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  • R&BAvenger

    Congratulations Auckland. The Screaming Skull has been living in Christchurch since last year. There was a 2 page article of his lunacy in the Weekend Press. The world is on the verge of a revolution after 30 years of neoliberalism.

  • Aucky

    I get grumpy with Rod Emmerson and his lopsided political views but he can always legitimately say that he has cartoonist license to portray issues as he sees them.

    Today though he has gone beyond the pale in using Anzac Day, the Dawn Service and the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior as a tool to promote his views on Auckland’s housing issues. That’s a step too far.

  • Isherman

    Sounds like the passing car that the red team will be barking at (again) today will be foreign buyers with JK’s comments about a potential land tax for FNR’s, on the back of Auckland now being officially more expensive than Auckland.
    Correct me if I’m wrong someone, but doesn’t Australia restrict FNR’s to new builds, excluding established properties? If so, is it therefore reasonable to assume that the supply side of the equation is better than it is here, with more homes being built between locals and foreigners, because if that’s the case…it all once again points to our building rates and supply being the real issue…not that Twyford will see it that way.

    * FNR’s – Foreign Non-Residents.

    • Curly1952

      I see the paper is saying that “Key’s is considering a land tax”. I thought it would be the National Governments decision. But no, the media will go to any length to try and get at JK personally.

      • Isherman

        Of course, and why not..it’s all his fault after all isn’t it?

        • johnandali

          Listen to Radio Live news this morning, and that’s exactly who they’re blaming. They’re also quoting Winston Peters who disagrees with anything the Government might be thinking about. I went to one of his meetings the other day out of sheer curiosity. He criticised anything and everything. But he did not make even one suggestion of any other policy that could be made. All criticism – no ideas. That’s my summing-up of Winston. Winston the light-weight. All talk. No do.

    • KGB

      It will be interest to see the results since registration. I just hope my suspicion is correct that Aus, US, & UK, are the biggest FNR.
      I also hope National were right in their estimation of 4-6%. Between the interview On Q&A and today’s NZH, JK appears to have ‘a bob each way.’
      Edit- wrong programme JK was on Q&A not the nation.

    • twittertit

      And of course, now that JK is considering the Tax, all the media can whinge about is that it may catch out some Kiwis living overseas.

      Just can’t win can he?

    • johnandali

      In Australia, you don’t pay stamp duty on a house being built off the plan. But you pay stamp duty on a house that has been built. As stamp duty can easily hit $30k or more, it’s obviously an incentive for people to avoid the extra cost by building off the plan.

  • Keyser Soze

    I just watched JK on Q&A… very polished and unflappable. Corin Dan is such a lightweight. Fortunately I went on to watch Shaw interviewed about Green policy for the environment which is basically to tax the crap out of “high carbon” industry including intensive dairy farming and give tax credits to “low carbon” industry and pass on those “savings” to you and me as the first $2000 of our income becoming tax free. Thankfully we’ll be able to take that extra ~$700pa in our pockets and buy cheaper low carbon products which will be cheaper because those low carbon manufacturers will, of course, have passed on their tax savings to us rather pocketing them. Presumably there will be a completely new Government bureaucracy to determine where a particular business sits on the low to high carbon tax scales and consequently a completely new industry setup to circumvent those inevitably complex rules.

    As I said it was fortunate I watched Shaw’s interview, it was a timely reminder as to just how deluded the Greens are, and we must do anything and everything possible to prevent them getting anywhere near the treasury benches! I just can’t believe that 1 in ten of the people around me vote for them.

    • dumbshit

      which is basically to tax the crap out of “high carbon” industry including intensive dairy farming and give tax credits to “low carbon” industry and pass on those “savings” to you and me as
      So the savings passed to “you and me” will be small recompense for the “tax” we pay to the high carbon industries”! The village idiots(greens) talk as though the industry is going to pay the tax, where as in reality, joe public at the bottom of the food chain, does. So after the tax money goes through the merry go round of beaurocracy, they will give you a bit of loose change back!

    • Mick Ie

      I will only start taking the Greens seriously when their own compulsary travel option is:- overland – bicycles & water – paddle boats. Until then don’t come at me with carbon tax.
      Flaming hypocrites.

      • OneTrack

        I would be happy if Metiria caught the bus to and from Wellington”, and Graham Kennedy attended his climate change junkets, I mean conferences, via Skype, rather than than generating tonnes of CO2 to tell us we shouldn’t be generating CO2.

        Some are more equal than others.

    • johnandali

      Yet the Greens are quoted in almost every radio news broadcast. And if it’s not in the first news item, it will be in the second one. Our broadcast news people need a good clean-out. By the way they do their news broadcasts, it seems obvious that their first duty is criticise the National Government.

  • Macca

    Just remember that the vast majority of those continually belittling Trump would still vote for Little, would have been happy with the 5 party alliance during the last election and still think of Obama as the second coming.

    Many of these same detractors kept telling us how John Key was going to embarrass us on the world stage with his poor grammar and gaffs. So their opinion counts for?

    • JohnO

      In the New York primary Trump was ahead in every demographic for the Republican party. Women, Men, young people and old people. In the state where they know him best he has wide popularity.

  • Sally

    South Islanders you are been overrun by tourists. After a few days down there doing all the tourist things I felt like a foreigner tourist in my own country. Really good for the economy but sometimes I wished that there were more NZers employed in the hospilitality and tourism trade. To be asked where do you come from by an American at the reception of a hotel, served by a Chinese girl at a hotel restaurant, or go on a scenic tour with a guide and hardly understand due to their very broad Irish accent I started to wonder where are the NZers and why are they not doing these jobs. If tourism is going to become our biggest earner we need to push training more NZers in the hospitality industry. These people are the face of NZ so my challenge to NZ businesses in the tourism business start finding ways on how to attract more NZers to help run your business than taking the easier route of employing seasonal foreign workers.

    • Aucky

      I wholeheartedly agree Sally but what will we do with all of those seasonal Kiwi workers in the off-season? In no way am I being critical of your views and this is a serious issue. Uni holidays Nov-Feb could provide part of the answer as they do cover a large portion of the high season but how to tap that resource and ensure that students are trained to a sufficiently high level.

    • Usaywot

      Where I work we take on students for part time work from a travel college. Invariably they are foreigners or I’ll educated NZers who think being in the travel industry will be like being on permanent holiday. Few of them are any good and don’t last long. The problem in NZ is that travel training is seen as an easy option for the less academic. There is not enough emphasis placed on a high quality intake to travel colleges and many of the overseas students have very poor English. They probably wouldn’t qualify for university so it is a good way to get a student visa to NZ. If we are serious about our travel industry we should take more pride in it and expect Excellence in every area. In Turkey you cannot be a tourist guide unless you have a university degree in a relevant subject and excellent English. All Turkish guides are superb.

    • Greg M

      Agree Sally, but one of the problems is that kiwis don’t see tourism / hospitality as a career. A good example would be that here people see being a waiter as a job to pay the bills to get you through uni, whereas overseas being a waiter is quite correctly seen as a professional career.

      • Mark

        I remember back in the 80’s (1980’s) while on a retail course that exact point being made to me by the tutor who was a Qualified Silver Service waiter who had made his money in Europe before heading back to NZ.

        No I didn’t go on to become a waiter,but…

      • johnandali

        I would think that in London, there wouldn’t be a British-born cleaner in any of the hotels. I’m not being critical, as they’re all very good workers and are very polite. It’s just the way things are.

    • axeman

      The other thing about Tourism is that the jobs are generally low paid service workers, and why would you do that when you can sit at home on the dole and get the same amount.

    • Muzman349

      Funnily enough being in the Travel industry it always amazes me when I call a hotel in Auckland I get a foreign voice every time on the reception desk.
      Why is the question as you do not go to Beijing and find a Kiwi on reception over there. But maybe it is to cater to the foreign tourist themselves not to be faced with an english speaker on check-in.

      • Oh Please

        You’ll be served by a Kiwi or Aussie in most London pubs!

    • johnandali

      It’s exactly the same in many other countries. Visit London. It’s likely that any person you have any contact with will not be a Pom. It’s a fact of life in this modern world.

  • hookerphil

    Week 9

    Gosh, Isherman must be concentrating now as he equal top scores for the week with 42 and clears out to a 11 point lead with 371. Equaling with 42 was Sally who shot back up to 2nd, now with 360. Another screen shot requied for that effort. Hurricane Jude had a poor round for her and slips to 3rd at 358 from mooloozamaze on 354. Still a battle for 5th with 3 players still equal on that score. The biggest difference now appears to be the ability to correctly pick the winning margins, not just the team. Blues playing next week so that will always be good for multi choices.

    • Isherman

      Weather conditions affecting the Blues- Rebels aside, I’m not convinced the Blues will walk away with it unless they play as well if not better than they have. At this stage, and it could change, but I’m leaning towards the Rebels.
      The other game I would be careful with is the Lions – Canes match.

  • Old Kiwi

    Thinking about the French tourists attacked in Dargaville.

    “The French couple had only been in New Zealand a short while, but still plan to continue their holiday despite being traumatised by the incident, police say.”

    The reality is that their holiday will not be the same. They will constantly be looking over their shoulders for the next low life. Unfortunately they will more than likely have long departed our shores before that incident will fade from their memory and lives will more on.

    If tourism is now our number 1 export earner we really do need to come down hard on these scumbags.

    Remind me again why I will never go back to Paris, beautiful city that it is. They have lowlifes their too. But I gather most of theirs is imported.

  • Seriously?

    US election odds update

    Trump has firmed slightly as nominee (now $1.43), getting back to where he was in late March, but still down on his best in late Feb (then $1.28).

    Clinton meanwhile remains an unbackable favorite to win her nomination race, and a firm favorite for the Presidency at $1.36. Her marginal change in that respect sees her at the tightest odds since I started monitoring these in late January.

    Republican nomination:
    Trump: 1.43 (on 21/4 was 1.58)
    Cruz: 4.80 (on 21/4 was 3.85)
    Kasich: 21.00 (on 21/4 was 20.00)

    Democrat nomination:
    Clinton: 1.05 (on 21/4 was 1.05)
    Sanders: 21.00 (on 21/4 was 22.00)

    Next president:
    Clinton: 1.36 (on 21/4 was 1.39)
    Trump: 6.40 (on 21/4 was 6.20)
    Cruz: 24.00 (on 21/4 was 20.00)
    Sanders: 38.00 (on 21/4 was 48.00)

  • pisces8284 .

    Bit of desperation from a newspaper

    • OneTrack

      How long before they merge into the one publication. The Herald are already doing their best.

  • JohnO

    You cant win a war with these tactics but you can be a a pain.

    “According to the news, the United States is stepping up its use of cyber attacks and psychology against ISIS. For example, U.S. cyber forces are creating fake messages to send ISIS fighters to the wrong places.

    But the funniest part is that the U.S. military is openly bragging about their cyber tricks. That’s because the bragging makes the tricks stronger. We want ISIS to distrust 100% of their communications. That way we can use a few fake messages to destroy the credibility of all.”