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    • Doc45


    • Nige.

      “I see dumb people”

      • rantykiwi

        There are too many big words on that sign for dumb people to understand what it says. I wonder if that was intentional.

    • Richard

      Is this a subliminal message on moderation?

      • I hadn’t thought of that. But I can see how it could be useful that way.

      • A few days ago someone wrote a comment that roughly said “this site’s ok, apart from it’s moderation which is actually censorship”. I blocked that person because that’s immediately a red flag.

        Today, a complaint “why did you block me? is it because I said something against Marijuana? Am I being censored?”

        No Sir, you’re being blocked because you don’t “get it”, and we don’t need people that make work for moderators.

    • johnandali

      But in NZ, it would have to be translated into countless other languages. There would be so many signs, you wouldn’t see the scenery.

      • Jafarma

        And the signs still wouldn’t work – just like they get ignored by people who then end up drowning at waterfalls

        • rantykiwi

          Those waterfalls only need one sign:

          “CAUTION – Darwin is in residence”.

    • Justme

      Is anyone else looking at that huge crack in the rock, and thinking; “What is the counterbalance weight required to make that rock fall?”

  • George

    Jacinda Ardern has found 27,000 of the missing million. “About 27,000 voters made the effort to vote last election but their ballot papers were disallowed because, for instance, they were not on the electoral roll”. She criticises the government for not taking up the recommendation of The Justice and Electoral Select Committee which suggested that enrolment could take place at the polling booth on the day of the election. She continues: “Refusing to make these changes disenfranchises people. That’s hardly a reputation the Government will want”.

    Well this piece of dribble makes as much sense as suggesting that the Government, by having provided three free meals a day for every child in NZ, is creating poverty by not providing supper. Millions of dollars are spent over every medium in every language promoting the responsibility of enrolling. If the subject can’t responed to this, then how can their vote be informed? One would suspect that they may vote Labour, a party which emulates their IQ.

    Get this Jacinda. It is quite likely, through the consequence of attrition, you may have the misfortune of leading your mob. Your many leaders have, and will continue to vanish into the compost heep of irrelevance because they continued to believe that their irrational statements will persuade rational voters. You too, it appears, have inherited this flaw.

    • Nige.

      There is more advertising about being enrolled than there is about voting. If people haven’t figured out that you need to be enrolled …then …..they are likely labours target demographic.

      • Richard

        She’s still taking liberty’s claiming them all as Labour’s.
        There maybe a few NZ First dementia sufferers in there, or Green sympathisers who refuse to sign up until the enrollment pack is written on seaweed paper.

        • hsvmaloo

          No doubt this number includes overstayers who want to remain unseen.

    • Asian_driver

      I suspect that she made up part of that statment “About 27,000 voters made the effort to vote last election but their ballot papers were disallowed because, for instance, they were not on the electoral roll” You dont get a voting paper if you arent on the list, the first thing that happens at the booth is they check you are on the list, maybe she was talking about special votes.

      • I suspect she is talking about special votes. For special people. Who don’t need to enrol and just rock on up on the day.

    • Nechtan

      I have an idea for Jacinda, why don’t we prosecute those 27000 people who attempted to vote despite them not being enrolled to do so? It is after all a legal requirement to be enrolled at 18. I imagine a fair few of those 27000 would be receiving government assistance of some sort so if they can sign up for something the government gives them in the hand, they can sign up for the democracy the government allows them.

      • H. Upmann

        Ah, you beat me to it.

        Low informed voters who cannot figure out how to get to stage 1, actual enrollment.
        Now imagine the thinking behind their decision of who to vote for.

    • Tom

      Some of those “not emrolled were trying to vote outside their constituency, also some were enrolled on the Maori roll and tried to vote on the general roll too. Thats why there is a cut off time for enrollment.

    • Wayne Hodge

      Her vacuity continues to provide me with much amusement.

    • rantykiwi

      It’s all ok though – once Cindy has been spat out of the Labour leadership revolving door and exited parliament she’ll still be able to suck on the taxpayer’s tit by working for daddy at his resort.

    • Given that it is illegal to not be on the electoral roll if your are qualified to be perhaps Jacinda should be suggesting that those 27,000 missing Labour voters be prosecuted for failing to do their civic duty?

      EDIT: Replicating Nechtans comment. Soz.

      • johnandali

        You should really be whispering that. In Australia, it’s compulsory to vote. If you don’t vote, you can be fined about $70. I think it’s called “democracy”. Or the opposite. A very odd rule. I bet it was introduced by the Aust Labor Party for obvious reasons. However, I don’t know if it’s compulsory to enrol. And by the way, only Aust citizens can vote, even for their council. They could learn a lot about democracy from us.

  • Aucky

    Yesterday I went to the first day of my old college’s 60th Reunion on Auckland’s North Shore. It was an afternoon organised specifically for ex-pupils who had attended the school during its foundation era in the late 50s and early 60s. Back then we had a large core of immigrants amongst our roll of 600 pupils (me included) – we were largely Brits and Dutch back then whose families had exchanged the rigors of post-WW2 Europe for the good life on the then semi-rural North Shore. There are now over 3000 pupils attending the college with pupils from 63 different countries excluding international students. That fact delivered by the current principal really hammered home to me how our city has changed in a couple of generations. Changed but not changed because these new immigrants are here for exactly the same reasons as my family chose New Zealand sixty years ago.

    Multi cultural Auckland, I’m loving it.

  • Curly1952

    Going to be a long day. Over in Waikato to babysit 2 grandees. Woken up at sparrows and welcomed by a fog as well and to top it off I have started this week’s super picks with two loses!!

    • I just despatched the Pete family in the same direction for a few days of R&R with the grands. This means I get to go back to practical living, like reusing the same plate and cutlery for 4 days to keep the work down.

      • Curly1952

        And one pot for all veges.

        • I normally steam them all together anyway.

          • Tom

            You steam Bacon? What kind of man are you?

        • Miss McGerkinshaw

          Urm didn’t you mean meat!!

          • It’s one of my character flaws (according to Mr S) that I actually like vegetables too. And my youngest actually prefers it over meat (yay! cheaper to feed! ;)

          • Dan

            Unless the youngest has a penchant for Cauliflower….nah, unlikely.

          • Miss McGerkinshaw

            Now I’m confused. What’s worse about cauliflower than any other delicious vegetable?

          • Cauli is nice. Lots of people overcook it tho. But that’s nothing a touch of cheese sauce won’t fix.

          • Miss McGerkinshaw

            Or raw is great too – keeps that hint of sweetness that is lost in any cooking, even steaming, to my mind.

          • Dan

            Chuck carrots and broccoli in with cauli and generously pour cheese sauce over the top. Then sprinkle with bacon bits.

          • Cheese sauce and bacon are the solutions to any food problem.

          • Tom

            And Bacon!

          • Dan

            For you and I, nothing. But for a kid, a cauli is to them what paper from panama is to Andy.

          • My youngest will destroy a lettuce without any dressing.

        • sonovaMin

          when I’m baching my preference is to cook everything in one pot and do away with plates altogether.

          • Hobbes

            When I am baching I eat out!

            Edit: Changed a word

          • True story: mr 13, as he’s leaving, “Bye Dad, enjoy your McDonalds!”.

            Little sod….


          • rantykiwi

            I like his style… but he needs to learn that Maccas don’t deliver so the local pizza place is more likely to be the primary source of nutrition.

          • Hobbes

            They can be deeply hurtful Pete. Don’t blame yourself. ;)

          • Mick Ie

            Tell him it’s your one cheat meal for the week…

          • Dude. Meat. It doesn’t go together with everything else. Not even when you’re baching. Tsk Tsk

          • sonovaMin

            A good sized frying pan will hold a ribeye, chips, tomatoes and mushrooms.
            Not all cooked at once of course.
            Start with the chips and mushrooms, throw in some chopped bacon, add tomatoes latter when al half cooked.
            Move everything to sides and thrown in steak.
            If you want greens finish off by covering with a hand full of spinach and allow to sweat down.
            Place resulting hash still in frying pan onto wooden chopping board and eat with favourite tipple.

        • rantykiwi

          I fail to understand your point – how can potatoes ever require more than one pot?

      • Curly1952

        I can remember my dad did exactly the same when he was baching. He would put a newspaper on the table as a table cloth and after a couple of meals would take off the top sheet and put it in the rubbish. Great, less laundry.

      • Mark

        I buy a cutlery set & hide all but two knives & forks,a tablespoon & teaspoon. Housework really doesn’t have to be that much work

    • Wasapilot

      Just had a look at all our results Curly, noone got the highlanders game correct, so you are not much worse off than the rest of us, with plenty of games still to be played this weekend.

  • MrHippo

    Auckland ratepayer dollars at work Auckland Transport style…

    • Justme

      Just getting them used to travelling by overcrowded buses and trains. You’d better catch this one, because the next one may not come.

    • Surely that’s a joke?

      2.5 hours of musical chairs?

      • Kath Rutherford

        Maybe the Labour Party leadership getting in some practise

      • Miss McGerkinshaw

        Perhaps it’s a backhanded way of getting people fit so they can ride their bikes on all these beautiful bikeways? Or so befuddled that they accept whatever these idiots do?

        • rantykiwi

          More like an undercover study to determine what size seats they need to put in Goofy’s trams to suitably accomodate all the lard-arse clientele they’re thinking will use them.

      • MrHippo

        Sorry Pete, no joke – I saw it. I would remark the promo image does not capture the 6-8 staff assisting…

        • OneTrack

          It’s only ratepayers money paying these guys. More where that came from.

      • Hobbes

        It’s a favourite of small children with limited attention spans. Quite appropriate I would think. Most of the people who run Auckland Transport seem to be about this level socially and intellectually.

    • Mark

      They are conducting some sort of AT survey on Krd,seems I don’t meet the profile?

      I am an obvious local,I’ll leave you to speculate on why I meet that profile!!

      • rantykiwi

        Was it the WO cap, or the lack of Sharpie marker on your face that ruled you out?

        • Mark

          Normally it is just the don’t come near me vibe I give off.
          As today’s young lady is quite a pretty Indian lass I would even have done the survey,still would have bagged them thou.

          Probably wanting to make K’rd pedestrian only.

  • Richard

    This Police stand-off in Porirua.

    Apparently, last night the offender was delivered a meal by Police.

    I would have thought this a perfect opportunity to lace the food with a powerful sedative…..or is this impinging on human rights (stupification)? can’t go upsetting Kelvin Davis now can we!

    • I have to admit I like the NZ Police’s general stance in these situations. Just keep everyone calm and looked after. Time wears them down eventually. No need for heroics.

      • Richard

        Yep, typical on the laid back nature of Kiwis in general I guess.

        We are the antithesis of the US, for example, do you recall that show in the US, called ‘That’s Incredible’, where each person received a silver jacket?…well our version of that show was called ‘That’s Fairly Interesting’.

        • I think I’ll write a NZ bestseller (1000 copies sold) called

          50 Shades of Meh

        • Cadwallader

          Apparently the stand-off began at about 9.45am yesterday. Were this USA or China the hearse would’ve be required by 10.15am yesterday.

          • edenman

            Yes and in China they would have harvested the organs for transplant.

      • Mark

        I sort of agree,but then I think why should I be deprived of access to my home because someone has no consideration for playing well with others?

      • johnandali

        Yes, and when he gives himself up, no doubt he’ll get a further lot of home detention and a new bracelet. It’s all about being nice to ferals.

        • OneTrack

          Because that’s working so well /sarc

          • johnandali

            Latest news is that he didn’t give himself up to the authorities.

    • oldmanNZ

      that would violate so many human rights and H&S, food standards and it would be a forbidden food additive.
      the police probably could be sued for millions.

    • Doc45

      Nah, just use sugar. That will get him. Deadly.

    • rantykiwi

      Once you start shooting at cops you don’t have any rights, thus cyanide would have been suitable.

    • meltingpot

      That beggars belief?

    • Soleman

      If the delivery of a meal is true, as an ex-cop from the 60’s and 70’s I am sick to my stomach. What happened to tear gas – too expensive??

      • johnandali

        I think that justice is now being replaced by “human rights”. It makes you wonder who is running the show. Mind you, our Norwegian mass-murderer won his case when he complained that he had been served the same meal on two consecutive days. Makes you wonder what the world is coming to.

    • Justme

      Or laced with laxatives. Then they would know what room he was stuck in.

  • I would have thought the choice is obvious: Pete Jr

    • Curly1952

      Given moderation Pete I am reluctant to up vote you on this

      • It can go either way, can’t it? Wise move.

        • Curly1952

          Correct!! On a hiding to nothing really

    • Richard

      Petey McPeteface?

      • Hairy McClary from Donaldson’s Dairy?

        • Cadwallader

          Angry McLoserface? Wouldn’t it be great if he does get sued over his allegations re the Niue Hotel matter by the owners, or better yet, by Jacinda’s father?

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      Just tooooooo cute, so obviously takes after his/her mother?

    • XCIA

      Looks like a Lucrezia.

    • Melissa

      I’ve entered the competition, prize, if any to be donated to a needy family. My name pick is PETE. Knew you’d want someone to do the right thing!

      • If it gets called Pete I’ll be gob smacked. Ha!

  • Waikato Times @waikatotimes

    Greek refugee camps ‘reek of desperation’

    In other words, Green refugee camps and the Labour caucus room smell the same.

  • Curly1952

    Being picky I know but I see a Real Estate agent has got himself in a bit if strife over athe purchase and resale of a property. He did bad no doubt about it. My pet thing in the article is that the lawyer said a registered valuation should have been obtained. Well I would have thought both the lawyer and the reporter would know that there is no such thing as a “registered valuation”.they are valuations done by a “registered valuer.

    • hookerphil

      The lawyer should have definitely known, the journalist, in the old days yes.

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      I wonder why the agent is not required to give his profit to the people he, in effect, scammed?

      • rantykiwi

        I think he’s probably going to have to once things play out fully. I sincerely hope that Barfoot and Thompson do the right thing and pay the compensation, then chase their (ex-)employee to recover the monies.

      • Bluemanning

        Under the REAA they can sue him for the profit if they can prove the agent didn’t act in good faith representing the vendor, they have to put the vendor first. If he is only a salesman the agent will be in the pickle as well.edit they can sue through the tribunal up to 7 years.

    • I read that story too. Now as I see it the guy happened to be a real estate agent but bought the property as an investor.

      Nowhere in the story does it say he was an agent acting on behalf of the vendors so I fail to see what he’s done wrong.

      Are real estate agents not allowed to buy property?
      Now the media is all bent out of shape because one of his small businesses made a tidy profit out of someone elses lack of due diligence.

      How is it that when someone buys a something shonky it’s “all let the buyer beware” and now all of a sudden its let the vendor beware?
      Whats with that?

      • rantykiwi

        From the NZH story – “A real estate agent helping two pensioners sell their home has been sacked after buying the property for $530,000 and selling it less than four months later for $1.255 million – a profit of $725,000……… Walter Tata said Mr Hughes contacted the brothers after learning they were interested in selling, presenting several offers before offering to buy it himself.”

        Looks like he was professionally involved with them, then bought it as a private sale rather than listing it publicly.

        • Thanks, puts a whole different slant on it.

        • Usaywot

          Bought it after telling them that was the most they could hope for, no doubt. What a scum bag.

    • Jafarma

      That ‘Registered valuation’ misconception is common amongst banker-speak as well even though bankers should surely know that a mortgage gets registered but a valuation doesn’t – there is no valuation registry in existence.

  • Salami Warning

    Someone was bagging the lack of work opportunities in Dunedin so I set about helping them find something in areas where things are busy. Then the real truth came out.

    • Cadwallader

      These may be the words of Dunedin’s new arrivals from Syria. “Peace and Conflict Studies” really???? Then why not join the army or the police?

      • Gaynor

        “Peace and Conflict Studies” what sort of fulltime job could this lead to?

        • rantykiwi

          Marriage guidance counselling?

        • Oh Please

          Rugby referee?

    • rantykiwi

      I’d happily fund him the cheapest airfare back from whence he came – NZ doesn’t need someone with this sort of entitled-bludger attitude.

  • nobody is happy with political reporters (pic)

  • Hard1

    Spot the difference. Schoolchildren could do better. On Stuff….
    “A driver is dead after their car crashed into a truck in Te Atatu, Auckland.
    There were no other serious injuries in the crash, at 5am Saturday morning.”

  • Odd Ball

    It appears that I have appeased the Internet God somehow. For weeks, it has taken ages for discus to load, and it didn’t matter weather I used Windows 10 or Google Chrome (the result was the same).

  • Vutekno

    Bluff Oysters are a wonderful thing and well ahead of any others oysters in NZ IMO. But they are getting expensive! $25.99 a doz for premium grade in Napier and $28.99 in Wellington.

    Not only that but we are in the middle of the season and it is sometimes hard to find them in spite of really good weather down south.

    So then I heard recently that NZ has shipped 50,000 oysters to sell in China. Not sure if they are Bluff but given the quota system for Bluff Oysters is fixed then we are sharing this wondrous shellfish with our Chinese trade partners.

    For me that is a bigger issue than Asians buying houses in Auckland!

    Of to buy some more oyster well I can, actually from a very nice Asian in a local fish shop!

    Little angry and Winston are u bluff oyster lovers! Waste your time on this issue.

    • JEL51

      With you on that one. Went to center of town before heading for home last night to get same from only F&C shop that has sold them in the past……none!!
      I have left my no. to be txt when next time available.
      Like you, I don’t think oysters, paua or crays should be exported anywhere. If peoples wish to savour these delights, they are most welcome to travel here, stay a few nights and eat as much as they can afford (with-in reason….. I am very much aware that the Asian pallet has no understanding of ‘with-in reason’ when it comes to delicacies.) That way we maintain control of resource as well as control of value-added for our own coffers.

  • Gaynor

    Gun man found dead….. Will the judge who gave him home detention be held accountable?

    • Damon Mudgway

      Best possible outcome for all. Pity the cops who have to pick up after what is probably a self inflicted gunshot round.

      If you choose to opt out of societies rules then just take the easy path I say. That or find some liberal to give you a hug maybe.

    • rantykiwi

      Why didn’t the cops save a whole heap of time and resources and just shoot the feral as soon as he opened fire at them? He demonstrably wasn’t someone who was ever going to contribute to society regardless of the outcome.

      • TM

        Agree – best outcome possible

    • JEL51

      Questions should be asked of Mental Health as well. I heard his Uncle on the radio through the night, pleading to allow family to be given a chance to help. Unfortunately he was in Hamilton and couldn’t be at the coal face. He & other callers suggested Police would be better to allow kaumatua or whanau in to negotiate in cases like this. A discussion on this should be had. The last ‘stand-off’ with a kaumatua didn’t end in a death.
      Sadness all round.

      • rantykiwi

        Maoridom had their chance to deal with this bloke long ago and given his extensive criminal record either didn’t or failed in their efforts. Asking for another chance to intervene now is just playing us all for fools.

        • JEL51

          The Police come out looking bad which ever way things go. So if family are willing to step in, why not let them ? Agreed much too late to be concerned when things reach flash-point but if it were your dead brother’s son like the Hamilton chap, I think you would be asking the same.

  • Bert Piepoint

    Maybe the thought of being bunked up with “Bubba the dog lover” in the big house was too much for him?