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  • Cadwallader

    In recent months I have listened to Paul Henry on the radio on many mornings. The downside is having to endure some bimbo who talks about twitter etc about 6.20am. This morning in less than 30 seconds she proclaimed that Donald Trump is “dumb” on 4 occasions. Why? Because he referred to 9/11 as 7/11. A slip of the tongue I expect. Paul said that it doesn’t mean he’s dumb but rather, human. I agree and suggest it means he is not a choreographed stooge like so many other candidates past and present. Why does the media detest Trump as much as they seem to? I am not necessarily a Trump fan but the media’s bias is as hard as concrete.

    Is it true that at least one student radio station is refusing to play a track of something due to it being produced or performed by JK’s son? If this is the case then the universities of today are beginning to smell like the old East Germany. Envy is an ugly trait but it is a primary motivator amongst the Left.

    • R&BAvenger

      There is a regular anti Trump slot on Breakfast most mornings. Their bias is self-evident as they only have negative items on Trump and little on the others. There is way too much coverage of the US election on our screens fullstop.
      They are left wing propaganda merchantso of every left wing cause.

      • Cadwallader

        I generally listen to Radio Live from 5am. I went there to avoid the dreadful Smalley on ZB. Where to now?

        • yoyoyo

          WhaleRadio coming soon?

          DJ Moniker Pete?

          • Old Kiwi

            I can visualise that

        • R&BAvenger

          I only ‘listen’ to the news during the ride in to be dropped off to the bus exchange. Otherwise my news is via an app called News Republic. Breakfast is mainly while waiting for the weather forecast.

        • Huia

          Magic radio.
          Couldn’t stand the hounding of John Key by the socialist media so I’ve given talk back away.

      • Crowgirl

        The CBC ran a doco the other day with the distinctly unbiased name of “Fire Breather”. I only caught the second half but there was no balance, just people slagging Trump off and proclaiming that his presidency would be a disaster. I’m not sure he’d be a great president, but I respect America’s right to make their own choice without influence or bias from people who don’t even live there. It also had some pundit on there proclaiming that Trump doesn’t know or even talk to the people he’s trying to get to vote for him. I’m pretty sure I heard someone else say he’s extremely generous with his time for just about anyone, and knows the names of all his staff, no matter how low down in his organisation they are – he even shoots the breeze with them.

        Maybe that’s just PR, but you’d expect some balance in a documentary. Mind you since it’s the MSM, maybe you wouldn’t.

        • sarahmw

          They said the same about Ronald Reagan, and he turned out to be a very good President. He is admired by Republicans and Democrats. Trump is showing up the voting process,the old boy Republican network and ordinary people feel he understands and listens to how they are feeling.

          • Crowgirl

            I just think the US is looking for a circuit breaker, rightly or wrongly. Trump is that circuit breaker – everyone else is just more of the same, except Sanders who is just a dreamer. I by no means agree with everything Trump says, and nor do I like the way some of his supporters behave, but I can appreciate the need to occasionally tear things down and start over.

        • Huia

          I cant imagine what sort of President he would make but he is telling it like it is and saying what a lot of people are thinking obviously.
          All the drama about building a wall to keep the Mexicans out, in Mexico there are huge camps with illegal middle eastern males just waiting to get over the border, the numbers are huge that have already crossed so I can see why he would want a wall to slow that down. Its ironic but Mexico have a huge wall on their other border to keep the Ecuadorians out and I’ve not heard any outrage about that.
          The media are again trying to control an election by going after one man.
          Personally I don’t think Trump could do a worse job than Obama.

          • Nic C

            This might give you some idea Huia ;)

      • Old Kiwi

        As if they have any influence on the US elections whatsoever. I don’t know why they bother. Upside I guess, is while they are picking on Trump they’re leaving JK alone,all but briefly. I stopped watching some time ago.

        • Bluemanning

          Media is hoping trump gets thumped and socialist Bernie or Hilary gets to be
          President. ‘If it can happen in the USA it can happen here’ propaganda.

      • meltingpot

        I can no longer watch that Commie’ so it’s TV3 or nothing.

        • R&BAvenger

          TV3? You’re brave. Try Prime News at 5:30pm. All the bases are covered in half the time. We record and fast forward through the ads, so it’s extra short.

          • meltingpot

            Agree with you there I was really meaning the morning shows if I am still home then, Rawdon just gets under my skin, I’m sure he is a closet comie and thinks he is sneakily getting the hit jobs out there. Even Paul Henry has been a bit off lately.

    • Nige.

      I have tried to listen but I just can’t stand her. I cannot put into word how she makes me feel. She’s almost as bad as Clinton in my book.

  • Cadwallader

    Another gem: “NZ has the highest rate of workplace bullying in the world!” There is no reference as to how this claim was sourced, measured and verified. Radio Live presented it in a manner which will give sustenance to an old union hack to blame the government. I wonder who that might be?

    • Tom

      Wel I guess those in Unions are pretty good at bullying coworkers. But I would have thought with the demise of the unions thats declining. Mind you nursing is almost 100% unionized and its held up often as a place where workplace bullying is commonplace.

    • KatB

      I think we overuse the term “bullying” these days. I’m sure there is real bullying at school and in the workplace and it is not ok, but I do wonder how often the incidents of bullying are more like what we would’ve called “teasing” back in our day, or like you say being given directions by you boss.

      • Cadwallader

        In the UK Stephen Fry landed himself in hot-water for allegedly telling those who had suffered sexual abuse that he had sympathy for their suffering but not for their self pity. This simple statement has released all sorts of criticisms in his direction. In his defence he notes that persons who do suffer sexual abuse are depicted as victims in perpetuity, whereas all other trauma suffered at the hands of criminals does not necessarily result in a life sentence of victimhood. This is a large and sensitive subject but I do see the distinction Mr Fry was attempting to make.

        • KatB

          I saw that too. I get the point he was trying to make. It’s not healthy for anybody to wallow in self pity and I think what Stephen said was bang on. People need to be helped to be strong again, self pity and pity from others wont do that. Sadly these days people rarely hear the whole message but fixate on one word or sentence and go off outraged in the wrong direction.

          • Cadwallader

            Yes, there is definitely a line of discussion which will be accepted/promoted by the media but to take it outside that line is heresy. The entire debate on sexual abuse has, understandably, been absorbed by feminists and any objective analysis by a man is not tolerated. Free speech loses yet again!

          • Crowgirl

            The bit the outrageists seem to have missed is that Fry was a victim of sexual assault in the past, and has struggled with mental health subsequently. If anyone is qualified to comment on this, it’s him.

          • Cadwallader

            That fact would be readily dismissed by those with the agenda to create a class of permanent victimhood.

    • Huia

      They are probably quoting this after watching Labours bullying tactics when throwing rubbish at the Prime Minister to see if anything will stick.
      What a load of garbage this latest “news” is, some twerp at a desk with nothing positive to report on so they make it up and blow the negative horn as loudly as they can.
      I agree that being given the simplest of directions is now jumped on by the permanently outraged, then interpreted as bullying.
      I blame the socialist education young people are getting. People are advised left, right and centre to have counselling for what I term as trivia, (if someone sneezes because the trauma is to huge for them to handle).
      Harden the heck up and get on with things, and stop making news up.

    • Mick Ie

      The other day, I saw this post on FB and have been waiting for the right time to share it with readers here.
      As ANZAC day is this Monday and NZ seems to be enabling a ‘precious’ mentality, I think this is incredibly appropriate and relevant.

      “1944: 18 year olds storm the beach of Normandy into almost certain death.
      2016: 18 year olds need a safe place because word hurt their f_____g feelings”.

    • Aucky

      You’re in the wrong job if you can’t stand a bit of corporate verbal biffo.

  • rantykiwi
    • Isherman

      I don’t mind cartoonists for our so-called paper of record being brutal. But being that it’s the daily national paper such as it is it would be nice if they are at least balanced. The cartoon with Key and the Great Wall didn’t outrage me, but I don’t think it was his best work.
      Someone will jump in and say that the cartoons here or on any other blog or publication are all rather biased, which may be true, but it’s different. Its neither unusual or out of place for a publication that has a more open tendency to lean one or the other to depict such a bias, but in our so called impartial media, we would expect some consistency.

      edit. added missing.

      • R&BAvenger

        The bias on here is out in the open and often politics based, after all it is that type of blog, although I’d say we get very good coverage on issues that matter and some things of a more general interest too.

  • Raibert

    Haven’t seen a single mention in the MSM of the Local Government Commision’s recommendation that Aucklanders be given the opportunity to revisit the decision to create the “Super City”. This was reported on WO but not picked up elsewhere.

    • rangitoto

      It was reported on NTZB

    • Bluemanning

      Keep it quiet says lefty, ensuring we keep the trough open. The Media party would back that concept.
      I would have thought we would have an accessible well advertised funded election or at least a referendum if there is that option :-)

  • R&BAvenger

    As a counter to the ‘rich pricks’ bashing of the msm world wide, here is something NZ can be proud of. An aviation company based in South Auckland that specialises in Warbird restorations.


    They have 2 Billionaires on their books, both of whom are having a De Havilland Mosquito aircraft restored/rebuilt by this company. The first one they did flew back in 2012 for a guy called Jerry Yagen.

    It’s a first class restoration.
    So apparently these guys saw what Jerry had and decided they wanted one each too, asked who had done the work and viola!
    With not much change out of $8M per aircraft, helping to keep highly skilled and knowledgeable tradesmen employed for at least 5 years per aircraft (I think the first one took around twice as long?), it’s a fine example of when attracting the wealthy to your country via niche technical services and word of mouth can pay off.
    Who knows potentially what spins offs might occur for NZ Inc with Jack Ma’s recent meeting with the PM that is resulting in Alibaba promoting NZ produce for a month on their website?
    I believe that within the next 10 years there will be a total of 5 restored De Havilland Mosquito aircraft flying worldwide, 3 of which will have been restored here in NZ.

    • Isherman

      Was lucky enough to see it in the air at Ardmore..just fantastic.

      • metalnwood

        yep, myself and a few of local warbird guys got a good few looks. They sound fantastic.

      • Nic C

        There’s nothing like the sound of two stonking great Rolls-Royce Merlins, screaming by at 300knts… porno!

        • rantykiwi

          Except 4 Merlins screaming by on a Lancaster.

          • Nic C

            Fair point kiwi… but I may even goes as fat as to say I’d trade the added sound of the Lancaster, for the speed factor the Mossie brings to the whole experience! I like your thinking though.

    • Huia

      Saw this on tv the other night and thought how wonderful for NZ this creativity and top workmanship is.
      Well done to that company and its innovative owners and employees.
      Not only 2 Billionaires having Planes done, but one of the Billionaires had his Super Yacht on the hard in Auckland as it is being refurbished, all because NZ workmanship in this field is top of the heap.
      Great to see this is going on.

    • Nic C

      There’s another company out near Clevedon/Hunua too, who have been quietly building brand new Spitfires, all to ‘original specs and materials’. I remember going and having a look through the place with my father (who flew in the Warbirds for a long time) and it was an incredible set up. Much of their business was actually in making replacement wings for overseas buyers, who were either rebuilding wrecks to flying standard or who had pranged one of the few remaining airworthy Spits… each wing was $USD1,000,000!
      The workmanship was like nothing I’d ever seen… the skill required to make these things was immense and they ended up employing and training from scratch a considerable number of young, enthusiastic kids who wanted to learn a trade. They even had a full set of hand-drawn plans from the 1940s, which were so rare and valuable, they were treated and stored in similar fashion to the Crown Jewels.
      There’s some seriously talented and unrecognised people in this country, doing amazing work like this and the Mosquito projects… earning foreign exchange for the economy, raising NZ’s profile for quality, proficiency and workmanship, as well as training and employing large numbers of skilled profession trades-folk and they just quietly go about their business and ask for no handouts, subsidies or tax-breaks from anyone along the way. Awesome kiwis.

  • Isherman

    Murray McCully is making noises about circulating text for another UNSC resolution on the Israeli-Palestinian problem, this one would deal with timing and content of a future resolution, adopted after the proposed French initiative. Sorry to laugh, but this will go nowhere, and end up being a fizzer text with a fizzer reception.
    Nobody should think that for any one moment you can advance any meaningful negotiation with the parties while the Palestinian situation is, as it is, it’s a nonsense and frankly that should be obvious.
    Perhaps a more useful approach would be a resolution with the aim of easing the restrictions into Gaza of some materials, by having verifiable proof that it is not being misused for the latest round of tunnel building.
    As long as everyone ignores the reality on the ground in Gaza with the terrorist Hamas government in charge…this issue is going nowhere fast via the wombles at the UN.

    • johnandali

      The United Nations could put a peace-keeping force on the borders between Gaza and Egypt and Gaza and Israel (and Gaza and Palestine). However, when you see that the UN peace-keeping force between Israel and Lebanon is under orders to withdraw for their safety every time there has been a rocket attack from Hezbollah towards Israel, it’s no real wonder why they haven’t done anything about Gaza, as the Hamas charter still demands the complete destruction of Israel. I read that the Israelis have located yet another new tunnel from Gaza into Israel, which justifies the Israelis stopping cement deliveries to Gaza which are meant to be for reconstruction works only. The whole place is a mess. Although I’m not a Hilary Clinton supporter, the Democratic contender debate the other day revealed that her husband Bill had drafted a comprehensive peace treaty between the PA and Israel 16 years ago, but when Arafat returned to Palestine, he rejected it. And so it goes on………….

  • Yeahright

    Who would of thought, Academics embellishing results to secure funding!! “The more I make stuff up to suit my agenda the more money I get”.

    • JEL51

      Along with the attempts to force social change/direction with their earnest cries for more tax on sugary drinks & alcohol, I am beginning to understand now why Mao Tse-tung demanded the educated elite go work the paddy.

  • Mark

    Seems Tara Brown just has not yet realised she is in prison in a country full of misogynists who are about to save face by putting her across their knee.

    “We were laughing in the car,..”

    • oldmanNZ

      i think these journolist live in another world. It seems they think they are untouchable, as long as what they do is in the public interest.

  • Crowgirl

    Trump wins in a landslide in NY despite only 5% of the vote reported thus far. He has over 70% already.

  • twittertit