation time – they will stoop at nothing to destabilise the National government even if it means destabilising the fabric of our country.

      • Sagacious Blonde

        Even Paul Little is reduced to delivering Andy a good kicking over his free tertiary education policy at the end of his opinion piece in a newspaper today.
        Knives are being honed.

    • Cadwallader

      Agree with you completely. Little Angry doesn’t simply explain away the feral behaviour of the makers of the death threats, he projects an understanding towards those who made them. Doesn’t this make him the parliamentary representative of these ferals? Are they his true constituency both in morality terms and numbers? Is his self-esteem so lacking that he feels comfortable in offering degrees of understanding to these ferals? The antagonism expressed by Labour towards the Asians who are said to be dominating our housing market is counter to the inclusive society which we are told is emblematic of NZ. Labour aren’t simply down on their luck, they are fading into obsolescence…largely of their own making.

      • Nige.

        “Doesn’t this make him the parliamentary representative of these ferals? ”

        I like that. I hope it sticks.

        • Cadwallader

          Having a Shadow Minister For Ferals is as odious as having a Shadow Minister For Climate Change. It would be fun to think up the most ridiculous title for a non-performing MP. (Remember “Silly Walks?”)

          • ex-JAFA

            Jonathan Hunt was named “Minister of Wine & Cheese”.

        • XCIA

          Mr Angry is far too important to have just one branch in his title, ultimately, he should have the the Ministry of Criminals, Ferals and Mongrels.

    • Diehard

      The desperation is showing now with the universal basic income discussion. Total lunacy but I fear there are almost enough stupid people in the country for it to work. Making beneficiaries out of middle income NZ has worked for Labour previously in two elections so they have no choice but to try the same tactic again, it’s all they have left.

    • oldmanNZ

      people are robbing Asians, as Labour has painted them as a “rich” group, that put up property prices, work hard therefore make other people work hard otherwise take their jobs ect.
      We are not all that rich. in fact how many Asians are on the NZ rich list?

  • pisces8284 .

    Stuff must have been reading WO. I have noticed several posts deleted by the moderators lately

    • Ruahine

      Very Likely. ‘They’ all read WO.

  • Carl

    Check them today people, a battery could save your family’s life. (pic)

    • johnandali

      If you’re talking about batteries, I just bought two packets each containing four rechargeable D cell batteries from Dick Smiths in Taupo for…….$20. $10 for each packet of 4. The bargain of the century.

      • Skydog

        We went with the long life alarms that has a battery that lasts 10 years or so. Big initial cost but I hate the cheaper alarms that contain batteries that must be programmed to go flat at 2am when everyone is asleep.

        • johnandali

          I use mine in my portable radio and my heavy duty portable lamp. Rechargeables are ideal, as they only take 24 hours to charge, and I have a spare set on-hand. I’ve been using the other batteries for 37 years, so the new ones will outlast me by about 20 years. When you see what a couple of non-rechargeable D cells cost at the supermarket (close to $10), and would need replacing after 6 months (in the radio), it’s easy to see where the savings are.

  • Uncle Bully

    I don’t watch much TV, but did see a couple of interesting documentaries on Al Jazeera over the last couple of days.

    Digital Dissidents

    Although probably not the preferred medium or subject matter of most Whale Oilers, I thought they provided a useful insight into the other side of the arguments.

  • Iva b ginn

    I was listening to the radio the other day and they were talking about the candidates for the UN secretary-Generals position, they all seem to be Socialists or from Socialist Countries. Say’s it all really about the UN.

  • Curly1952

    Was looking around the App Store yesterday for a good news site. I had a look at one called New Zealand News. It has links to all NZ rags, major overseas rags, info sites etc and stuck right in the middle of them all was Whale Oil Beef Hooked.
    At least someone with a media bent who recognises WOBH as a genuine and worthy news site

  • Wheninrome

    The other side of the Sugar Debate, think of all those lost lower level jobs in the sugar industry in the Pacific Island nations. Will this mean that the extra tax obtained form the sugar tax will be provided as extra support for our Pacific Islands friends.

    • Nige.

      It fits into the socialist plan too.

      • Wheninrome

        I presume it was an their agenda at the recent Future of Works conference.

  • Diehard

    How about those Chiefs. Looking good for another title? Go Boys.

    • Isherman

      Damn straight. I did try and tell Wasapilot the Chiefs were going to do the Brumbies. If they can put that many on against the Brumbies at home, then I suspect the Blues are in for it this Friday, lol.
      That said, I actually only gave the Chiefs the 1-12 margin, but it’s a mistake I’m quite happy with!

      • Wasapilot

        Yep, I should have gaken your sage advice Ish. Not a good week for me at all.

        • Isherman

          Heh, I bummed out on the Kings- Sunwolves result. I thought I’d be cheeky and go for the draw, which was nearly on. Nevermind.

      • hookerphil

        I did see that but I wanted the Brumbies to win. Why you may well ask. With the new conference system, although I admit I have not studied the semi finals exactly, there is not going to be room for too many NZ teams as in the past. There are already the 4 teams who win each section and I presume 2 more. The way the NZ keeping beating each other it is going to be difficult to get sufficient points to make the top 6. Remember last year the Crusaders finished 6th but didn’t make the semi finals.
        So, as a Crusaders supporter, I just want them to win. The Hurricanes, Highlanders, Crusaders and Chiefs look like they will be fighting for at the most 2 spots. Devil take the hindmost but the Ciefs looked really good.
        At the least the Blues have put their hand up and volunteered to step aside.

    • johnandali

      After watching the bumbling, fumbling, stumbling, crumbling Blues, the Chiefs were inspirational. Yes. I know. The Blues won. But they were awful. The Chiefs were awesome.

  • Wayne Hodge

    I was intrigued yesterday in that on the opinion page in the DomPost was a little item, in that Up/Down column they run on Saturdays, which gave an Up to Turei for her hooning around and tweeting the other day. An Up? That was the second favorable reference in the DomPost to that stupid woman’s behaviour within a few days. No doubt Greens are allowed to be buffoonish and stupid because they are Left and supported by the MSM. Yet just imagine if it had been a leading member of National or John Key’s son or daughter. Double standards. Truly the MSM are a biased bunch.

  • Sally

    As I finalise my budget European trip I have realised I am not very smart, I should be thinking like a trougher (whoops researcher) and get you hard working taxpayers to pay for it instead of depleting my savings. I could be staying in 5 star hotels, travelling 1st class on trains and planes and eating in mitchelin star restaurants.

    See, my itinerary starting in Budapest, is following the footsteps of the illegal migrants who swamped Europe last year. This is not planned just the way it happened.

    But I could turn into research project, maybe along the lines “How refugees are making Europe better (whoops worse)”. If I sold the idea to activist groups such as Doing our Bit, Action Station, Greens and Labour, and even aim higher the UN I could get some funding.

    I would seek out these ‘refugees’ in soft target areas (train stations, airports, museums and churches) and hear their hardship stories.

    I could even send out 140 word tweets keeping the SJW entertained along the way. Twitter account “making (my) life better”.

    When I get back home I will be so stressed and depressed I will be unable to write and speak about my experience but hey thanks for the money.

    • johcar

      Budapest is huge and amazing – make sure you have a wander around on Margaret Island in the river. Its a amazing public area and very relaxing.

      If you can get to Eger, that’s worth a trip too

      • ex-JAFA

        A chap tried to mug me on Margaret Island. He leapt out at me from the bushes, brandishing a knife. I could see there were police about 100m behind him, so yelled as loudly as I could, “Go away!” (or more colourful words to that effect). That startled him, he turned to see the police (who hadn’t actually heard me) and bolted back into the bushes.

        • johcar

          I guess you could get that in any big city (possibly more so now in Europe with all the fakeugees).

          • ex-JAFA

            Yes, but that was the first (and, so far, only) time anything like that had happened to me. I was so rattled, I had to make my way back to my hotel and drink about 10 steins of Lowenbrau before heading out to dinner with my Contiki travelling companions.

          • johcar

            Ahh! Good memories: Steins of Lowenbrau…

    • LabTested

      Budapest an amazing city. It was both the Eastern edge of the Roman empire and the Western edge of the Mongols. Where to after that?

      • Sally

        Austria and Germany.

        • LabTested

          The train from Budapest through Bratislava to Vienna used to be a good trip – no idea how it is now with the current migrant situation. Bratislava you need no more than 2 hours to see the whole city 3 times. Bratislava to Vienna is one hour

          Vienna. Spanish riding school is a must. Also go and see an opera even if you are not into that sort of thing – it is just amazing theater. We got cheap tickets standing at the back

          • johcar

            In my experience, Bratislava is a bit of a dump. The castle on the hill is worth seeing (although a tad disappointing when I was there – it appeared run down) and the pedestrian precinct is worth a wander, with the semi-buries bronzes set into the pavement…

            I didn’t stop in Vienna last time, but can recommend Melk – the “monastery” (more like a castle and cathedral rolled into one) is something else!!!

            And of course, Salzburg!

            And Berchtesgaden and the salt mine tour there!!! Oh, and Eagles Nest too

          • LabTested

            A few years ago Auckland came out with new branding – ‘Big Little City’ of course this was just a complete rip off of Bratislava’s logo ‘Little Big City’

            .and yes both are a bit of a dump

        • johcar


          It’s underground, but no worse than Waitomo (and a lot drier!)

    • Wheninrome

      You could always join their march, they get handouts along the way, some even get boat trips, and when you get to your final destination complaints about food, internet reception mobile phones etc. are acted on with the professionalism you would expect from a top hotel.

    • Cadwallader

      Sally, if you were to become a trougher you wouldn’t know how to live with yourself. Enjoy your travel adventures as an honest person.

    • XCIA

      Just make sure all your shots are up to date and you have the full compliment. Carry the best hand pocket sanitizer you can find.

  • Disinfectant

    Air France stewardesses mutiny on order to wear head scarves.
    I wonder what has changed for a company to make such a change to their employees uniform.

    • oldmanNZ

      they couldnt make them remove the head scarf so assuming, easier to make everyone wear one to have a uniform uniform

      • Huia

        You know there is a uniform when you apply for the job.
        If you have no intention of conforming and wearing the company uniform then its easy.
        No job.
        You have been chosen and paid to represent the company so do it.
        Its not up to some minor staff member to demand an addition to the uniform.
        Bowing down to minority demands is not an option. They conform or they are out.
        Simple really.

        • oldmanNZ

          yes, that is true, but we did have a case a muslim was hired…then told them she could not handle or serve the alcohol..?

          then if you dont hire them, they take you to ERA and claim racism

    • LabTested

      This article says it applies only to Air France staff once they land in Tehran. However its good to see the French girls are not going to tolerate it….

      Women who wear veils or Islamic headscarves, she said, were like “negroes who supported slavery”.

      it is out of the question that they be obliged to wear headscarves. It
      is not professional and they see it as an insult to their dignity.”

      You go girl!!


  • idbkiwi

    Good grief people; it’s happening. The Thought Police are here…

    “Greater Glasgow Police Twitter Account Warns Of A ‘Visit From Us’ If You Post An
    Offensive Comment”

    Glascow, once one of the UK’s foremost centres of learning and libraries but now “the least peaceful major urban centre” in the nation has a police force with very skewed priorities:

    “Policing offensive comments on Twitter has now become a higher priority than policing actual crime.”