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  • George

    Wealth is shameful, success can only be achieved through corruption. New Zealand is now the haven for the corrupt, the criminal, and the deceitful. We are an international discrace. The banks are greedy at the expense of “the workers”. The encouragement of wealthy immigrants at the expense of boat loads of refugees is morally shameful. The Christchurch rebuild has collapsed in a heap far more server than the earthquake itself. Our blood has turned to liquid sugar. We are no more than an impoverished homeless society living in the shadows of a few “rich pricks” who are holding our country to ransom, most of whom are John Key’s mates.

    Yet millions of tourists flock to this country to witness this banana republic first hand. The North Korea of the South Pacific has become the new risk adventure playground. The main attraction being the “rich prick” safari. If the adventurers are lucky they may catch a glimpse of this creature. Under the last Labour government it was almost driven to extinction but through careful conservation they are making a comeback. They are dangerous in the wild. They have been known to consume large territorial claims and are in need of a continuous food source of green stuff. They consider NZ their natural haven. But the creme de la creme experience is to catch a glimpse of the premier “Rich Prick”. Many have tried to trap, to eradicate, and destroy this pack leader but thanks to the conservationists amongst middle NZ, we have preserved this specimen and as a consequence the species is making a healthy recovery. This just proves there is a little “green” in all of us!

    • Cadwallader

      Great! As far as the CHCH rebuild is concerned there seem to be many people who are now experts in rebuilding cities after disasters. My understanding from insurers is that the scale of the mess to clean up in the city is unprecedented at least in NZ. So what exactly are these self-ordained experts measuring the rebuild progress against? Is it the demands of the Labour MPs who occasionally strut about feigning concern for an hour or so then pontificate before retreating to Wellington? Is it the local greenies who I’d have thought would welcome the collapse of all of CHCH’s monuments to enterprise and wealth? Beats me!

      • Mike Webber

        I think people need to read the Hugh Pavletich report on the comparison between the Kobe and Christchurch earthquakes. It is on not PC’ blog a few days ago.

      • MarcWills

        No Cadwallader, the problem for home owners is EQC. Explain to a rational intelligent adult how after multiple assessments by EQC appointed “qualified” assessors a home repair can go from less than a $100,000 cost to over $350,000 – and take 5 years to decide this? Even the most elementary qualified handymen could have seen this from day one. But is happening every week, even now after more than 5 years, and it applies to hundreds of cases, with over 4,500 cases still waiting to be decided.

        The only explanation for this is there must be collusion between EQC/Government/Fletchers, but try to get them to admit this is an impossible task. Homes with private insurance should have been handed over to their insurers as early as possible, and if repairs were subsequently estimated to be less than $100,000, EQC billed for the cost or handed the contract for repair.

        All you Aucklanders may sit back and criticise the complainers, but how would you be acting if you were still waiting for a competent assessment after more than 5 years?

        • MaryLou

          Fair call.

    • Mad Mitch 21

      And the wealthy corrupt immigrants don’t like our symbols and donate cash to JK to have them changed.

    • Well to be fair…the banks are greedy!

      • Aucky

        Im not so sure about the greed Wallace. I like thousands of other Kiwis own some shares in an Aussie bank and the annual yield has been around 7-8%. Not much when your capital is at the mercy of the whims of the international banking world. Yes, the banks earn big volumes but the yield is pretty average in terms of the dollars invested.

        • MaryLou

          I often wonder what the actual dollar spend is yearly, on first building, then maintaining and updating the software for the banking system. So complex, so many transactions, so many people trying to hack it – it must be HUGE.

  • Korau

    How as the Panama Papers data accessed from law firm Mossack Fonseca?

    The information was assumed to have come from a hacked email server – and that may still be true – but increasingly the evidence points to the fact that hackers found their way into the law firm’s system through unpatched versions of the common WordPress and Drupal CMSes.

    Mossack Fonseca has two main websites: its front-facing website, which runs on WordPress; and a customer portal for sharing sensitive information with customers, which runs Drupal.

    Both of those sites were running outdated versions of the software and in both cases significant security holes existed that would have allowed hackers access.

    So, the message is very clear…Keep your software up to date. The baddies scan software updates and work out where the holes are, then search for unpatched systems. Yes, I’m also talking to you people who are still running Windows XP machines, and others who have turned off auto updates on their Windows 7 & 8 machines so they don’t get nagged to upgrade.

    • Korau

      In another related story the Chinese Great Firewall has been upgraded in an effort to remove any mention of the Panama Papers leak story from this week within China.

      As has been reported by China Digital Times – a service run by the University of California, Berkeley – the Chinese government has expanded its censorship of news surrounding the offshore banking habits of the world’s elites to include not only relatives of high-ranking Chinese officials, but any mention at all of the Panama Papers.

      The millions of files from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca show that the families of at least eight current and former members of China’s politburo are among those shown to have used offshore accounts to hide or obscure their wealth.


  • Wheninrome

    Mr Fisher has another outstanding piece of investigative blow the lid type jounalism today.
    John Key attended a private fund raising dinner for a small group with the aim of raising money to change the flag.
    what is the issue here everyone knew John Key wanted to change the flag.
    It is being touted as national party fundraising.
    Definitely slow news day when this is news of such earth shattering importance.

    • ChrisM

      Not only private but secret too!

    • KGB

      Most amusing was Little’s statement about it not being a good look.
      Now a really bad look would be secretly meeting drug company executives!

      • Wheninrome

        The heralds investigative journalists would surely be able to find a link to a habit of some kind.

      • Woody

        “Not a good look” seems to be his standard fallback line when he can’t actually find anything tangible to point out as being wrong – which is most of the time. If he wants to see something that’s not a good look, he should open his eyes while shaving.

    • Kiwiracer

      Mr Nippert has done one on the wealth of Richie McCaw, why I don’t know, who is really interested. . . . . .I suppose he is a text buddy of John Key.
      In the piece he talks about Jonah Lomu’s manager Phil Kingsley-Jones, the Scotsman, anybody with half a brain knows Kingsley-Jones is a Welshman, and left in no doubt when you talk to him, even after all these years in NZ he still sounds very Welsh, they really are muppets.

      • Dumrse

        The Fisher has been here reading your comments already as there is now no reference to Kingsley Jones. At least we know who makes up the WO readership. another classic example.

        • Kiwiracer

          They’ve changed it to Welshman. . . . . . .I should send an invoice for proofreading services.

          • kereru

            ….and another for fact-finding services.

    • Aucky

      Nowhere near as sinister as a secret dinner with senior executives of Big Pharma, David Fisher. What went on behind those closed doors? What deals were struck by Andrew Little in exchange for Labour Party funding? That’s where you should focussing your attention but we won’t be holding our collective breath.

    • Sally

      Read the first couple of lines, thought so what, and clicked over to an international news website for real news.
      Key made it known he wanted a change, however he is only one vote in the 2m that voted. Now if he had decided to change the flag without consulting the public and going to the vote, then it would be a concern.
      Let’s move on. Nothing to see here.

    • Huia

      Couldn’t be bothered reading yet another attack.
      I think we are all aware John Key wanted a flag change.
      I believe Labour does too, it was on their program to instigate, this means most Politicians wanted and saw the need for a change.
      The Labour / Green Fools coalition went dirty and turned it into a vote against the Prime Minister (which it wasn’t),instead of seizing the opportunity when it was presented and working together for the betterment of NZ and its people.
      They made it clear we obviously didn’t matter, as the Fools used it for point scoring instead of something positive and are still banging the same old dirty drum.

    • KGB

      I never never understood the ‘outrage’ over Nationals funding or donations. That National chose to support or even smootch the Chinese or Brethrens is good & sucessful, campaign strategy. It’s declared.
      Labour of today consider this beneath them, though they have a long history of the same strategy. Think Owen Glen, and Chinese wine.
      Labour has abandoned the Chinese community sitting along-side Winston in blaming Chinese for house prices, jobs, and authentically prepared Asian takeaways.
      Labours terminally unemployed, unions, and criminal constituents will never ‘coffer fillers’ make.
      Claims of a principled stand by supporting the above over hard working Kiwi, is ludicrous at best.
      The media party (and in particular Fisher) are naively unaware that tales like this further alienate their readership. Though I’m sure unions read the Herald each day, I doubt many people living in poverty or leaky state homes do. And I often wonder about their advertising revenue considering the flavour of their little tabloid is that…business is bad. Especially big business, (excluding the lucrative Real Estate industry).

    • Graham Pilgrim

      I believe that part of the sub-headline, “……with wealthy Chinese keen to rid ensign of Union Jack” is fundamentally untrue.

      For how much longer can Fisher get away with this nonsense?

  • Hard1

    “Central Auckland is facing years of chaos as several huge building projects get under way to advance the city’s international aspirations”

    Most remarkably, “Auckland Council, which houses about 2080 staff in its Albert St headquarters, is encouraging staff to consider new ways of travelling into the city, including public transport, walking, cycling and carpooling.”

    Weren’t they already using their own Public Transport?

    This ongoing destruction/construction where Central Auckland is facing years of chaos as several huge building projects get under way to advance the city’s international aspirations., will have the net effect of ruining a multitude of businesses.

    • Aucky

      We’ve already moved to the suburbs. Modern technology no longer requires us to have a CBD location and many staff now work from home for the majority of the time.

      • XCIA

        I recall a government task force deciding in the 80’s that Manukau was the centre of Auckland. From there, government agencies were moved from Auckland central. Then, larger corporate’s moved away leaving vacant space that was taken up by overseas “schools”. Traditional shops moved away and were replaced by $2 shops and noodle bars to take advantage of the changing demographic. With this in mind, I think it would have been prudent back then to plan for a motorway connection to bypass Auckland altogether travelling north or south.

  • kayaker

    Picture speaks a thousand words. Is there a message in here for #firstmate Robbo? Angry needs social media training. #littletoot indeed.

    • Aucky

      If there’s anyone I detest more than Andrew Little then it has to be Philip Stoner Twyford. Sanctimonious, snarly little racist. They make a fine pair.

    • Duchess of Pork

      Hashtag made me recall the final refrain from the song…”Won’t you ever grow up little Toot.”

  • The official answer to last night’s puzzle. Well done to those who managed.

    • Builder

      More of these please.

    • D.Dave

      Yeehaa, I got it right. Must have been a brain fart……

  • kereru

    More concern about the Egyptian imams coming to NZ. This from Raymond Ibrahim concerning the rise in the persecution of Copts and moderate Muslims in Egypt. It is becoming worse than under the Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi.

    ‘Considering that even Egypt’s Al Azhar — the Islamic world’s most prestigious university — refuses to denounce the Islamic State as being un-Islamic, it is not surprising that mockery of ISIS is being conflated with mockery of Islam.’

    Questions must be raised about these Egyptian imams. Were they invited by FIANZ and if so, what was the reason?
    (my emphasis)


  • kereru

    The world really is going mad.

    ‘A far-left politician in Norway who was violently sodomized by a Somali refugee is explaining away the crime and begging that his assailant not be deported. Self-hatred is at the root of much political correctness, but rarely has self-abasement reached this level.’


  • Steely Man

    Just read an article in The Guardian (yes I know) explaining how the fact that there was a global scientific consensus about fat causing heart disease did not mean that in the end it was wrong. Fat is good and sugar is bad. The politics of the scientists is fascinating and I read it exchanging “fat” for “climate change” . Much becomes explicable when you do that…

  • Sally

    Everywhere I go on internet whether it is media, twitter, facebook everyone is breathlessly saying Helen Clark is uniting the country and all NZ is behind her. Well, I want to categorically state there is one person in NZ who is not behind her – me. So can you (the rest of NZ) please take me out of the equation.

    • Wasapilot

      I have long suffered from CDS and CDS, clarke derangement syndrome and cullen derangement syndrome Sally. All this exhaltation of her makes me think that people must have forgotten her bribes and sabotage-
      Interst free student loans
      Buying Kiwi rail
      Shower head edicts
      Light bulb limitations

      I hope the she beast, as Cows4me calls her, does not get the job in the toothless waste of money trough that the UN is. More importantly I hope she stays away from NZ, that goes for H2 as well.

    • FornaK

      Add me too Sally :-)