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  • hookerphil

    Week 6 – Whale Rugby Pickers

    A new leader with Isherman out in front on 248 from Sally who jumped up to second equal 244 (with mooloozamaze) with the weeks top score of 42. Last weeks leader stuckonarock had a bit of a disaster with a 23 but remains as one of 5 players in the 240’s, Hurricane Jude being 5th with 240.
    Jaguares and the Hurricanes could be the interesting game next week.

    • Jude

      I have tickets for that game!

  • Uncle Bully

    I came across this article about cycling and cyclists. Whilst it it a few years old, it probably reflects the sentiments of some readers (and bloggers).

    One (of many) provocative excerpt:

    “….it may be that down the line cycling will become an ‘acceptable’ pursuit for normal people. We have seen this happen before with homosexuals, single mothers and some foreigners; one moment we are enjoined not to victimise them, the next they are clamouring for equality. Somewhere, surely, we have to draw the line.”


    • kayaker

      Cycling was the norm when I was growing up in the ’60s and ’70s. When did it change?

      • Uncle Bully

        Did it co-incide with the end of the oil shocks of the 70’s and the advent of cheap imported cars in the 80s? Then families could afford a second car, and mums started taking little Johnnie and Jackie to school instead of having them walk, bus or cycle.

      • Poppa

        Compulsory helmets

    • Whafe

      Hilarious article, and I am one of those cyclists…
      Dam nice with the daylight saving change to have some morning light to say the least.
      Cyclists need to sort their act as do cars on the road…
      Agree with kayaker, cycling was more the norm in the ’70s and 80’s…… ;)

  • duve

    Anyone else noticed the Whaleoil website having a few issues in recent days, or is it just a problem with my computer? Pages loading slowly, etc. I don’t seem to be having problems with any other site.

    • Wheninrome

      sometimes loads the comment before I have finished, so I then edit.

    • Korau

      My load times for the page is reasonable, but disqus is problematic. Load times can vary, and I know that Pete has tweaked the system in the past which has affected things. Perhaps there has been some recent tweaking.

      I have found that running an adblocker seems to kill Disqus completely (I have it switched off for whaleoil pages).Even so Disqus is the really slow part of the pages.

      I also run an anti tracking addon (Ghostery) and have a very restrictive cookie regime. I don’t think these have an effect.

      My browser is Firefox. Your choice of browser may have an effect (PS M$ recently stopped supporting most “old” versions of IE).

      • Firefox without an ad blocker and identity blocker works fine.

        Turns those on and you’ll find the page never completes loading.

    • Turn off the ad blocker. Soon as you do that, everything works like it used to.

  • Joe Banana

    Yes i also find that I open a blog this morning and the rest disappear or the incite ad covers them

  • Davo42

    I see that Steve Williams has got himself in a spot of bother in the US by suggesting in his book that Tiger Woods treated him like a slave, he went on to try and dig himself out with this quote:

    “But then, you expect them to pick up on one word and distort the rest of it. The ‘slave’ word should not have appeared, should have been picked up by myself or whoever in the proof-reading stage, but the thing is, where I’m from, ‘slave’ does not have the same connotations as it does in the States, because we never had slavery.

    “Look, I was just trying to show what it was like all these years working for Tiger.

    Fair enough to attempt some damage control, but Steve please learn the history of NZ, slavery was rampant between Maori tribes pre Treaty of Waitangi.

    “Māori society had three main groupings, loosely described as classes: rangatira (chiefs), tūtūā or ware (commoners) and taurekareka (slaves). Tohunga (priestly experts) were also sometimes included as a separate grouping.”

    Also Steve I’m not aware of too many “slaves” who earn $12 million from their “Master”.

    • phronesis

      Maori slavery is quite a different thing to the slavery of the American south. Christian slaves in principle had certain rights such as some level of food and lodging and a basic right not to be killed without reason.

      The use of the word slave to describe what Maori did to what were effectively prisoners of war is an attempt to gloss over the fact that they were treated as livestock. A source of work and food.

    • Woody

      Oh dear, he has offended the permanently offended by using a word which embarrasses them. Their problem, not his and he should not defend his use of the word.

  • kayaker

    Today was going to be a real scorcher in Wellington, according to Stuff.

    • KatB

      Wow that has got to be a record surely? Stay inside with the air con on. The burn factor could be really high too I guess.

  • Brian Dingwall

    Early progress score Lydia has hit the lead by one, lots of golf left, she has 13 holes to play

    • Brian Dingwall

      just drilled a putt on 8 from the about a neighbouring planet or roughly 100 feet to hit 11 under, still in front by 1, as field is still tightly bunched behind her

      • Brian Dingwall

        another bird to Jutanugarn, 2 tied for lead now, Lydia thru 10, Jutanugarn thru 9

        • Brian Dingwall

          Make that 3 tied, bird to In Gee Chun on 10. Game on, looking forward to second nine…

          • Brian Dingwall

            Jutanugarn holing everything, goes to lead at -12, Lydia in some trouble on 11….

          • Brian Dingwall

            4 birdies on last five holes for Jutanugarn, now two in front, but Lydia in close on 12 after a long par saver on 11

          • Brian Dingwall

            Missed it

          • Brian Dingwall

            Wild second at 13 for Lydia, well left of green in deep rough with a very difficult scramble in front of her…too early to call the result with 18 being a very reachable par 5, but not looking good for Lydia right now.

          • Brian Dingwall

            Charlie Hull in at -11 after a birdie on 18, Lydia has laid up, she’s -11, and Jutanugarn has just dropped two shots to be on the 18th tee at -11. Compelling viewing….still game on for all of them, and Chun not out of it either…

          • Brian Dingwall

            Ko’s wedge from 88 yards is stone cold….she’ll finish on 12 under, Jutanugarn needs a birdie to tie, eagle to win, she has the length to be on for two…

  • phronesis


    Badly beaten Asian students being told off for “racially profiling” their attackers!

    • Graham Pilgrim

      The attacked have been “racially profiled”. I see no problem in racially profiling the attackers.

      This is yet another instance of tip toeing around an issue because, by and large, it is a Maori/Pacific Island issue.

      (Edit: Word added.)

    • Huia

      That’s not racial profiling, that it is describing the danger signs and what to beware of.

    • oldmanNZ

      so I post on the AU FB page.
      it is dangerous to be a Asian in Albert park.
      would that be racially profiling?

  • Hard1

    “A post to an Auckland University Facebook page saying “if you see a pack of young Maori/Polynesian males, be prepared to sprint” has sparked criticism for racial profiling.”

    I think it’s quite sensible. Profile the risk, then take action to protect yourself. That is standard military doctrine, which solo Asians in Auckland need to adopt, as attackers are free to roam.
    “Political correctness is not worth brain damage or dying for.”

    Six Asian students have been left bloodied, battered and terrified after assaults in Auckland in the past two weeks.

    • Orca

      I don’t see any racial profiling, the victims have simply attempted to identify the attackers. Perhaps in future, when the police are hunting a wanted criminal they will need to say: “be on the lookout for a person, of person-style appearance and person-ish age. Anyone spotting anyone who looks like a person, do not approach them and please report them to the police without describing them in any way, as that might be seen as profiling”.

    • oldmanNZ

      someone commented..” “It’s just stupid, it’s not helping anyone and it’s not solving any problems.””

      well actually it is, if you see a group of people that dont really go to university. with a gansta attitude, wearing baggy downtrou pants, baseball cap or hoodies.

      best to walk the other way and avoid them.

      I would.

  • XCIA

    With all the talk of stinky colognes lately, pity this poor mutt

  • Brian Dingwall

    Lydia Ko wins her second major. Not pretty, her nearest challenger choked a little under pressure. Lydia made a huge yardage of par saving putts to hang in there…then found a way to win….she’s an incredible young woman…