Whaleoil is too boring, and its readers are getting shafted


That’s the gist of an email I received today.  The email essentially proposes that all the good stuff is now going into INCITE: Politics, and what’s left here is just the dregs.

I’ve already publicly stated the opposite, and the person clearly won’t take my word for it.

So I would like readers of INCITE: Politics to describe below what their experience is.

The question:

Is the content in INCITE: Politics what you would normally find on Whaleoil?

As for Whaleoil being boring.  After the mad heights of the last election with Kim Dotcom and then the Dirty Politics fallout, I hope you don’t mind if I say “thank goodness it is!”.   What’s the old saying?  May you live in interesting times.  I can assure you that something a little more sane and sensible is good for my health and general happiness.

However, I still live in interesting times.  The problem is that as I battle people through the courts, as I lay complaints with police, as I am a litigant and defendant in several court actions with Mr A, Colin Craig, Mr B and Mr C, I need to place my own needs ahead of those of my readers by not trying to waffle on in public about it.


But it is  boring in the sense that I haven’t had death threats for a while.  And it is boring in the sense that this is a political blog and we’re going through an extremely bland period of politics.  I was hoping the local body elections would provide some spark, but so far it is all yawn.


So, INCITE readers, please share your experiences below, with a special emphasis on “Is Whaleoil being gutted to put the best bits into INCITE and charge for it?”.

And if anyone wants to share ideas on how to make Whaleoil less boring while at the same time not bringing threats of violence or fresh court action my way, feel free to let me know.


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  • iant

    I’d actually like to check out Incite by buying the latest version first, but it seems like you have to sign up to a subscription………………….

    • STAG

      Same, $30 a month per month, I’m not sure I want to jump in with full $360 straight away.

      • XCIA

        Just think of it as a WO subscription to enjoy your favourite blog with Incite thrown in for good measure. You are better informed, its more fun than any MSM subscription and you are actively helping in keeping alive your right to be FREED!

    • Spiker

      You can do that. Just unsubscribe after you recieve your copy. You can resubscibe to get the next ussue if you wish, or not.

  • Mav E Rick

    …speaking about Dotcom….I was thinking last night what has happened to him. Since the election which he helped lose for the party he hijacked, losing the court case against John Banks and separating from his wife…he has stayed unusually quiet.

    I’m with iant below – it would be good to be able to purchase an edition without having to subscribe for a few months, to check it out.

  • Wayne Hodge

    In my view the newsletter and blog are different, content and depth of analysis with varied contributios

  • Orca

    Probably the person writing the email has seen the awesome stuff that some other groups do for their followers, like designing them a celebratory tea towel for 100-years of support. That is hard to beat of course in dispelling boredom.

    I dunno, maybe we could have a sausage-sizzle, with cherios and party balloons, and some dancing girls most certainly wouldn’t go amiss. But I’m sure that I would not be alone in suggesting that the highlight for all of us, that would wipe any form of boredom from our faces, would be if we could see Pete dancing in a tutu, even if just for that one fleeting moment.

    • Chris EM

      I wouldn’t want to see that again.

    • Wasapilot

      Seeing you asked

      Refresh for picture

      Re Incite, I have received every issue, and am in no mind to unsubscribe. Greg M sums it up well above. The variety of guest contributors astounded me, Chris Trotter to Winston Peters. The editorial comments added by Cam and Simon Lusk are balanced, based on logic and evidence, and in no way appear tribal.

      • Well now. And you said you’d never publicise our night together. Beast!

      • Orca

        Nah, it’s been photoshopped. Don’t you find that just so demeaning to chimps, that they have to trim the waist here, accentuate the bust there? The natural chimp body is beautiful. I may even start a new fashion label.

      • Huia

        Is that Pete in drag, oh my word he hasn’t gone the Bruce Jenner path has he.
        Mind you, he does look cute in pink.

      • Spiker

        So that’s what the ban hammer looks like..

  • Seriously?

    Maybe a back-copy of Incite could be made publicly available on this site so that people can see whether they might want to subscribe, and your emailer can put their mind at rest?

  • Sally

    I would like to suggest a weekly Q&A post with guest. It would be great sometimes to ask politicians, local or central government, or other people in the media their views.
    One day have a post announcing who the guest is, commentators place questions in the comment section and the next day a post with answers from the guest.
    The local body elections would be a good place to start. I feel we have all grown up now commentating wise and there should be some interesting stuff to discuss.

    • KGB

      We may have grown but have they?
      Politicians are not allowed to play on this end of the field.
      They hang out in the left blogosphere dirty tackling, with little to no moderation in play, condemning any association of WO.
      But it’s a great idea Sally :)

      • Sally

        They need to get over themselves. Surely an independent mayoral candidate need some exposure on the right if he wants to show that he is a man for all sides of the political spectrum. If he is happy to front on Martin/Martyn blog he should feel comfortable coming here and explaining his policies to Auckland voters.

  • Old Kiwi

    At the risk of “Explaining is losing”, (sorry just had to :), I find they are different formats and certainly haven’t noticed any drop off in the quality of articles on the blog. Some overlap between the two was actually expected but is in fact very limited IMHO. Which reminds me I must cancel my single issue subscription and get myself a better rate for yearly sub. Certainly no complaints here. Keep up good work.

  • Left Right Out

    Well the “Ladies and Gentlemen of Whale Oil” Calendar will be a nice stocking stuffer at Christmas… I can hardly wait….. hmmmmm on second thoughts

    • spanishbride

      Do we have to be naked? Just asking ;)

      • Left Right Out

        Maybe naked holding up a sign with something on it SB….. Mine will have NO on placed across the appropriate place of course…

    • You haven’t “seen” Nige. We have. And I can assure you, that a calender with Nige on it would be quite a niche product.

      CAN NOT UNSEE!!!!

  • Seriously?

    Video interviews.

    It could even incorporate Sally’s idea by having us post our questions as she suggests, but someone then interviews the person and ask whatever of our questions they want to, along with their own. It gets video recorded, and put on here.

  • Woody

    Incite and the blog are two different animals which complement each other nicely with neither taking anything away from the other, in fact in my view, Incite adds significantly to WO with a depth that is not suitable for a blog. I’m happy with both.

  • Woody

    I agree with your ps, just wish I was in the right position.

    • Dave

      ah, me too, if i was in the position, it would be a done deal. Be a far better investment than that dodgy damn dam in HB.

  • Nige.

    Who cares. It’s your blog your life. If people don’t want to read any more then stuff them. Funny thing is though…they keep reading anyway.

    As for the question: there is no comparison. Incite is very formal and has actual first hand interviews with political players. The polling section is incredible.

    You have to see it to believe it.

    Anyone who has read incite politics would never compare it to wobh. It’s something else altogether.

  • Jude

    The blog is very different from Incite. As others have noted there are very informative guest articles from a range of contributers in Incite.
    The blog covers a lot of ground , not only political but news from around the World.
    I also very much enjoy the comments made on the blog, the people here add to the pleasure of reading the blog and becoming more informed:)

  • Old Dig

    Boring? No way! WO has become my primary source of information on current events and politics. It’s a great format without all the bleeding hearts drivel you find elsewhere. Keep up the excellent work.

  • essiep

    I subscribed from the beginning and have enjoyed all of the issues so far. I find the polling especially interesting. I don’t spend as much time on WO as I have in the past but that is just because not a lot is happening at the mo. The blog & INCITE have quite different looks & feels. They are complimentary. I don’t think that the blog is missing out at all. The information in INCITE is stuff that wouldn’t have been on the blog anyway.

  • Huia

    I enjoy the blog, visit it a few times every day. Have not subscribed to Incite yet, but it sounds very informative and interesting.
    Sure, its a bit quieter at the moment but that’s okay too, without Dot Com its better for my blood pressure..
    Little Angry Andy and the left ‘s hair brained efforts to derail the Government are hilarious although tedious at times.
    ie same old drum, different day.
    I enjoy the face of the day, the interesting articles on “different” people and their stories that I had no idea about, the debates and the breaking news and clarification of news presented by the MSM.
    You can learn something new everyday.
    Great efforts by the AO team, you do very, very well and your hard work is appreciated by me and most others obviously.
    Keep up the good work and thankyou.

  • Hard1

    Incite is in-depth analysis, whereas the comments here which receive the most upvotes are the most witty or cunning or revealing, so Whaleoil for the news and gossip, and Incite for the background.

  • Diehard

    Boring…no…a bit over sensitive and precious to normal everyday kiwi language which means too much censorship disguised as moderation. Just saying.

  • Regan Cunliffe

    Thanks Dave

  • Si1970

    I automatically pay for INCITE by the month rather than annually so it costs me a bit more…my thinking being the extra ends up at WO in the wash up.

  • Bartman

    Some overlap but INCITE is a detailed examination of specific political content from several different perspectives – knowledgeable ones at that! Am also going to swap to annual sub as very pleased with editions to date.

  • seismac

    1–I think morning exercise video of Little Andy dancing in a pin would be good
    2– Video of Peter Dunn combing the HAIR in Cannabis oil
    3— Action videos of Winston visiting the distillery at 330am
    4—NZHerald editorial team choosing the front page at 2am

    I think Whaleoil has to takeover TV 2 and 3 for morning news and late night fun
    Whaleoil rules
    I will go back whaling if you leave the room

  • Uncle Bully

    The only thing I’m getting bored with is Andrew Little’s repetitive, mundane squawking. That WOBH is a political blog necessitates focusing and commenting on the fall and fall of Labour’s current attempt at leadership.

  • Kopua Cowboy

    I thought we all just came here for the cat videos?

    • WeaselKiss

      Hang with cat videos, what about more hunting stories ;)

  • Bryan

    this is the mid year of three year election cycle and things get a bit lower key in the middle year,and things will hot up again next year with the next bun fight

  • I subscribed to Incite first to support this blog. Also because I have a lot of time for David Farrar and his polling. It’s a very different beast to WO and I appreciate the remarkable range of contributors as others have said. I get a bit tired of some of Cam’s hobby horses on WO but I get over it and like the Daily Dose and other regulars they make this place what it is. The blog is a remarkable achievement and going to interesting new places with the engagement effort with Islam. And hands off Pete and the moderators. This the only blog where I’d be caught dead reading the comments.

  • Aylene Price

    I didn’t subscribe to incite – I like the balance of politics and the real world we get here on the blog, full on politics would make me want to bungy jump without a cord. The blog is great, not bored yet. :)