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  • Sally

    Q9 was a complete guess, process of elimination.

  • 10/10, two weeks in a row. I need to get out more, or WO needs to throw in a few curly ones. Or both. I did laugh at Q2 being 100%, there’s no confusion about Andrew Little’s ‘popularity’.

  • Wasapilot

    9/10. I thought bradford was MIA at that protest. I recall commenting that her and minto must have been on leave.

    So pleased to get the sealed section question correct though ?

  • Isherman

    10/10…I haven’t got out much this week, might go out for a beer tonight and get a life.

  • Justme

    9/10. Didn’t realise that Labour leaders got that low, and they allowed Little to seek new bottoms.

  • Dave

    Same as last week, 8/10 – must try harder, the problem with having a life as well :)

  • Woody

    9/10, didn’t see the sealed section so had to take a guess – wrong guess.

    • Carl

      Would I guess that you picked the breast reduction answer as I did?

      • Santa Fe fan

        Same here.

      • Woody


  • Brent

    First time ever 10/10 . Now do I Mow the lawns or start swatting for next week?

  • Moonroof

    8/10. Could do better, even if one was an outright guess.

  • Crowgirl


  • Chris EM

    9/10. : ( It said breast, so I clicked on it.

    • Quote of the Day ;)

  • I note there are requests for tougher questions.


    • hookerphil

      Not too tough, dropped to 8 this week. What sealed section?

      • Old Kiwi

        There was an article requiring a password during the week. Pete posted password in backchat that night saying “this might come in handy later tonight”. Go on admit it -you remember now. ?

      • Wasapilot

        Search for
        Sealed section
        In the Whaleoil search bar at the top of the page, top right hand corner HP

    • Disinfectant

      Here’s a tough question;
      If it takes a yard and a half of tripe to make an elephant a flannel waistcoat, then how long would it take for a bow legged kipper to swim through a barrel of treacle if apples are four-pence a pound.

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      Not from me there isn’t! :-)

    • patriot

      Nooooo! They are just right. ☺

  • HR


  • Steve kay

    My first 10. Won’t mum be proud

  • pisces8284 .


  • Disinfectant

    8/10. But my “stuff” quiz result was excellent.

  • Melissa


  • Keeping Stock

    Only 8/10 this week. I must apply myself better.

  • Old Kiwi

    10/10 again :-) Run the questions sometimes passed Mrs OK just to make sure she is keeping up. Classic answer to No. 5 regarding the labour % question. Mrs OK thought It definitely should have been “All of the above”. Gave her 10/10 just for that.

  • JEL51

    Sad effort 5/10, shouldn’t attempt without first putting in some study time. It must be expected when becomes a hotelier/ tour guide, I guess.

  • D.Dave

    10/10. Even after a tough day on the sideline. Took my time to read the questions.

  • Keyser Soze

    10/10 either the questions were easier or my life was particularly dull last week.