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  • Wasapilot

    8/10, hit the wrong button on travel expences, and I knew the answer. Must work on my hand / eye coordination in preparation for next weeks quiz.

    Lawn mowing here I come.

  • kiwisnab

    Spoilers alert – Q8 clever

  • Miss McGerkinshaw

    Feeling very clever, or should get a life, but my first nine!!!
    Had no clue about question 10 and guessed wrong, rats.

    • Chris EM

      Same here with 10, only 9 : (

  • Crowgirl

    7/10, oh dear

  • Carl

    Time to gloat 10 for me. On reflection maybe I need a life.

  • Lux

    7/10 .. I was doing so well at first and my little heart was racing, is this going to be the day? .. Then Whammo it’s all over rover ..

  • I tried to make it a little harder this time, so people who got 10/10 really ARE tragics. The only way you can get 10/10 is if you have read it here.

    • Barnacles2

      Woo hoo 10/10 obviously tragically spending too much time here :) oh well better get out to the garden…

  • Ouch, 6/10 and one of them was an overly hasty ipad scroll that resulted in a correct response which I wouldn’t have got otherwise. Good quizz.

    • Jude

      Ditto for me! Started off well then downhill

  • zotaccore

    4/10. Happy with that :)