Whaleoil Projects – The European Mount, ctd


I have finished my little project of mounting Colin the Deer.

When I last blogged I was waiting for some 50% hydrogen peroxide to bleach and clean the skull. That arrived and the job was done in about 20 minutes…and some mild pain with getting stuff on my fingers, despite wearing gloves. The bleaching was awesome and all the stray bits of meat and stuff in hard-to-get-at places were gone. The teeth loosened up a bit though and one fell out since the stuff holding them in got eaten away by the peroxide. I expected that and the next step fixed it all up. ?


The next step was to protect the skull and to stop all the loose bits getting looser or falling off….like the teeth.


I painted the skull with PVA glue, which filled the small cracks and sealed in the teeth. Then I spray-painted the skull with Clearkote automotive paint from Repco. This provided a nice gloss layer over the protective PVA glue, and the teeth are rock solid now.

The next step was to put together the walnut mount that I bought off Amazon from Walnut Hollow Country.

Putting it together was very easy with well-written instructions and nice templates to ensure the screws and holes were put in?the?right place.


The mounting kit contains everything you need, and comes flat-packed. It was simple to put together and you can choose to mount it in pedestal form, like I have, or turn around the head mounting board and then it can be wall mounted.2016-04-28-2

The mount is all finished. All I had to do then was drill a couple of holes in the base of the skull and run some wire through to hang the skull on another screw drilled in near the top of the back board.

The finished product looks awesome and this project is done. I really enjoyed making this and it helped distract from some of my stressors.

Now I’d better tidy my office and clear the top of the book shelf so I can display him there…and book another trip to get another head and repeat the whole process.