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  • LabTested

    In Europe the first day of Spring is officially the 20th of March, well over a month ago. Spring does strange things to a young mans head & heart – for example, a couple of hours sun shine makes him take is bike out of winter storage & set off on a much needed road trip.

    The photo below was sent by friends 2 days ago from near Graz in Austria. The road trip got abandoned. – Curse that global warming (pic)

    • Aucky

      I was talking to the guys in our London office a couple of hours ago. At 5.00am here in Auckland it was 16 degrees, at 6.00pm in London it was 9 degrees.
      No wonder we have an immigration blowout.

      • Dave of the West Bank

        2.2° here in Mot-choo-acre, Aucky. Fire’s going, though, so still in shorts and T-shirt.

        • Aucky

          Ouch Dave, that’s a tad uncivilised but I’ll bet you have a bloody beaut bonza sunny day to look forward to.

          • Dave of the West Bank

            Yep, and we’re gonna get it, too. Hence the shorts and T-shirt in anticipation of a painless transition to the great outdoors.

    • Sally

      Please tell me that white stuff is no longer around. Heading that way in just over a week. I am planning to pack for spring weather, the thermals were going to be left behind.

      • LabTested

        That is Spring weather. It will quite often dump snow for a day or 2 in that region. The difference between spring & winter is that in spring it could snow one day & then be +12 degrees the next, so the snow does not stick around

        Even when the sun is out there can be a wind chill – so expect everything.

        I’m planning a long weekend trip & the weather forecast changes from 3 degrees & torrential rain to +16 & sun within a few hours when I next check. They can’t make up their minds. Trust no one

  • Metricman

    What an appalling front page of the Ferald. It is so obviously an attempted hit on the PM as to be laughable. Would like to know if the photo is a composite or photoshop-job, if so I think they should be prosecuted. The very rough play on words is somewhat ham-fisted. Surely our highly skilled, trained and esteemed journalists can do better.

  • Cadwallader

    The msm is ablaze about the alleged actions of JK’s lawyer. The dots between an apparent lobbying by him and the involvement of JK in the Panama dealings haven’t of course been connected. It would require all of the imagination of JK Rowling (psst: look at her initials!) and Conan Doyle to draw the idiotic conclusions now being spouted in the media and by the rabble purporting to be the Opposition. Yet another flat-earth theory masquerading as news.

    Why was the Little Angry visit to the ME a secret? Did he not want his very loyal caucus to know he was away from his list seat and thereby present them with an opportunity to have yet another leadership change? Or; did he suppose that his arrival in the ME with his worldly IQ and pulsating charisma would further de-stabilise the region and force a Putin backdown? He is important you know and it is time we all recognised this…..

    • R&BAvenger

      First item on Breakfast. Shaw leading the smears, Turei after 7. Luckily I am on my commute to work.

      • Aucky

        I was really hoping for better leadership from Shaw but he’s just Russell in a $2k suit and a decent haircut.

      • Aucky

        Guyon Espiner of all people put Shaw through the mill this morning and Shaw ended up downgrading his accusations of undue big business influence to ‘a minor discrepancy’. That won’t stop Shaw blathering on for the rest of the day though. Looking forward to an oh so predictable QT next week.

    • Richard

      Is it just me, or is this Winston’s doppelgänger?

    • Isherman

      Look, the only race that Andrew Little is leading, and is likely to lead for that matter, is the travel spending race by non-minister MP’s…and he’s simply determined to hold onto the lead, so a round trip to Iraq & Jordan will help him stretch that lead. Maybey after the visit to the refugees in Jordan he could swing by Petra and rack up a few more Dinar’s there…just for good measure.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Andy’s visit cant have been a secret, the media new about it……

    • Secrecy is for security reasons.

      • Cadwallader

        I suppose so. But, whose security? Would Angry’s presence in the ME really be noticed by the other players? Is Angry likely to be a desirable hostage for ISIS? After an hour or so his negativity would get to the whole lot of them.

        • hookerphil

          Bit of a bleak day here just waiting for the cloud cover to break, your last sentence just warmed me up.

          • Cadwallader

            I suspect the ISIS boys would start slitting their own throats to get away from Angry. There’d be far too few virgins to go around.

        • R&BAvenger

          The whole visit would have been ‘secret’ as is any visit to a war zone by pollies. Angry Spittle was just along for the ride, but somehow that comes out of the journalist trained and skilled end as ‘his’ secret visit.

        • Raibert

          Security is for all involved, including the accompanying journalists who are necessary to get this riveting news to the awaiting public.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Another work week over and came across this video:
    When it comes to musicians I love what I love and leave the rest.
    Over the years Maroon five was part of leaving the rest, I was simply indifferent. However Adam Levine from Maroon five is all grown up and this is the best cover of any of Princes songs I have come across all week and done before Princes passing

    • Richard

      Nice, and a guest appearance by Patrick Monahan from Train.

  • Hard1

    It is not often you will see a youtube video put up on Stuff, so when Laura McQuillan has a go at Kevin Rudd, calling him cringeworthy, causing poor Laura feelings of embarrassment or awkwardness, I just had to see if she is right. But she isn’t.
    Despite the low-grade journalistic effort which just repeats the interview in print with added snide comments, Rudd come across as a man with a sense of humor on a comedy show. Laura dislikes you Kevin. Watch out.

  • Cadwallader

    Is it possible that the authorities who have acted against Wicked Camper-vans could be persuaded to move against the next Labour bus which will be covered with stupid slogans about envy/tax/being positive and other falsehoods. I would find a Labour bus with that form of livery as offensive as much of the adolescent yearnings on the side of the Wicked vans. The problem is there remains about 23% of the voting population who still take Labour seriously while the Wicked vans are essentially humorous.

  • Macca

    Even if NZ was a tax haven (which it’s not), do the left seriously think that the average voter in the street cares? Once again Labour and the Greens teaming up and reverting to the same old filth that hasn’t worked for them yet and won’t work now. Talk about the definition of stupidity.

    I remember years back, a girl I knew had 3 red setter dogs. If their brains were dynamite, they wouldn’t have had enough to blow their nose and I remember thinking at the time they had to be the dumbest animals God had ever put breath in to and notice now you seldom see one. I think Labour and the Greens are the red setters of our political system.

    • Hobbes

      I have had 4 Irish (Red) Setters over the last 40 years. They are widely acknowledged to be one of the brightest dog breeds. They are used as guide dogs and companion dogs for disabled people in many countries along with Shepherds and Labradors. The problem is they need a firm hand when training. They are very exuberant and active and like to do as they please which is running jumping and generally acting like they are crazy. When trained they are brilliant. Generally they are too bright for their owners. They are also very good looking which alone sets them apart from Labour and the Greens.

      • Mags

        Sounds like if they were a child they might be medicated with Ritalin:))
        My desired dog as a teenager. But happily ended up with a rehoused Airedale.

  • Sally

    Starting to get worried that the opposition might call for inquiry on how I got a job with the Ministry of Works over 40 years ago. Fortunately no correspondence was entered into, just a friendly conversation between two mates, my dad and the Minister of Work, Percy Allen.. But to reassure Mr Shaw, yes I did got for an interview.

  • Second time around

    RNZ (Cunliffe, welcome back from the cold David, and they even described
    him as “Labour Leader” in the 8 am news headlines) was on about the
    Argentinian brothers’ criminal conviction for leaking chromates from
    their tannery into a stream. The implication was that it proved they had bad
    character so should not have been allowed to buy the
    north Taranaki property. Their link to Panama corroborates that view as the story goes. There Is a big difference between a leak and a deliberate dumping. In NZ it is not criminal to leak
    caustic soda into a public water supply causing injury (Waitoa) or to allow ones cattle
    to graze the local stream (a judge’s recreational farm), but perhaps industrial accidents are viewed more seriously in Argentina.

  • sheppy

    Watching Paul Henry,’it appears that Twitter is outraged that the Huntly Coal Fired power station is being kept ready for last ditch use for an extra 4 years. Presumably they’d rather the country was plunged into darkness in the depths of winter?
    I guess it fits with the Greens desire for us all to take a giant leap backwards

    • Seriously?

      They keep quoting the stat that 28% of the emission from electricity generation comes from burning coal. Stupid fools.

      Of course that number is high, even though so little of our generation is from coal. It is high because the huge majority of electricity generation in NZ causes next to no emissions (at least now tat it has been built) – hydro. If anything I’m surprised that stat is not even higher, but the fact remains that we have one of the worlds highest proportions of low emission generation.

      The answer is solar? What goes into building the cells, and the batteries? How will that have sufficient supply to meet peak demands when they occur in darkness? I heard Paul Henry adopt the suggestion of some fool that we have more wood burners instead of electric heat pumps – ignorant stupidity.

      Electricity, generated from the likes of hydro or geothermal sources, is the answer, not the problem. We should have more of it, not less. What do the idiots think will power electric cars?

      These stupid fools would be the first to tie themselves to a tree if we ever contemplated building more hydro – which we should do.

      • JohnO

        Water vapor is a far more potent greenhouse gas than CO2. If someone bothered to calculate the increase in H2O in the atmosphere caused by the Hydro lakes we might find there is a bigger proportion of anthropogenic global warming from the greenhouse effect due to evaporation of water rather than to our CO2 generation from the Huntly power station. Cows and sheep in NZ are also a large contributer to our greenhouse emissions from the production of methane.

    • Tony

      These same people would be the first to complain if they were without power!

    • R&BAvenger

      I saw the item on Prime News and thought – yes, the Greens/Greenpeace are onto another loser here.
      Genesis Energy acts responsibly, becoming aware of a lack of generating capacity for the near future, up until 2022. It works in conjunction with other generators to ensure security of supply for the said period. The coal fired power station will be used only at times its needed. The people of Huntly seem happy, based on those interviewed for the programme.
      Also the general public will be happy, as the choice is security of supply or potential blackouts during this period. Having experience blackouts here in the 1970s, I know which option the majority would prefer.
      Instead the Twitersphere and looney Greenpeace get the coverage?

    • D.Dave

      I just wish they would embrace nuclear power. Very cheap, and very clean.

      • MarcWills

        Sorry Dave, but nuclear may be ‘cheap’ once up and running, but construction costs are eye watering. £18 billion for the new nuclear station to be built in the UK, and that is being financed by the French construction company. Even Canada has chosen to forgo nuclear because of the start up costs.

        • Asian_driver

          Couldnt we just get a used one then?

    • Gladwin

      Isn’t Tiwai Point the problem? If they close we will have hydro power to Africa and beyond. Uncertainty is holding up new investment (ngawha springs excluded) and Huntly is insurance.

  • MCDEM @NZcivildefence

    There is no #tsunami threat to New Zealand following the 7.3 m Vanuata earthquake at 0733 NZ time.

    • Dan

      Here in Vanuatu there was a significant rolling going on for about 20-30 seconds we get a 7.X quake at least once a year but this one was shallow and near Luganville Santo.

      Wiĺl post again if anything of interest comes up

        • Dan

          Deep clean water with white coral sand on the bottom, surrounded by bush. This is a “Blue Hole” and there are several to swim in in Santo. A must do! Here is the same blue hole on a lazy afternoon in November last year.

        • Doc45

          Its the nature of the feed. Blue water is clean, pollution free, vital, carrying useful elements.

          Red water is lased with bloody constituents, forced out through narrow fissures, using the red colour to hide its lack of any useful ingredients.

          Green water is heavily contaminated, slimy and undrinkable. Should be shunned completely. It occasionally gets presented, dressed up as being wholesome and pure but that is part of the deception.

          I have heard there is some yellow water around but it is rare but may have really useful composition.

          As for black water…. run a mile. It is often heavily laced with alcoholic substances and drips with a deceptive looking wavy substance.

        • Tom

          Reflection from the sky, Thats why its grey in the uk.

  • Wayne Hodge

    I have to confess. I once worked in a so called tax haven; plus I have met John Key and on occasion I wear a Panama Hat. Given the MSM penchant for stringing unconnected facts together even though years apart and calling the resulting frothy concoction a perception does this mean I have a problem?

    • Ruahine

      I have a Panama hat David. I ‘Trust’ that this is O.K. and that I am not breaking any laws.

      • Seriously?

        I’m sorry to advise you that it is blatant criminality.

        Panama hats are crimes against fashion, the only exceptions being for those over 70 while they are driving a car, and anyone on an organised wine tour. In both cases the hat then serves as a warning to members of the public that the wearer should be given a wide berth.

        • Usually accompanied by a sweater artfully draped over the shoulders in what we in this household call “The Amway Throw”. Shudder.

      • Wayne Hodge

        I assume you a man, then wear your Panama and masculinity with pride.

  • Dave of the West Bank

    Stuff has an opinion piece on the driving habits of New Zealanders here: http://www.stuff.co.nz/stuff-nation/assignments/share-your-news-and-views/14585725/Uncertain-drivers-are-the-problem

    The comments seem to reflect the sentiments of mainly two factions; those that think that anyone travelling faster than 80 is an irresponsible idiot and feel compelled to obstruct following traffic ‘for their own good’, and those of the opposite camp who despise and curse the former. There are some who are just amused by the drongoism of many who comment – those with an apparent IQ of a reasonably intelligent parsnip.

    The issue has caused a few sluggish grey cells to re-activate and I’ve come to the conclusion that if one is to overtake legally here in NZ there is hardly anywhere to do it. The corollary is, of course, is that hardly anyone overtakes legally. I’ve looked at the Road Code and noted that:

    1. You must follow the ‘two second rule’ at any speed as the correct distance behind the vehicle in front of you

    2. You must signal three seconds before commencing the overtaking manoeuvre

    3. You must signal three seconds before re-joining the lane of the overtaken vehicle

    4. If you are overtaking on a two-laned road, you must have 100 metres of clear road ahead at the end of the overtaking movement.

    So, putting all this to a spreadsheet one finds that if we all drove to the rules New Zealand traffic would become chaos.

    Imagine, if you will, having followed some holier-than-thou dolt for 25 kilometres or so followed in turn by another 50 vehicles all anxious to get to work, the airport or the doctor and you finally come to a 500 metre long overtaking lane, you apply your blinker and wait the Road Code mandated three seconds before commencing your manoeuvre , you would have used up a large part of the available space, and would already have been overtaken by half a dozen frustrated drivers before you can even start. You can follow the scenario through in your own mind each step taken as per the law and you can understand the point I’m trying to make.

    The other day I was following an articulated truck at 90 kmh when we came to a 924 metre-long overtaking lane which is not of sufficient length to legally overtake the truck if he maintained his speed, and I demonstrate this in the table below.

    As it happened, the truck driver increased his speed to 111 kmh (clocked on my GPS) and I gave up and dropped back.

    I demonstrate that to overtake a truck of 25 metres in length, each travelling at their legal their limit, you need 2.6 kilometres of clear road on a two-laned highway, and invite corrections if I’m wrong.

    • HR

      Good points Dave. I have always figured less time spent on the wrong side of the road is best, so I try to get it over with asap. If that means exceeding the speed limit momentarily, so be it. Unfortunately, the natural habitat of the current crop of NZ police seems to be at the end of those passing lanes.

      • hookerphil

        Now I could be wrong (often told I am ) but cannot really recall seeing them sitting at the end in the South Island.

    • Mick Ie

      Each time the-powers-that-be reduce the speed limit, the unconfident drivers don’t drive at the new limit, they reduce their speed further. It is slow drivers that are the problem. They are the ones forcing competent drivers to accelerate to go around them, so we can actually arrive at our destination on time.

    • Sailor Sam

      Having,in the last fortnight, driven about 5000 klms in Australia, from suburban Brisbane and Melbourne to the NSW and Qld outback, i believe that one major issue in NZ is the truck speed limit of 90 kph.
      Over there trucks/caravan towing grey nomads etc have the same speed limit as cars.
      Thus one is not continually confronted by slower trucks/ caravans etc.
      Even roadtrains travel at the same speed as cars.
      This makes the whole traffic flow much more fluent.
      Incidentally excessive speeds are not noticeable either, everybody drives at or very near the speed limits, thus there is no need to overtake all the time because of slow drivers.
      Speed limits are strictly enforced, especially in NSW where they have a system of linked cameras, it measures the time taken between 2 camera positions – ie: travel time to short=speeding.
      In fact I recall only one vehicle overtaking as on a 110 kph road in the Qld outback, but 10 klms later we saw that he had been pinged by a cop.
      There is very little crazy overtaking as happens here, there is just no need, this also makes driving a pleasure.

    • sheppy

      I suspect that is one of the reasons the road toll goes up everytime the NZ police roll out their 4K, lets make lots of money for your own good, tolerance!
      Those that think 80K is fast should take a trip to Europe or get themselves a more competent vehicle.
      NZ roads can be challenging in places, but isn’t that part of the skill of being a driver?

  • Hmmm, bacon buttie. Life is good.

    • Wayne Hodge

      With brown sauce I trust?

      • Hell no. Why mess with perfection?

        • Seriously?

          The only appropriate improvement on bacon in a buttie is to use in a pasta. Praise be unto his noodleness on this holly of days. Ramen.

    • sheppy

      Egg, Bacon & Mushroom sandwich for me this morning, an excellent way to start the day

      • Wayne Hodge

        Why would you adulterate perfectly good bread and bacon with egg and mushroom.

        • sheppy

          To turn it into a staple breakfast food for when the other half is away

  • Aucky

    I found out the other day that the person running the media for Goff’s mayoral campaign is none other than Annette King’s ex Press Secretary. So how ‘Independent’ is Goff and who’s paying the bills?

    • His whole team is labour and ex-Len Brown.

  • Isherman

    Subject matter aside, this is funny. It’s been ages since we have been treated to open hostility in the street between members of the same Party, in this treat of an example we have the UK Labour Party’s John Mann & Ken Livingstone. Man, have they got some problem in that circus.


  • rexabus

    more sensational reporting in the herald last night. Where do they get the nerve to write “without cause”?

    Family: 2 Palestinian siblings slain by Israel without cause

    11:45 PM Thursday Apr 28, 2016
    QATANA, West Bank (AP) ” The parents of two Palestinian siblings gunned down at a West Bank checkpoint say Israeli troops killed them without cause.

    The deaths of 24-year-old Maram and her 16-year-old brother, Ibrahim Taha, raise new questions about Israel’s use of lethal force against Palestinians with knives.

    Sarit Michaeli of the Israeli rights group B’Tselem said Thursday that it often finds the “degree of threat posed by the individual was much lower than was claimed by security forces.”

    Israeli police says troops shot the Taha siblings on Wednesday after they ignored calls to stop and Maram threw a knife at a policeman.

    Since September, 28 Israelis and two Americans have been killed by Palestinians, while some 200 Palestinians have been killed by Israelis, mostly in what Israel says were attacks or attempted attacks.

  • Dan

    Here is an interesting observation from Fox’s O’Reilly on the reason why Trump is winning.

    “After nearly eight years of the most liberal president in U.S. history, millions of voters have had enough of a social system that directly denigrates their values and caters to non-working individuals.

    “They want someone to blow that system to hell.

    That’s why Trump is winning.

    Live proof that should sent a signal to socialists everywhere that catering to non-working individuals is not a vote winner or acceptible to the general population. Add to that pandering (patronising) minority groups to the point of being detrimental to the masses is also failed policy.It didn’t work in Venuzuela, Brazil or the USA.

    What the world needs are policies that support, applaud and reward hard working individuals that contribute to the well being of society, and not bludgers, troughers and crims.

    source: http://insider.foxnews.com/2016/04/27/bill-oreilly-breaks-down-exactly-why-trump-winning

    • Crowgirl

      Trump is just enough of the left and the right to appeal to the mainstream as well. He is not ideologically hidebound.

      While everyone was looking to Sanders for their ‘revolution’, Trump is actually delivering a blue-collar one. It’s fascinating to watch.

  • XCIA

    I get the impression that the plan by MSM through its delinquent Union left wing reporters, Nippert, Fisher et al is to cast as much doubt in the public mind by promulgating half truths that cause readers to join dots that are simply not there. If some mud sticks on the way through, that’s a bonus for them. Its time that some good people turned the tables on this shower of pathetic individuals as I would be confident that there are skeletons just bursting to get out of their cupboards.

    • Melissa

      Have to agree with you. The word of the moment seems to be ‘perception’ and the opposition and MSM are trying their damndest to throw as much rubbish out there as they possibly can. I’m sure a lot of people believe that if there’s smoke, there’s fire. Unfortunately these people get to vote!

  • ClassificationOffice @NZOFLC

    Thanks for questions/comments about #WickedCampers, we’ll respond to these shortly.

  • Crowgirl

    Interesting column by Frances Cook over at A Newspaper. Same old boring John Key’s lawyer based conspiracy theories, but a pointed jab at the Greens towards the end of the column over them shopping the lawyer story to at least 3 different outlets. Someone doesn’t like their ‘exclusive’ being taken off them:

    “But problems with trust go across the political spectrum. It was the Green Party which uncovered the story, after some excellent investigation. Less good is that they then spoke to several media outlets, leaving at least three with the impression that they had an exclusive story.

    It’s not the end of the world, and it’s still the Prime Minister who will face the most questions over this. But the Green Party might find media wary of them, the next time they uncover dirt on their opponents.”

    • Isherman

      Heh, wonder if it’s worth keeping an eye on Green party twitter feeds, not sure Frances spilling the fact that the Greens were shopping their story was part of the plan, lol.

      • Is that Dirty Politics? Or only if they used a blog?

        • Isherman

          That was the next question. In fact the story here so far is the Greens and the shopping of stories through the media, not to say the Greens would be alone in that, but at present there is little substance to what the opposition are relentlessly pursuing, it’s just a fishing expedition at this stage, and an increasingly desperate one at that.

        • Crowgirl

          Sounds pretty grubby to me, and A Newspaper clearly has the ‘ump lol.