Whaleoil Weekly News Quiz


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  • Carl

    10, you beauty.

  • Wasapilot

    9/10, only had to guess one which was the one I missed. Go Scotland.

    • Lux

      Exactly the same here .. WhooHoo.. 9/10 as well!!

    • Disinfectant

      9/10 and missed the Scotland one too.
      Must be the stupid SNP Socialists.

  • stephen2d

    An easy one this week, 10/10 and I still need a life :)

    • Gaynor

      Easy? haha so that is why I got 10/10

  • Crowgirl

    10/10 – you will not break me

  • Dan

    Yeeeeesssss! First 10/10 for me!

  • hookerphil

    Used to be said that a good pool player was a sign of a misspent youth – what does another 10 say?

    • KGB

      Pete must get trickier ?

  • Dave

    Must study harder, only 8/10…….

    • Jude

      I have to pay more attention too!?

  • Woody

    10/10, only a couple that I had to think a few moments on.

  • Barnacles2

    8/10 missed the cyber bullying ones

  • Bluemanning

    9 out of 10 chose brownlee for liking food :-)

    • Keeping Stock

      Does Dunedin Hospital serve sausage roles and mince pies?

  • oldmanNZ

    i thought Helen only came back for other things than her husband.

    • Keeping Stock

      That was my sole downfall as well.

  • Justme

    10/10. Was considering throwing one answer so I could claim I wasn’t totally addicted to Whaleoil.

  • Time to get a life-10….and I haven’t even been on here much this week. Must be the articles that interest me :-)

  • Chris EM

    10, and no guesses this time.

  • Mick Ie

    9/10. One guess (cyber bullying) and misread Nicky Hagar’s one. As opposed to ‘aspiring’, I believe he is a failed politician?

  • Keyser Soze

    9… Bloody cyber bully!

  • Rick H

    10/10 – -first time for me. much better than last weeks 4/10

  • johcar

    10/10. Either it was too easy this week or I have been paying attention…

  • KiwiLliz

    Wooohoo! 10/10! Must have been too easy ;-)