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  • George

    Paul Little explains his status working in the least trusted occupation:

    “Yes, journalist sometime makes mistakes. They have this in common with doctors, who, the Victoria study showed, were the most trusted profession. Mistakes are embarrassing for both groups, although journalists’ errors are seldom fatal”.

    And all I wanted was for my daughters to marry doctors. Clearly I had my sights too low.

    • KGB

      To my knowledge a doctor has never lied to me, hid information from me, or invented a disease I have.

      • Bluemanning

        Yep most Doctors have ethics.

        • Woody

          To be fair, I believe that journalists all have ethics as well, it’s just that many of them keep theirs in a rusty tin covered in dust on a top shelf out in the back of the garage.

          • WeaselKiss

            Or to quote Barry Crump in one of his books:
            ‘He has such a great respect for the truth he only trots it out on very special occasions’.

      • Lance Ralph

        One might imagine a doctor saying ‘no matter what I do, no matter what I say, you still have the temerity to believe that you are in good health’

    • Sally

      According to Paul Little it is the reader’s fault not the journalist for lack of trust. If only the reader didn’t demand sound bites and gossip then journalists could come an honourable profession once more.

      What absolute rubbish papers have lost their readers because they resorted to click bait stories and satisfying their advertisers. Journalists have stopped reporting the news but making the news. They have resorted to underhand and even lining themselves with criminals all because of ‘ journalistic privilege ‘. Journalist no longer go out into the streets and get the full facts before printing. They now pickup one-sided stories from social media and don’t bother searching out the truth.

      Also their continual opinion pieces from every Tom, Dick or Henrietta who have a political or personal agenda to push gets tiresome.

    • Ghost

      He seems unable to grasp the concept of trust, mistakes are made in any profession, with medical mistakes naturally having a worse consequence. But, journalist and polititians aren’t mistrusted because of mistakes. Journalists and politicians are the least trusted because they misrepresent, distort truth or just plain out right lie like the pack of ….. untrust worthy people they are. Not to tar them all with the same brush but little Andy should be smart enough to see this like the rest of us. Unless he is trying to add to the problem and spin his own mis truth. Nice insight to the way he thinks, but most of us (90 something %) have already figgured this one out.

      • JustTinkering

        We use a ‘Trust Equation’ in business. Trust = Rapport X Credibility divided by the risk. When you have no credibility or rapport there can be no Trust.

    • twittertit

      He does worse:
      ‘Unfortunately, the university did not survey the level of the media’s trust in the public, which should also be at an all-time low. It’s hard to have faith in your audience when it shows an increasing unwillingness to be informed and an increasing appetite to be entertained to the point of brain death.’

      Wow. He’s actually insulting his readers.

      • Wasapilot

        Of course when he says “shows an increasing uneillingness to be informed” he misses the point entirely, people do not want to read his opinion piece dribble, and if they do not agree with him that makes them untrustworthy in his eyes.

        What a twit.

        • dumbshit

          And certainly would not want to “pay” to read it!

      • Crowgirl

        His theory is if that we were informed critical thinkers that we would have no choice but to take his opinions seriously and vote for the parties of the left like he tells us to.

        He is wrong. It is precisely because we are informed critical thinkers that we don’t vote for them. It is for those same reasons that we don’t read his column.

      • kayaker

        I thought PL’s article was a wallow in self pity. He further confirmed why the ‘public’ has turned off the media.

  • ..

  • Kiwiracer

    Just an observation. . . . . . . .
    We are in our early 50’s, both work with a combined income of about $160k, no mortgage so are reasonably comfortable but by no means rich, and are centre right.
    In all reality whoever is in government does not have any major effect on our day to day lives as we just go on doing what we do.
    In my opinion in the last 3 or so years the main media sources seem to have this agenda to be trying to drag us all to the left, a majority of the opinion pieces or when they go to an academic for “expert” opinion these people have been or are or are intending to be Labour/Green members or have stood in an election.
    Am I being turned into a conspirasist and need to get a tinfoil hat or am I on the money. . . . . if only partly

    • Aucky

      You’re right on the money and we can do very little about it given that TVNZ and RNZ aside (and they are left to the core) all of our media is foreign owned.

  • KGB

    We have another child savaged and scared for life by a dog. The statistics on dog attacks are disappointing to say the least.
    Since 2014 – 99,000 dog bites reported of which 5,800 required hospital treatment. 2500 charges have been laid and only 350 dogs destroyed.
    350 dogs !!!
    So 5,450 dogs are running are free to attack again???
    Labours dog chipping laws are a joke. Time to get serious about dog attacks, dog breeds, and ownership laws, and penalties.

    • Woody

      Someone should deliberately get herself bitten by a dog, there is clearly some loophole here that needs exposing with many more dog bite victims than there are gun shot victims.

    • D.Dave

      Under new H & S legislation, the owner could be liable for all the medical costs associated with the case. I hope he is saving his pennies. Once ACC starts chasing the owners of these scummy dogs, the population will decline dramatically, with luck.

      • KGB

        Not holding my breath.
        Let’s just hope that the double income ‘rich’ start owning more pitbulls, because history seems to provide more dangerous dog owners who ‘live in poverty.’
        At very, very least, the 5450 more dogs should be dead.

    • Huia

      Poor little kid, scarred for life because of some idiots carelessness.
      So, by those numbers I’m guessing there are a whole lot more dog injuries than there are gun injuries, therefore costing the country more in medical bills.
      Do we have an anti dog lobby?
      I like dogs but am not a dog lover, I was upset a few weeks ago when we went to Otama beach with our grandies for the day and were greeted by a large German Shephard bounding across the sand straight towards me. I froze and asked the woman to call the dog back.
      Her reply was the same as most dog owners in that situation “Oh, he wont hurt you”.
      Yeah right. I don’t know that, I don’t know the dog so I’m afraid of the dogs I don’t know.
      I called out and told her “I’m afraid of the dog, please call him back”.
      I was then told in no uncertain terms to get over myself as I’d be sharing the beach with him as he was entitled to run free on the beach.
      I said that he was supposed to be on a leash anyway.
      Her reply was “Not this dog, he dosen’t like being tied up”.
      As with animals when they know you are wary of them they wont dammed well keep away and in the end we left and went to another beach.
      Like everything there are good owners and bad owners but I don’t see the need for dangerous dog breeds in NZ.

      • KatB

        The old “he wont hurt you” response. How do the owners know that. I had a client once that lived on a farm. On one visit to me she had her daughter with her, who had some facial injuries after being mauled by their farm dog. Their quiet reliable farm dog, one day up and took to their daughter. Turned out the dog was actually sick and not quite feeling itself that day. They weren’t to know and the daughter copped it. Obviously this doesn’t happen often but if you’ve got somebody that is uncomfortable around dogs then as a dog owner, I’d safeguard myself and not have my dog around them especially in public places. I like dogs, but am weary of them no matter how lovely the owner tells me they are.

    • OneTrack

      Ban the pitbulls, etc. Just do it and stop coming up with retarded excuses to do nothing.

    • Raibert

      It is time to have legislation that provides a significant instant fine for the owner of any aggressive dog. This could be a sliding scale from incidents of worrying up to full scale attacks like the one reported. Obviously any dog involved in an incident should be put down and the owner charged for this service. No excuses! Put this in place and a large part of the dog problem would go away.
      I have had dogs all my life and never had a problem greater than a dog wanting to play with someone who was not comfortable with this. In these cases I removed the dog immediately. It really is time to put emphasis onto the dog owners before any more children are harmed.

  • Wasapilot

    I have just read a piece on stuff re Exclusive Bretheran.

    Got me thinking about church, charities etc tax free status. I am sure pope brian tamaki, or whatever he calls himself, does great work / sarc, but why not just make every entity file a tax return?

    I would have thought that a true charity would pay no or very little tax, as their money would all be spent doing good work.

    • Raibert

      I don’t understand why organisations like churches and Iwi get tax free status on business ventures. Seems to me this is just a way of making the general public subsidise whatever causes these groups support.
      Same is true of all those companies who have halal certification, the cost of which is passed on to all who purchase their goods and is really just a tax benefiting the certifying religious organisation.
      The strangest result of this is Sanitarium Health foods who have halal certification on all their products. They pay no tax as they are a religious entity but are happy to subsidise an Islamic organisation.

  • D.Dave

    I attended the Graduation ceremony at Lincoln University on Friday. My daughter was being capped for a Commerce degree. A couple of things struck me; there were NO graduates with SFNS, not one. Is this a socio-economic phenomena, as most of the attending audience appeared to be “middle class” , for the want of a better turn of phrase. There were no diplomas awarded for basket weaving or macrame, so no pointless studies done in the name of education. I did not go to the afternoon session though, they could have been there amongst the Parks and Recreation crowd. The other thing was the wide ethnic diversity of the graduates, it was impressive.

  • Korau

    Not everybody is slavering over the Panama Papers, looking for any reference to someone they want to “take down”. I see Powershop are having a tongue in cheek poke at this, and are running a special.

    “Best Little Tax Haven
    Trust us, you don’t need a Panamanian lawyer to stash your cash in this power deal.

    You’ve got until 11.59pm on Sunday 10 April before we close this loophole.”

    It’s refreshing to see humour is still alive in some corners of our country.

    • Nige.

      Managed 46 seconds.

  • Sally

    Media pile out today on social media over the Mihi Forbes stolen clothes item. When the spotlight goes on journalists they certainly get their knickers twist.

    • Hard1

      As if they would fit anyone else at Maori TV….

  • Hard1

    Rocket Lab has nearly finished construction of New Zealand’s first commercial rocket launch site on Mahia Peninsula.
    It will be the first launch site of Rocket Lab’s Electron launch vehicle, with the first test flight scheduled for mid-2016, followed by flights each month.

    With advocates such as Hawke’s Bay Regional Council chairman Fenton Wilson, councillor Rex Graham and Napier MP Stuart Nash, support is being rallied throughout the region for Wairoa District Council’s bid to “put Hawke’s Bay on the map forever”.

    The council is trying to secure the manufacturing facility for Auckland-based company Rocket Lab.

    “We’re putting forward a case to [Minister Steven Joyce], that Crown investiture in infrastructure surrounding space launch tourism is a good investment for the country as a whole, including the East Coast and the Hawke’s Bay region,” he said.

    Mr Little could not say how much money the council was asking for from the ministry but it was “a lot”.

    He also said he can’t talk about what the money would be used for but the proposal for Rocket Lab could be costly to put together and there were other expenses if it was to be successful.

    They sure are getting exited down there, even WHACKING IN A CAVEAT courtesy of Wairoa council chief executive Fergus Power Power. “Mr Power Power said Rocket Lab needed to come to a decision.
    “You could argue there is a social contract at play, where the risk and burden associated with the rocket launch, even though it’s small, is being borne by the people of Mahia Peninsula and Wairoa,” he said.
    “The expectation is there will be the potential for jobs in the future.”

    Someone needs to school this Power Power guy on the art of negotiation other than Iwi-style demands. Making rockets will be using technical experts not available in the Bay. When you tell Rocket Labs that they must conform to certain conditions, they will be looking elsewhere for sure.

  • kereru

    A further development in the St Luke’s billboard saga – usual Media Party hyperbole followed by a great deal of hand-wringing and knicker-knotting from St Luke’s. This is an attention-seeking outfit (I won’t dignify it with the word ‘church’), which likes to ‘provoke’. Someone has scrawled the truth on their sign and they’re in a flap trying to cover themselves for the unintended ‘sinister’ consequences.

    ‘Signs of anti-Islam sentiment have surfaced in Auckland this morning…where a billboard outside a well-known Presbyterian Church has been defaced. It’s a sinister new twist in the row about a poster put up by St Luke’s in Remuera at Easter…when the church was trying to make a point about values espoused by Republican nominee hopeful Donald Trump.’

    What’s more, ‘Local MP David Seymour says while it’s not a surprise, it is disappointing.’


  • Sally

    Clayton Cosgrove has called time and won’t stand next year but considering leaving earlier. Maryan Street is next on the list but Labour are keen on gender balance so could be Raymond Huo. Wonder what he thinks of Labour’s racist bashing? So if he declines guess who is the next male who isn’t already in parliament on the list – Tamati Coffey – oh joy!