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  • George

    Elton John wrote “Sorry is the Hardest Word”. The MSM wrote “Perception is the Easiest Word”. Let me explain. By being sorry you are attempting to put right some wrong, but by being perceptive you are attempting to put some wrong to some right. Here are two examples:

    Vernon Small – Stuff – JK’s lawyer – the Panama Papers: “But his problem is one of political perception”.
    Bryan Gould – NZH – Earl Hagaman donation: “In such issues, perception matters greatly”.

    I hate this word ” perception”. “Perception” is no more than an opinion or suspicion, though it appears it is only a short stride before it becomes fact by default amongst our MSM. They arrive at the twisted rational that what they perceive must be factual and then draft their comments as if it were so. “Perception” gifts a journalists with the opportunity to create dirt where none exists. It’s the “go to” word for mischievous journalism. Fortunately middle NZ relies on fact not perception. These “journalist” are too lazy to research their subject and are too comfortable shielding behind “perception” to cover their lies.

    I know the MSM thrive on “sad” and “bad”, and that instinctively draws them to Andrew Little, but to promote Little’s bizarre perceptions, (other than within a comic strip), will just set them up for ridicule. At least, that’s what I perceive. No, the more I think about it, it is cold hard fact.

    • sonovaMin

      An extremely good analysis George.
      Extrapolating further, perception can often be defined as delusion.
      The Left are continually chasing and barking at things that turn out to be nothing but a mirage.

      • dumbshit

        I perceive that it is fortunate that Andrew Little is firing blanks. Otherwise his feet would resemble blocks of “Swiss cheese”!

      • T Mardell

        Which further clarifies that they are lost in a desert, with no food or water, and no direction.

      • Orca

        There has been a lot of talk lately about banning certain dangerous dog breeds. Maybe one of those should be trade union dogs. (there maybe a cartoon in that one :) )

    • Woody

      Perception is the art of turning a molehill into a mountain or a sow’s ear into a silk purse or as we have seen recently, a Little brain fart into an intelligent thought.

    • Dave of the West Bank

      An interesting and perceptive :) insight, George. Your take on how else we’d measure corruption would be interesting. Transparency International measures corruption thus:

      Transparency International (TI) has published the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) since 1995, annually ranking countries “by their perceived levels of corruption, as determined by expert assessments and opinion surveys.” The CPI generally defines corruption as “the misuse of public power for private benefit.”

      I doubt that there is a Govt. Department assigned to collecting data on corruption. For example, reporting how many traffic cops you’ve bribed, or Ministerial signatures you’ve obtained for project approvals in exchange for 10% of the project cost, all reported on your tax return. I think you’ll agree that the word ‘perception’ does have its uses.

      • George

        The flaw with any “perception” is its tendency to be inacurate. Whilst I concede that perception may be an instinctive insight into a possible situation it doesn’t revert to fact. At best it could be described as a plausible reflection and at worst a manipulative tool of the corrupt.

        • Orca

          Man made Climate Change is a perception too.

    • kiwisnab

      Perception can also be manufactured, here is a quote from Bryan Gould in the same article quoted above “We are told by Scenic Circle that Mr Hagaman would not have been aware when he made his donation – one of the largest political donations on record – that his company was in the running for the Niue contract.” Off the top of my head I can recall Peters getting 100K from Mr Glenn, and also the Labour party getting 500K, to me there is a lot of difference between 100K and 500K.

      • Brian Smaller

        Or Colin Craig’s millions of donations. Gould was sloppy as usual. Guess he was trying to create a ‘perception’.

    • I have a perception that journalists are lazy, self serving progressive radicals, jealous of anyone that has achieved anything in any field, perpetually outraged that most people would prefer to live and work in harmony surrounded by friends and family than have social engineering nit wit policies rammed down their throats by do gooder scribes.

      But its just a perception.

    • JEL51

      I have had a few days with people who willingly allow themselves to accept perception as fact, providing it doesn’t upset their left-listed wheelbarrow. Throw some facts in the way and the lips become very pursed.

      • ex-JAFA

        Where do facts sit on the scale from “microaggression” to “hate crime” for the left?

        • JEL51

          Sorry ex-Jafa I missed this earlier.
          That’s a good question. I felt my ‘Thanks-to-WO-new-found-confidence’ was actually hitting home when one just happened upon, then read, their own facebook quote stating ‘The Right’ cause wars or something to that effect.
          I really had to bite down hard on tongue not to question that person why the Left in Universities all over the free-World, found it necessary to riot when others disagreed with them.
          Hard being the only NOT LEFT in the room and remain the gracious host. I think I failed miserably.

    • Wayne Hodge

      Very well said George.

    • Oh Please

      You hate the word “perception”? I hate the two words “Bryan Gould”. Hated him when he was a smug Labour MP in the UK.

  • Brian Smaller

    Answer me this. Why is it that when a kid comes home after living away for a while that they instantly revert to being 13 years old when it comes to (1) Cleaning up in the kitchen after themselves (2) hanging the goddam towels up to dry after using them so they don’t fester on the bedroom floor (3) Removing dishes from the bedroom and at least putting them in the kitchen to be ignored there?

    And only been home a week ! :)

    • Aucky

      Welcome to the Revolving Door Hotels Owners Club. Our 33 year old son was home last month – a mature high achiever in his field, much travelled and an all round nice person reverted right back to his worst teenage years in terms of dirty laundry, putting dishes in the dishwasher and a bedroom that resembled a building site.

      Firm words are required before you explode.

      • Richard

        That’s a bit harsh on some building sites.

    • Dumrse

      Get out of my brain. The saving grace is she is back to varsity come Wed and a degree of normality will return.

      • Brian Smaller

        Ditto. Monday for us one is back to Auckland and one to Wellington. Been lovely having them here. Apart from the mess!

    • Jafarma

      (4) in our house would be clean out the fridge without telling you you’ve run out of something you want to eat, and (5) drunk all the beer without telling you there’s none left for you after you’ve earnt a beer by being outside doing all the section chores which they didn’t volunteer to help with

      • Isherman

        Drinking all your beer without doing anything to help…that should be an actual chargeable offence!

        • Mark

          Why have children if they aren’t going to arrive bearing Beer in your old age? Ammo would show you had raised them extra well…

          Bacon is a standard door fee.

      • Brian Smaller

        I forgot your Number 4. Bag of meusli that lasts us a month gone by lunchtime.

    • Soleman

      They probably do it because you let them get away with it. Harden up. Yes, I am known as “the grumpy one” but it seems to work – I don’t have those problems when the younger ones surface. I use the example of “a home, not a hotel” – seems to work. Works on the grandies as well.

    • Usaywot

      I’ve got news for you. They arrive from overseas with wife and children in tow and the same thing happens. It’s infuriating! We’re always thrilled to have them arrive but equally thrilled to see them go.

  • kiwisnab

    Has Barry given given Heather a lecture on her ability as a journalist because in todays paper she has actually written a good piece. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11627701

  • BroNoLike

    Thought I would look around other blogs after viewing the Whaler yesterday. In my travels I came across an interesting phenomenon infesting ‘Your New Zealand’. In their Friday forum and other threads they are trying to blog in Maori. Whether they have a grant from The Maori Language Commission or whether this is an experiment in cultural sensitivity, I just don’t know. Anyway, its a failure and I will post this comment to prove multi multiculturalism just doesn’t work.

    Pickled Possum /
    April 23, 2016

    “Tahuna ahau toku tōhi” … hehe vogels? Made some tamarillo and guava jelly today to go with the vogels.:-) Tia pehea te e mohio e pa ana ki te wairuatanga o te ngahere? How do you know about the spirituality of the bush?

    @ patupaiarehe
    Hehe koretake tohi!!! yep its the tohi – toast fault alright if it wasn’t so koretake – useless it would not get tahuna – burnt!
    You guys are funni alright.
    ma te wa
    see you later.

  • A book for people that are dead but don’t know it yet

    • Damon Mudgway

      How many vegetables gave their lives in the making of this book?

      • Left Right Out

        A couple of trees were cut down to make the book

    • Orca

      This one is a bit confusing, it says its vegan, but the title suggests there may possibly be meat involved?

    • Carl

      I think eating the book itself would taste better than what’s inside it.

  • CNN Breaking News @cnnbrk

    Prince’s remains have been cremated, his publicist says, adding “their final storage will remain private.”

    Prediction: There will be a posthumous publication of an album with previously unreleased songs, and the CDs will have been manufactured with Prince’s ashes, so that everyone who buys it will have a piece of his remains.

    • Nige.

      Prediction: the ashes will be stored in a seed vault in Norway so that future (new power) generations may reconstruct him.

      • So you reckon the future of the world is up to Aryan Vikings. Brave call.

    • Mark

      That is a pretty cool idea!

  • Stuff.co.nz News @NZStuff

    Five cartoon cars that we think should be made for real



  • Brad

    Does anyone know of any UK blogs equivalent to WhaleOil?