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  • idbkiwi

    Oh boy, a bad day at the building site.

    Things are tough in China’s slumping economy, especially the construction industry. Watch this amazing video, apparantley shot last Saturday, as two front-end-loader drivers from fiercely rival companies battle with each other for access to a building site, ramming each other’s machines. Madness ensues as four other drivers bring their machines to the fight, then carnage…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrtnIImGipg

    From the south China Morning Post. http://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/1936797/rival-firms-battle-it-out-bulldozers-street-northern-china

  • Curly1952

    Hooray they have done it – The All Blacks have won the Laureus Team of the Year award!! Dan Carter won comeback of the year.
    Outstanding effort from an outstanding group of men – players, coaches, managers support and the NZRFU. Take a huge bow all of you!!

  • Aucky

    Just checked the online Herald hoping for something new. Stopped counting at six items on our housing problems plus of course the obligatory anti-JK Emmerson ‘cartoon’.

    • KGB

      And looking at today’s poor ‘victim’ of the housing crisis.
      (Now it’s no secret I dislike the French, so I will attempt to put that aside:)
      A 39 year old Teacher with $48k deposit, cannot afford a house in Auckland. She is looking for a house for $450k as any more would consume 50% of he income. She is very suburb selective, and will not consider having flatmates. “It defeats the purpose.”
      Experts agree her only solution is moving to somewhere like Dunedin. However it took her 4 years to make friends in Auckland so she doesn’t want to move.
      Spoilt much?
      Perhaps the poor woman should return to France and buy an affordable little house in Paris?
      Why do they pimp these entitled fools?

      • Aucky

        She might just manage a little apartment in Seine-Saint Denis.

      • Crowgirl

        She’s lucky if she gets away with 50% of her income after paying her mortgage. Most of my living was done on a wing and a prayer after the mortgage went out.

  • Elmwood

    Just watched Little digging a huge hole for himself over the hotel issue in Nuie. The hotel manager, interviewed after Little’s rant was calm and credible. Little might get down to 5% after this one.

    • ChrisM

      He said he responded or followed this up after news articles. Which ones? First I heard about this was from him.

      • Keeping Stock

        He’s probably read two unrelated articles, put two and two together, and come up with 22. Still, at least he hasn’t had to send anyone to Australia to trawl through dumpsters…

      • R&BAvenger

        Standard response now of a man clutching at straws. in the meantime there was a positive item on the Breakfast news this morning about Key’s visit to China. The CEO of Ali Baba (Jack Ma?) was meeting him, said he liked NZ and several of his executives had retired to live here.

        • kayaker

          Now wait for the bleating that these ‘rich immigrants’ have pushed up the property prices.

        • Aucky

          Emmerson obviously believes JK’s meeting was a big laugh. The potential for small NZ export businesses in establishing a good rapport with Ali Baba is massive. Think Amazon on steroids.

    • Sally

      Little’s is not a politician. He has no people skills, no idea what is important and what’s not. Gotcha politics is all he knows. I think the rest of the party are leaving the hole digging to Little and gone on holiday.

    • Keeping Stock

      Of course his bleating and whingeing is now going to get lost amidst all the acclaim for Dan Carter and the All Blacks. Oh dear; how sad; never mind.

      • OneTrack

        It’s a right wing conspiracy to keep Little out of the news.

    • Crowgirl

      I’d imagine that the tendering process was very robust so after the inevitable ‘inquiry’, Little will end up looking even more of an egg than usual. I would be shocked if any National MP would be dumb enough to leave their fingerprints on anything like that if it was dodgy, and as far as I’m aware the donations go through the President, tenders are awarded through the Ministry with the Minister staying out of it, and never the twain shall meet.

  • Keeping Stock

    Now here’s a great way to start the day! Well done Dan Carter and the All Blacks.

    I have followed rugby closely for most of my 60 years, and I’m prepared to say that the 2015 All Black team was overall the best team I have seen in my lifetime.

    • Quinton Hogg

      Recognition that is well deserved.

    • Sailor Sam

      But a newspaper had to have a dig at the ABs getting this award, implying that other teams were more deserving.
      What a lot of rubbish, third rate commentators cutting tall poppies down.
      And because John Key likes the ABs, is this just another example of KDS?

  • hookerphil

    Any knowledge at there? Last night on my Mac laptop(W. O. ) the cursor started spinning and everything jammed. Booted and just went to a bright screen with a ? Flashing in the middle. Repeated booting has not made a difference. 11 years a Mac owner and as they say “never seen this before “

    • Crowgirl

      Might need to crack open a recovery disk?

    • kayaker

      We had a similar problem a couple of weeks back. It turned out to be a hardware problem which was guaranteed under Apple Care. New keyboard and new mouse track pad (the bigger square one). Mac users since late ’80s. Very few issues.

    • Greg M

      Hold command and R key down when powering on, with a bit of luck you might get the disk utility up, and then do “first aid”.

      • hookerphil

        Thanks Greg, yes something is happening. Said might take awhile but I certainly don’t mind

    • Andy111A

      The ? mark means the system cannot find your operating system. This usually indicates your hard drive is dying. Make sure you get a back up before it all goes up in smoke.

  • R&BAvenger

    Item on Key’s visit to China in yesterday’s Prime News. Trying to make something out of annual defence exercises involving a number of foreign navies (US, Singapore, Malaysia, etc) in the South China Sea. Key explicitly said that NZ was not trying to take sides and that disputes should be resolved amicably. Exercises happen all the time, including exercises by China.
    editorial in the state mouthpiece warned NZ should not take sides etc. etc.
    Seems that Key has the diplomacy under control in spite of msms’s attempts to make something out of nothing.
    As a trading nation reliant on open shipping lanes we do need to do our bit to support other nations in keeping shipping lanes open that service the Pacific region.

  • cows4me

    I see the madness of the new health & Safety laws strike again. It would seem isolated cop shops may have to shut as the police can’t guarantee the safety of any civilians working there. Another huge advancement by the National Party and it’s special needs ministers, what a joke. I have a suggestion for all these closed cop shops, how about using the cells to lock up these clowns who brought this nonsense down upon the people of New Zealand. The streets will be much safer without these dingbats walking around.

    • Greg M

      Exactly. And another thing that cracks me up is that the big punch up down town that we have all seen on the telly was right outside the cop shop on Fort St that has recently been closed. Go figure.

    • MarcWills

      This is fallout from the Ashburton WINZ shootings. We now have to be accountable for any nutters that are released into the community – apparently their actions are ‘preventable’ so must be considered a risk factor in your work safety plan.

    • Hard1

      Only the cop shops need closing while protection is being upgraded. Will we have to close WINZ offices to install barricades?.
      But of course the poor coffee shop owners on Queen St. will have to keep putting up with these retards coming in using the dunny and harassing customers for money, totally without the right of defense. Perhaps all those spare cops could spend some time down where the actual harassment is going on, and be there everyday instead of ‘getting around to it’ when called.

  • sandalwood789

    This is how stupid the Left has become –

    “Multiculti education guru denounces showing up on time, hard work, and clear language as part of white oppression” –

    Quote – “[V]irtually everything associated with being a good student in modern education is actually just a tool of racist white supremacy.

    “The racial narrative of White tends to be like this: Rugged individual, honest, hard-working, disciplined, rigorous, successful,”

    • R&BAvenger

      All the people who decide it’s a good idea to follow this fool’s thinking are in for a big surprise when it comes to being hit in the face by the door of the real world. Other than that I hope they enjoy being a long time out of work.

      • Miss McGerkinshaw

        I wonder when the ‘tipping point’ will be reached and there are more people thinking this way and employers will be forced to hire the lazy, uninterested?
        An example yesterday, went into a local electrical shop as if possible I like to support the local shops. The assistant forgot to do her hair that morning I am sure, not sure if she knew how to smile as never saw one and when she couldn’t find the ‘right’ person to answer my extremely complicated query (i.e. can I get a half wall oven on its own) and only after being advised by one of the other staff that she could look it up did she reluctantly fiddle with the computer for a bit and said ‘No, we don’t have them’ and basically turned away from me. Presumably that was the end of her customer ‘service’, assuming that was what she would call it) but also the end of me going into that shop again.

        • kereru

          Reminds me of a shop selling sewing and handcraft supplies. One of the two ‘assistants’ was preoccupied with showing the other how to make a crochet necklace – too preoccupied to serve me. I waited patiently for several minutes before asking if I could pay for my purchase, whereupon one rather crossly attended to me before turning back to what she was doing. I felt like I’d been an annoying interruption to the main business of her day.

          What they didn’t seem to realise is that If they couldn’t serve me with two balls of baby wool, why would I ever go back to that shop when I needed to replace my sewing machine – which I needed to shortly afterwards. Needless to say, the shop closed a few months later. Customer service is everything whether it’s a reel of thread or something much more expensive.

  • shykiwibloke

    I love today’s proverb – can rightly apply this as a comment on 50% of those featured in an article on WOBH – esp the lefties! “Unfriendly people care only about themselves; they lash out at common sense.”

  • Sailor Sam

    “Labour has a talented line-up with an excellent mix of wise heads and new blood”.
    That is according to its leader after Kris Faafoi takes over from Clayton Cosgrove as tourism spokesman.
    Cosgrove is going to assist a little with busines outreach initiatives until he leaves parliament.
    No change in line up, just a re-arrangement of deck chairs on a sinking ship.

  • axeman

    Listening to Radio Live while out and Sainbury is going on and on about the sugar tax and blaming Govt for not doing enough.
    I am so over the left wanting the Govt to run our lives. If that is what they want and think it is a better option, off you go to North Korea

    • Cadwallader

      Have you ever known Sainsbury to permit an interviewee to answer a question?

      • axeman

        Ah no I haven’t and really it serves myself right for listening. It seems to me that these talk back show host are under utilised. Garner, Sainbury, have all the answers to all the problems and should be ministers in the Govt. But the truth is all their answers require more money to be spent. Now ask them where they think they’ll get that from.

  • MaryLou

    Certainly Mr Joyce feels confident re Scenic donations (pic)

    • OneTrack

      Joyce should be confident. Can their man Little on the inside, get Labour into the teens and National to over 60%?

  • So, hold a minute.

    Let’s say that there is a certain opposition leader who wants to shake things up a bit with a “re-shuffle”. good i hear them cry, a chance to get some momentum.

    I happen to wander over the the herald site and i was reading about this said re-shuffle and i lift this from the report

    “…Mr Cosgrove is one of Labour’s most business-friendly faces and the role is an acknowledgment that relations with business are critical as Labour formulates new policy to take to the 2017 election….”

    ok, on the face of it a reshuffle….but seriously, how can you connect with businesses when the guy you appoint to interact with them is leaving next year? how would that conversation go….hi, i’m clayton cosgrove, soon to be retired MP. i’d like to talk to you about the ways labour can support your business post the 2017 election….

    I’m not sure you could make this stuff up.

    At the risk of asking a rhetorical question, is there no one else who could be described as business friendly in the labour caucus?? no one at all?

    • Aucky

      So Andy’s big reshuffle is to give Tourism to Kris Faafoi. Now that will really impress the tourism industry. Faafoi v Key – what a decision.

    • Raibert

      You could make this stuff up while making this stuff up.

  • nellie


    David Farrar

    42 mins · Wellington, New Zealand ·

    Let’s see if I have this right. Andrew Little has said it was Murray McCully’s personal appointees who awarded the Niue hotel contract to a firm whose owner donated to National and that it “stinks to high heaven”.

    One of those three trustees who made the decision is the father of Labour MP Jacinda Ardern. So Little is saying the father of one his front bench MPs may have corruptly awarded a contract to this firm, because that firm’s owner donated to National.

    This must be one of the more bizarre attacks an opposition has tried.

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  • SteveWrathall

    More gratuitous dhimmitude from Europe. There’s only one good response to this:
    My Entry:

    A despotic Turk called Tayyip

    Tried to shut down free speech in Europe

    But the Euros were bold

    And to Tayyip they told…

    “Oh, all right then”

    • OneTrack

      Merkel is a nasty piece of work. Are the Germans starting to get an idea of what she has dropped them in, or are they still sailing along in their progressive dream time? And buying head scarves. Just to be tolerant, of course.