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  • LabTested

    I just spent the last 4 days in England. Up North. And meet and old love of mine for the first time in years.

    Boddingtons – god how I missed that

  • George

    I became a victim yesterday, in the nicest possible way. Let me explain. I was in my local supermarket selecting a few items for the weekend when I was approached by a woman who would have been north of eighty. She asked me if I knew where the eggs were to which I replied that I did so I escorted her to the appropriate aisle. On the way she appologised for inconveniencing me but suggested that I was a victim of my good looks! She clearly has a problem with her vision, but I played along and complimented her on her original “pick up” line. She responded rather forlornly suggesting that these days she struggles to pick up a cup of tea let alone a man. We both had a good laugh and went our seperate ways. Isn’t it lovely that such an exchange can take place between two strangers without anyone being offended and totally absent of any consideration towards political correctness. She made my day.

    When I arrived home I told my beloved that I have been living my life as a victim of my good looks and that she needed to be more sensitive towards my vunerability. Without taking breath she quickly replied that I best get therapy as I was becoming delusional in my old age. We then went out to lunch and I’m disapointed to report that not a single women bothered me.

    • Sally

      Went to lunch with your wife, that is where you went wrong. No woman with any sense is going to pickup a man why sitting with another woman.
      Next time sit at different tables but don’t get upset if your wife ends up with a George Clooney look a like why you share yours with your elderly flirty woman.

      • Isherman

        Haha, especially if his wife has the same attitude as Mae West who said “Well, it’s not the men in my life that counts,..it’s the life in my men”!

      • George

        You miss the point! She is all ready is sitting with a George Clooney look a like according to my new elderly friend!

    • MaryLou

      I think it’s because the old art of courtesy and good manners has been lost, or at least shelved as “archaic” that they’ve had to bring in this PC rubbish as a kind of replacement. Wasn’t needed in the past, because most people already understood social “mores” and how to interact with other people.

      Progress, huh.

    • dumbshit

      Weekly trudge to the top of the Mt Mgn, random flippant comments with passing tourists, gives hope that there is still a sane fun loving element on earth.

    • oldmanNZ

      i have trouble finding the eggs too. my usual Pakn Save normally have it by the bread, but this paknsave had it all the way but the potatoes. really frustrating.

    • Wheninrome

      It is all about engaging with people. I love it, but some people think you are strange when you talk to them. I think they are so used to the anonymous world of the internet and email et al.
      If more people talked to strangers even just to say “hello” the world might be a happier place
      I know my mother said not to talk to strangers when a child, but I am all grown up now!
      I have talked to some interesting people who then go on their way, hopefully happier for the engagement.

      • Maisie

        Just read a post on FB this morning – if you don’t talk to strangers, how do you make new friends. Gives one something to think about

    • kereru

      A sense of humour goes a long way to engaging with people, and it’s a real joy to ‘click’ with someone who shares it. I remember meeting a lovely elderly couple I knew in the supermarket and we were having a hug when a guy went by and jokingly asked, “Can I join in?” We invited him over and he smilingly declined, but it was a nice moment.

  • Ross

    As much as I praise Air New Zealand for their creativity and uniqueness, Skycouch is a terrible idea for two adults. Luckily we didn’t pay for it, just took the opportunity to jump into an empty aisle. I won’t be doing that again!

    • dumbshit

      There is no such thing as a “free” one! We flew premier economy to HongKong, with air NZ. Seats were nine wide, 2 inch wide armrests. Dotcoms brother was seated beside me, and not only did he take the armrest, I had an elbow in the ribs most of the way. Flew air France, same class same model plane to Paris. Seats eight wide, armrests 4inches wide. Wrote to air NZ on return home, just got a lame reply that no one else had complained. I suggested to them that we could have purchased two double sky couch tickets for the same price, at least I would not have had an elbow in the ribs!

      • Ross

        Fair enough – I can only dream of having premium economy as my go to!

        • Ginny

          Premium economy is not the same standard on every airline. Very disappointing on some airlines, very good on others. Even premium economy on Air NZ can vary depending on the plane. Would not fly premium economy unless it was specialled. With Sky couch, you are buying a third seat at a discount. Sure you may not be able to lie down side by side, but you have more leg room, more space for your stuff and one can lie down while the other sits and vice versa. Aim for business class!

          • Ross

            I didn’t even pay for sky couch – I took the opporuntity of having an empty row behind us on a flight. I’d previously wondered if it was worth the extra money but Mrs Ross and myself could barely get comfortable let alone any sleep. We’re hardly girnormous folks at 5’6 and 5’9 respectively.

          • dumbshit

            2007 flew premium economy air NZ, on the top deck of a 747. No complaints there, so that’s why we were so disappointed with the 777 200, 5 yrs later.

          • Aucky

            By far and away the best deal to Europe is to wait for the ‘two for one’ business class specials on Cathay Pacific or Malaysia Airlines for a tad under $7k each and if you don’t have to go to the UK then fly into and out of mainland Europe to avoid the iniquitous airport taxes. I am an avid Air NZ customer but not to Asia or Europe where the level of cabin service is definitely superior on Asian airlines whether it be economy or business class.

          • dumbshit

            Don’t get me going on the cabin crew, I think most were on day leave from a “rest home”, didn’t help when I got a serve for using the business bog, which was opposite the premium economy one!

          • Sally

            In the next couple months I have seats booked with Emirates which includes the long haul to Dubai, British Airways, Singapore Airlines and Air NZ. All economy, so I will undertake a full in depth study on service and comfort.
            But if I send out a tweet about Hangry behaviour like Katie Bradford did on her way to Europe or plane delays will it make headlines? Probably now as not a high profile journalist and I tend to take the rough with the smooth.
            I will conclude warning my fellow travellers that travelling on the same airlines as me could lend to some interesting times. So far 2 people who didn’t make it to the other end, DOA and a rather major terminal fire.

          • Aucky

            Allow me to make a prediction on the levels of economy class cabin service that you will receive.

            1. Singapore Airlines
            2. Air New Zealand
            3. Emirates
            99. British Airways.

          • Sally

            Ah British Airways. It is a short haul flight and probably the best of a bad bunch ie Ryanair and EasyJet to name a couple that came up in the search.

    • Came back from Canada in the 777-300 that has the space seat which was exellent, the 777-200 version of premium economy? Not so good.

  • Bryan

    well you know how the media keep going on about 5 years since Christchurch quakes and how slow they think things are, well I came across this Japan news special site show in picture form how a whole bunch of those cities hit by the waves looked 5 years ago and then mostly 6 monthly shots showing the progress up till now.
    We think we are having it bad have a look at these, move the bar at the bottom to the right to show the pictures at each date and top right corner with little arrow brings you back to the main page to select another city. Quite staggering to see the damage and how slow their progress has also been, and then today they have had another 7 quake poor folks heres the link http://special.the-japan-news.com/311/

    • MaryLou

      They’ve had a rough ride, and it just doesn’t seem to stop, poor buggers.

    • Skydog

      My concern is that we, in NZ lay on the Pacific / Australian Plate, and Japan is very close to the Pacific / Okhotsk plate. I’m no earthquake expert but if there is movement at one end of the plate, wouldn’t it be expected there would be movement / pressure somewhere else on the plate?

      There was a short time span between the Christchurch February quake and the Japanese March quake that caused the tsunami. So when I hear about the quakes in Japan, it’s another reminder living in the Christchurch area to be prepared and never think the shaking is over.

      As Mary Lou says below, poor buggers.

  • oldmanNZ

    today in NZH, a “expert”, (meaning someone who has no idea of the real world), says you need rich parents to buy a house in Auckland.

    how come my kiwi asian friend, who came back from HK with little money, both parents deceased. (so no rich parents). manage to buy a house, in Auckalnd, a few months ago?
    How. he worked hard, open a little business, and brought a 2bedroom house in south Auckland. yes its small, affordable, but its a start.

    do people expect to buy their first home in Auckalnd at $820k?

    well, thats the expert view.

    • MrHippo

      Oh you are being harsh it is so hard these days. Especially if you want the inner city character house with double garage off street parking and still maintain going out to restaurants, movies and semi-annual holidays, a late model car, 50″ telly with $1000 phones… Those types would probably say your friend is ‘lucky’. I would remark funny how luck seems to follow the hard workers…

    • Aucky

      It can still be done in Auckland if you are prepared to make the sacrifices that our parent’s generation made to build their first homes. Our young neighours arrived from South Africa with very limited means a few years ago and have lived in rented accommodation and saving hard ever since. They have finally lived their dream and are moving into a brand new three bedroomed home out at Pokeno. However, to achieve that they are going to paint the interior of their new home themselves along with the landscaping and concrete paths. Fancy new furniture and the latest whiteware is out of the question right now. He will continue his work as an aircraft engineer at the airport and she has found herself an office job in Pukekohe. They have their foot on the property ladder.,

      It can be done but it appears that the majority of young Aucklanders have given up, taken to whingeing instead and left it to the new arrivals.

    • Damon Mudgway

      Buy a house in Palmy Nth for a fraction of the price…you’ll be sweet.

      Finding a job could be an issue though…so maybe not after all.

      • Mark

        Pretty much why I am now in Auckland,if you manage to buy a house then get made redundant twice in two years something has to give. ;(

  • Korau

    I missed this story when it was local (in an alleged newspaper and that stuff thing) but picked it up when it went international.

    “NZ hotel bans cyclists’ Lycra-clad loins”

    “Visitors pedalling up to The Plough Hotel in Rangiora, on NZ’s South
    Island, were greeted with a sign yesterday which read: “The bicycle is a
    beautiful object but they should never have invented Lycra! No Lycra
    shorts allowed please.”

    Some of those lycra outfits are uber revealing, but I wouldn’t have thought it worth a story. Must have been a slow news day.

    Source : http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/04/15/nz_lycra_ban/

    • Wasapilot
    • Aucky

      I wonder how much extra breakfast business will be generated at the Plough Hotel this morning due to this excellent initiative. Hopefully there will be a queue of grateful Rangiora residents stretching around the corner.

      • OneTrack

        Maybe it is just a cunning plan to boost custom. I’d go just to show support.

    • kereru

      Why does the UK Press insist on reporting that places are ‘on’ NZ? They don’t say that towns are ‘on’ Ireland, or ‘on’ anywhere else for that matter.

      • Disinfectant

        The U.K. Press is on the British Isles.

        • kereru

          Aah, that explains it.

    • Poppa

      When one considers that every Lycra wearer that rides past that pub to another eatery represents $10/15 lost income the ban won’t last long.

  • Sally

    The Guardian has published an article on moderation of comments on the news site. There is even a little quiz.

    It is interesting to see what comments they blocked compared to here. I would have probably let 2 through which they blocked but not knowing what the complete item was about it was a 50/50 call.

    • MaryLou

      Moderation can never be a perfect art, or even completely fair unless you rely on software. But software misses the nuances – in this day and age of suing and blocking etc, along with so many people’s inability to articulate an argument without resorting to abuse, the only real answer is to make everyone have a “Pete”. I saw a warning here yesterday handed out that I couldn’t quite understand, but then just shrugged as 99.99% of the time seems fair. I reckon it’s about right.

  • kereru

    Duncan Garner responds to death threats and inaction over menacing dogs.


    • OneTrack

      It seems obvious that the breed, any trace of the breed, should be banned. I was over the carnage they manage to create some time ago. But some guys need to own a dangerous dog just to “prove” how “dangerous” they are.

  • KGB

    After a long afternoon helping on a cousins building site yesterday I decided Mr KGB would be cooking dinner. (Code at our head-quarters for Fish & Chips)
    While I collected our $34.50 treat (3 snapper, 6 oysters, $4 chips), Mr KGB laid the coffee table in preparation and the usual lemon wedge and Worcester weaponry.
    Fish & Chip missions have become risky and dangerous operations rarely undertaken due to the lack of specialists in the field.
    Being a Friday timing is vital when Mr KGB cooks, because the rugby starts at 7.30pm.
    So at 7.22 we sat unusually close on the couch unwrapping the catch of the day in anticipation. Life was good.
    At 7.25 for the first time in my life I was back in the car to return our meal to its source of destruction. The snapper was so over cooked we wondered if it was spawned it the vat. The oysters were the size of a cats testicles, and so over cooked they tasted more marble than mollusc.
    The offending ‘cook’ didn’t appear at all grateful when I commended his ability to cook chips, and highly recommend the removal of the word “Fish” from his shop frontage.
    However, the $34.50 was eagerly refunded in urgency of securing my speedy departure from his ‘Chip’ shop.
    Mr KGB will commence baked bean on toast training once he has mastered the art of can opening.
    Meanwhile I look forward to Ron Mark applying his more qualified skills to the takeaway industry upon his removal from office. The science of fish & chip cooking is obviously better left to such experts.

    • Wasapilot

      I cooked last night too KGB. A 9, a 32, and a 36. Perhaps you could pass on this recipe to Mr KGB.

      • KGB

        We have a desperate shortage of Chinese & Indian Chefs in the provinces, but I’m told National are flat out rectifying this problem :)

    • JEL51

      Oh dear. I am just coming up for air having been swamped with over-stayers. Two whole weeks of coming & goings so far and yet another weeks worth arriving about mid-night. Chicken pox accompanied one then left with another. The last that left at mid-day had me seeing-off spirits from that lighthouse at the end of no-where..
      I was looking forward to a piece of snapper from our local to consume secretly in total isolation of any other this evening. It would have to really really badly done for me to consider getting into the car to return. Crossing my fingers.

  • OneTrack

    And the Herald sinks to new depths on their journey to becoming the Womans Weekly.

    “Mad Butcher chief trades elite address for another”

    In other words, this is a story by another (there are so many of them) envious lefty, about some some rich prick (who nobody knows) who has moved house. And not only did he have an expensive house before, he moved to an expensive house. Oh, the horror.

    In other news, water is wet.

    • Sagacious Blonde

      Joe Bennett coined a term I like for these envy merchants – ‘sadults’

  • Curly1952

    Have a listen to this Labour idiot from the 4.20 mark and listen right through to the end.
    How do these people get away with rubbish like this?

    • Maisie

      Think they just lost their apolitical title.

    • Santa Fe fan

      Used to have a bit of respect for O’Connor given he’s a west coaster- not anymore.

  • jedmo

    I’m feeling for the poor guy in Remuera who owns one half of a duplex, where the owners of the other half, are about to demolish. The Auckland City Council seems totally out of touch, in approving this work, in the way they have done. Watertightness will definitely be an issue, in the newly exposed brick dividing wall; the effects on the remaining duplex will be far from minor. I can’t blame the owners of the other half for demolishing if they get permission, but ACC should be putting more conditions and thought into protecting the rights and property value, of the owner of the remaining Unit, imho.

    • Platinum Fox

      There was a later article (http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11623273 ) on The Horrid yesterday which stated that a previously unseen party wall easement exists on the title which puts the cost of reinstating the party wall on a party which wishes to undertake unilateral work.
      I would have thought that AC would have had a record of the easement and that it would also appear on a title search.

    • johnandali

      In NSW, if anybody submits a DA (Development Application), there is an extra cost in the application fee for the cost of informing the neighbours by letter, so that they can go to the council offices and examine the application and object to it if they choose. Why on earth don’t we emulate that? Or can it be that if the Aussies do it, our local-body politicians would do the opposite and keep it secret, with the neighbours not knowing about the development until it happens? The Aussie system is sensible and democratic.