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  • George

    I’ve never heard Rachel Smalley so chipper as she was this morning. With the pending announcement, due this morning, that Helen Clarke will be seeking the appointment as Secretary-General of the United Nations, has Rachel in raptures. A Socialist feminist woman fits perfectly within her preferred profile. But what amused me was her comment that with a woman in charge of the UN, the world would be a better place. Really! How? Does she honestly believe that ISSI and for that matter, any dodgy regime, will take one bit of notice of the UN let alone the Secretaty-General.

    What is it with some feminists? To suggest that one’s gender is a motivating factor towards the direction the world of politics and conflicts will evolve, is a step too far. Each and every success is an individual achievement by competent, and talented people. Yes, even men!

    • Crowgirl

      There’s tonnes of women this time and they say it’s time for an Eastern European SG. I don’t reckon she’ll get it, but good on her for giving it a crack.

      • Doc45

        I agree. There is an Irina Bokova from Bulgaria who would appear to have better credentials and backing.

    • EpochNZ

      Whenever someone pulls out the good old “If women ran the world there would be no wars” schtick, my usual reply is “Margaret Thatcher, Falklands, 1982”.

      edit: spelling

      • OneTrack

        There is a more modern example – Merkel.

        • Huia

          Then there would be a lot of countries not speaking to each other !

      • Tom

        Golda Meyer !

      • Sponsz

        Indira Gandhi

    • johnandali

      I think you are quite wrong. For instance, the UN Human Rights Council is led by a Saudi Arabian. And everybody knows that women in Saudi Arabia have equal human rights to men there, and they could teach us all a lesson about gender equality. I’m pleased that the Saudi influence in the UN produces such leadership in this world, when so many other countries treat women as mere slaves. I’m also proud of the Saudis for encouraging Christians to build churches there, and to give Bible lessons to any Muslims who are thinking of changing their religion. Yes. The human rights capital of the world – Saudi Arabia.

  • Macca

    Absolutely no surprises that the MSM are in raptures that after a lifetime at the trough, Helen Clarke is having a crack at the head job. The same media that continually berated John Key for the 26 million flag spend yet conveniently forgot about the billions that Clarke’s socialist policies have cost this country. Policies we can never recover from as their cessation would be the end of any party who tried.

    Just the fact that that the likes of Rudd with his track record in Australia is having a go too says it all really. Somehow I don’t think their will be much change in the climate change, child poverty and living wage screachings from the UN anytime soon.

    • OneTrack

      Is it true that NZ Inc. is going to be funding Saint Helen’s bid for the big trough? And, if so, why?

      • $700,000 apparently, may not be specifically for our bloke though.

        • hsvmaloo

          How many children in poverty could that feed. Waiting….silence

    • Cadwallader

      I am in favour of Helen Clark’s bid for no other reason that, if successful, it ought keep her too busy to return to NZ for another five years. I still find the existence of the UN as an annoying talk-fest with little or no identifiable purpose.

      • johnandali

        I live in the hope that Western countries will withdraw from the UN en masse one day soon, and that they will form a new organisation that not only promotes peace, but also opposes corruption. This is where the UN has gone wrong. And the only way to change things is to start anew. And I hope that Auntie Helen will be the Secretary General at the time. It might teach her and other do-gooders, that corruption rules the UN, and it succeeds because people like Helen know it’s rampant in the UN, but they have never done anything to stop it. And you reap what you sow.

  • XCIA

    I can not help but wonder if Merkel’s largess in the refugee drama is connected to her quest for the UN Secretary Generals job.

    • Isherman

      A couple of years back she openly declared that multiculturism had ‘utterly failed’ in Germany and then proceeded to throw the doors open to the so-called refugees, thus displaying the ability to speak quite clearly from both sides of her mouth, and on that basis it could be argued she might be eminently suitable.
      Don’t you just love the new buzzword for those being deported…they are now ‘irregular migrants’.

    • Tom

      It worked for Clark with the Boat People!

      • Ruahine

        Also Israeli bashing.

  • Really?

    I see we are getting some specially trained Muslims (experts in Sharia law etc) to come here to teach at our mosques.
    Hmmm, have things just got better …. or got worse?

    • MaryLou

      Interesting all these people aying – including Paul Buchanan that we do not have any radicalised elements in NZ. This is demonstrably untrue, looking at various newspaper articles, but the one that stands out is the Avondale mosque where the Imam was beaten, threatened, and the mosque eventually closed:


      Then there’s the https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/nz-has-nothing-to-fear-over-maori-muslim-s-isis-support-6121321

      Gosh I could keep posting links all day, but they’re easy enough to Google. What is with Mr Buchanan? Ostrich, much?

      • Isherman

        He mentions that Australia has a radicalisation problem that doesn’t exist here in NZ, and my argument would be that at a point in the fairly recent past, Australia didn’t have a problem either. Just because it might not be at the same level yet, does not mean it couldn’t be eventually. As for Al-Azhar University itself, perhaps they should be mindful that the very same university has produced plenty of Imams and Islamic scholars with rather firebrand views, not to exclude that it can also produce moderate’s, but assuming that it’s just a beacon of peace and tolerance points to his limited knowledge of this very, very old Islamic institution. I do agree with him however that it would appear this move has ulterior motives, somewhat apart from simply keeping a lid on radicalised Imams.

        • Bluemanning

          Forty six years ago during my short stint at a high school and having to live in a apartment/flat one of 36 units in the middle of 6 blocks of identical units in Lakemba Sydney for about a year the Islam culture and separation were evident even then. We were a culural minority in our part of the street. My Mother and I could hear the benevolence of the religion of peace by the sounds of arguments and female sounds of fear echoing in the night. 46 years is awhile ago granted, but now as a non Islam and European I wouldn’t consider living in or visiting Lakemba for a second.

          • Isherman

            Australia’s Molenbeek is how I’ve heard it described.

          • johnandali

            I was living in NSW at the time of 9/11. We were told that people in Lakemba were celebrating outside the mosque. The problems in Australia are only going to increase, and the Aussies know it.

    • kereru

      A worrying development – more evidence that NZ = soft touch. From the fawning Herald:

      ‘The imams – trained at the ancient Al-Azhar University, regarded as the foremost institution in the Islamic world for the study of Sunni theology and sharia law – will spend up to three years working alongside local mosque leaders promoting moderate Islam and tolerance. Explaining true Islam and promoting its peaceful message was an important first, proactive step in protecting the world from militant Islam and terrorism, he said.’

      Sorry, I for one am not convinced. Al-Azhar might be prestigious, but how do we reconcile this soothing message with the spoutings of another imam from Al-Azhar?

      ‘Mady was a scholar at Egypt’s Al-Azhar University and served with the Egyptian Ministry of Education. He is now an imam in Edmonton and has preached extremely radical Friday sermons in the past to his Muslim congregation in Edmonton, reports CIJ News. He recently praised Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for welcoming Muslim refugees, but also called on Allah to destroy enemies of the faith.

      A female professor at Al-Azhar gives her take on the sex slavery of infidel women. I quote:

      ‘Straining at gnats while swallowing camels is increasingly how Islam’s apologists rationalize away the violence and hate Sharia engenders for the “infidel,” the non-Muslim. Consider the significance of yet another video of yet another learned Muslim justifying the enslavement and rape of non-Muslim women. Suad Saleh, a female professor of doctrine at Al Azhar University, correctly defines the Arabic phrase melk al-yamin — “right hand possession” (see Koran 4:3):


      • kereru

        From the Herald:
        ‘Muslims, now about 1 per cent of the population, are New Zealand’s fastest-growing religious group’.

        That being the case, there’s no need to import any more of them.The Herald would like us to believe that Islam is the fastest growing religion, of course, because that is the mantra of apologists for Islam. It is regrettably the case in our prisons and the Muslim birthrate – but is not the case among the general population. Cap the benefit at 2 or 3 children if we want to keep the 1% as it is, and allow Christian refugees only from the hotspots of the Middle East. For heaven’s sake, can’t we learn from the mistakes of Europe?

        • johnandali

          John Key can’t afford to get off-side with the UN, so he’s agreed to accept refugees from the Middle East. He’s not allowed to stipulate that he will only accept Christians and minority religions, and he also knows that the Christians and minorities are excluded from the UN refugee camps – not by the UN, but by the Muslim refugees. So all we are going to get are Muslims. But John doesn’t want to say anything that might put him off-side with the huge Muslim voting bloc in the UN, as Helen might not gain their support. And McCully is doing his thing as well in the Security Council. He’s openly supporting the Palestinians and condemning the Israelis, even though he must know full-well that the terrorist activities are being promoted by the PA and Hamas, and Israel is simply acting in self- defence. So that’s what it’s all about folks. Appeasement to gain support and votes in the UN. Amazing how so many politicians are so easily led down the garden path.

          • Huia

            Sounds as if the Muslims have the rest of the word by the short and curlies. Everyone is bowing down to their extremist demands which is creating chaos through out the world.
            Its not good enough when the leaders elected to protect the best interests of us and our country, sell us down the stream to appease a violent, murderous, rascist, amoral cult who wants to wipe from the face of the earth anyone who opposes them.
            It concerned me to see John Key getting pally with Obama who we now know is sympathetic to the ISIS “cause”, puts us in a vulnerable position when you have to appease your friends.

    • Old Kiwi

      Are are they teaching the version where it is OK to tell fibs to infidels or some other version? And remind me again how you know for sure why they are coming here. Oh right – they are telling the truth this time. Silly me.

  • OneTrack

    Based on Breakfast’s interviewee this morning regarding the new Health and Safety laws, friday and xmas drinks might be a thing of the past. Of course, some poor sucker will get caught out. But that’s ok, because then they will test the new law in the courts. So it’s a win-win. Except for the company owner (s), aka the defendants.

  • Crowgirl

    Isn’t it lovely to wake up in a world where the media behaves ethically and doesn’t go all-in spreading conjecture and personal financial records all over the Internet without a shred of proof of wrongdoing?

    Oh whoops, I must’ve dreamt that bit. Looks like situation normal after all.

    Has anyone seen any definitive explanation of how the media came into possession of these Panama files? I know they are saying they were ‘leaked’ but should the name ‘Nicky Hager’ give us cause for concern?

    • Korau

      There is background here http://www.theguardian.com/news/2016/apr/03/what-you-need-to-know-about-the-panama-papers

      They don’t name the leaker, but from the method of leaking it looks like s/he doesn’t want to be unmasked.

      • Crowgirl

        Gee I wonder why. I think this ‘Consortium’ business is a front too to allow dissemination of this material with impunity.

        I’m extremely suspicious of the whole thing because the CBC seems happy to report and speculate on all this this morning – the same CBC that frequently won’t report details on other stories until they’ve been confirmed and confirmed again. Add to that it coupled the story with a party political broadcast on behalf of the Liberals and their policy announced last week in the federal budget of injecting wads of cash into investigating tax avoidance in Canada.

        It may be my tinfoil hat is too tight, but this is rapidly becoming one of the things that makes me go hmmmmm.

      • I’m not surprised, when you reveal the private arrangements of despots, dictators and oligarchs then you really have a short life span.

    • OneTrack

      It sounds more like “our Nicky” was scooped.

    • Usaywot

      He was named by a british “journalist” as a member of the group behind this leakage.

    • Yep, more stolen documents laundered by a complicit media.

    • twittertit

      With the way the NZ media are bleating on about NZ’s involvment in this you’d thing we featured heavily in the diagrams of countries acting as a hiding place or an intermediary…

      Funnily enough, we don’t even feature.

      Seems Niue and Samoa are far more involved. But then again, facts mess up a good story don’t they?

      • roxo

        Exactly – i’ve looked at multiple diagrams and maps and explanations of what goes where and by whom, just to find out how involved we REALLY are – and guess what were are hardly mentioned at all.
        Me thinks that our media just need to keep smearing – and I fully expect Corin to be breathlessly telling us this has John Keys fingerprints all over it!
        And they wonder why we don’t trust our journalists. How about truthfully reporting on what it is all about – not trying to smear our current Govt.

  • oldmanNZ

    Men like breast, some women like to show cleavage, men will look.
    it is obvious and natural.
    It has been since men were men.

    so what the big hoo hah about Paul Henry talking about Hilliary Breast after a small wardrobe malfuntion?

    I applaud him for not being so PC and say what it is

    • Crowgirl

      He’s done it on purpose to give the SJWs a rark-up.

    • KGB

      Hillary can handle Henry with one hand tied behind her back. No one needs to get all offended on her behalf.
      But they will.

  • johcar

    Heard on the radio this morning that the list of “most trusted professionals” has just been updated. As expected Police, Ambos, Fire Service are right up there (where they should be) but sadly (for them), Journalists (professionals?? There’s an oxymoron!) are languishing at the bottom – below even Politicians!!.

    You’d think they try to work out why that was and remedy the situation…

  • Poppa

    I have solved the Post Office’s problem worrying about why their business is failing – they’re not open! I just cleared my PO Box at 8.57 and there’s a small crowd waiting outside the main door. I guess the unions won’t let their members work before 9.00 (just like it was back in the good old days!)

    • jcpry

      It is Tuesday and Thursdays are benefit days with all that implies for banking and bill paying industry. I doubt many were posting letters.

  • MarcWills

    Surely this is just incompetence? A Queenstown Judge, Judge David Ongley, has discharged without conviction a 28 year old visitor who blew 883mcg/L in a breath alcohol test after causing an accident. His reasoning? The driver alleged he was drunk after he

    “had spent the day working with a glue, Ados F2 adhesive, for 10 hours
    before the crash, which was known to have an intoxicating effect.”

    OMG, and Judge Ongley fell for this, even though the driver had also admitted drinking alcohol!!! This Judge is seriously deficient, and should be removed from office immediately. There is NO ALCOHOL in Ados fumes sufficient to even register on the Alchometer. He is totally unsuitable for further duty, and should even be investigated for possible corrupt practice.


  • Crowgirl

    For those interested and keeping score, you can add the Liberal Party of Canada to the list of centre-left parties wanting to commit suicide:

  • Sally

    Wonder if the names Kim Schmitz, Kim Tim Jim Vestor or Kim Dotcom popped up in the Panama Papers?

  • Ruahine

    The New Zealand Government is to support Helen Clark in her bid for the top job at the UN.
    The love affair between John and Helen continues.
    Does she not realise that he is just using her. What a cad he is. She being female and vulnerable and all that. Andy should do something.

  • Gaynor