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  • Wasapilot

    I see hdpa is saying she has been told that knives are being sharpened wrt to little and his boss mccarten. She also references back to the Muldoon years re interst rate control. She wasn’t even born then, maybe hubbie tells her bed time stories about the olden days.

    • Missy_Mink

      I notice she couldn’t help herself and had to include a snide remark about JK, really says it all – just gossip…

    • KGB

      Am I unfair to think the only purpose for today’s peice was to inform us of her “insider”?
      She is such an important investigative political journalist now she has insiders? Woo hoo.
      Everything else was stating the obvious.

    • OT Richter

      Talking about cutting Robertson also, and all this before the 7/28% polling. Me thinks that caucus unity is being sorely tested.

      • Aucky

        Just check out the body language of his fellow MPs when he is ranting at QT. There’s only Auntie Annie that shows any expression.

        • XCIA

          Yes, I have noticed her grinning like a Cheshire cat when Angry is in full flight. Is she smiling because he continues making a pigs ear of himself and she is the anointed one, or does she genuinely support him??

    • Woody

      Sorry, can’t lower my standards sufficiently to go searching for what the child bride has been dribbling on her bib.

      Can’t make my mind up whether I would be pleased or not if the knives really are being sharpened.

      • Wasapilot

        I am similarly torn. On the one hand we need a strong opposition party, which we certainly do not have currently. On the other hand, I would love to see little, adern, robertson et el crash and burn at the next election.

        If they cut the current losers loose, looking at their ranks they will just bring in another group of fools.

        • Rick H

          Do we really, really need an opposition?
          Surely between all the Nat MP’s, they should be able to agree on common sense stuff, and disagree on foolish things.

          I see the opposition having really no role to play at all.
          Especially with the way they have behaved over the last 8 years.
          They have done a heap of harm, and absolutely NO good.

    • LovetoTeach

      She made the same comment that I’ve seen on here a few times abut Key only being interested in being “popular”…flip flopping based on opinion polls.

      I don’t see this as a bad thing necessarily- while I get that sometimes you have to be the unpopular one and say we all have to swallow some dead rats for the good of the masses, with other not so important stuff, what is wrong with giving people a bit of a say?

  • MaryLou

    Good morning all!

    The day started well, with coffee then a walk. Sat down to multitask with WO and the TV, and decided to Channel-surf. And here I am on channel 83 on Sky, with… The Face Of Islam. A dedicated channel. Who’da thunk?!?

  • MaryLou

    I had not heard that there was enough evidence tying some members od the Saudi government to the 9/11 attacks, to warrant doing anything about it. Apparently many families feel there is, but Saudi Arabia is threatening “Economic Fallout” should the US government allow any prosecution of those individuals, or the government itself. Will be interesting to watch how the US govt handles it:


    • Raibert

      Seems that the cost of being ” the land of the free ” may be very high.

  • taxpayer

    Well this is VERY interesting isn’t it.
    Lies, dam Lies and statistics all rolled in to one.
    I am at a loss as to why Police would endorse this sham report and wish to continue the crusade against cannabis when A) It’s clearly a lost cause and B) they are too busy to investigate most burglary’s, but obviously want to waste time chasing mars bar munching stoners around.
    Go figure.
    Oh, and I would like to know how much it cost the taxpayer to be lied to and treated like a mushroom for this particular report.

  • Raibert

    Made the mistake of watching seven sharp on Friday evening. Stunned when comment made that the new rafting venue in Auckland built by Ian Fergusson was amazing, they raved about this. How can “journalists” get something so wrong? Fergusson is the manager, the trust that built the venue got the land on a dodgy back room deal enabled by Len and his non elected Maori board members. This against the wishes of the people of Manukau who had gone to court and won in an attempt to stop the loss of the property.

  • XCIA

    Now that “winter” is coming, this is the perfect machine for those who would continue to cycle?

  • Huia

    Lazy, hazy, fun filled days of summer when we were young.
    I can never ever remember being bored.
    We went out to play but had to be home when it started to get dark.
    Kids played outside.
    Music was a huge part of our lives.
    What Mum and Dad said……went.
    You didn’t argue back with your parents.
    Aunts and Uncles were plentiful, so were cousins.
    Family picnics were fun and eventful.
    There were tadpoles to catch.
    Places to explore.
    Games to play and trees to climb.
    We all had vege gardens and the kids had jobs to do.
    Kids tested themselves and learned their limits, they weren’t crippled by pathetic rules.
    Most kids came out of school able to read and write.
    We had it pretty darned good, I wish our grandchildren and great grandchildren were so free.

    • Wasapilot

      That picture reminds me of whem me and my mate Dean buckled his mothers clothes line. She gave us a good telling off, but worse was to come. Deans Dad arrived home, and both of us got a real spanking from him. I found out in later years that my father was watching over the fence when we were spanked, and thought it all quite acceptable.

      Can you imagine the repercussions these days if you spanked your own child, let alone one of his friends.

      Great days indeed Huia.

      • Huia

        The kids did that to my clothes line too Wasapilot, they were like that ad on tv when a ball goes through a window and the kids all scarpered, they were gone and one “arm” of the clothes line was almost touching the ground.

    • Keanne Lawrence

      The great Kiwi icon rotary clothes line. The Ausies think it is theirs. Proud to say we have one of the few here and yesterday with a full load of laundry there was enough breeze to get it to rotate.
      You have nailed the good life back in the day when surplus whitebait was dug in the garden and the only thing bored were the holes made with the old brace and bit. A simple but a full life.

  • hookerphil

    Week 8

    Well we hope Sally did take that screen shot as a slide down this week from the top to 4th with 318 points. Isherman back on top with 329, Hurricane Jude rises to 2nd with 327 ahead of moolozmaze on 320. Four players are now equal in 5th place on 303. Biggest causality was moi (hookerphi ) who went for a couple of upsets and crashed and burned with only 23 points.

    • Sally

      Thank goodness for that. The pressure of being top dog caused a lot of headaches. Instead of normally taking a few minutes in making my selections, last week hours were spent in analysing, and look where it got me.

    • Bafacu

      I’m on 314 – was doing OK until the Blues decided that losing was not for them!!