Whaleoil Weekly News Quiz


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  • Justme

    I claim 9/10 as the quiz jumped to question 2 before I had an option of answering Q1. Didn’t think I had read Whaleoil that much this week. Must be sleep reading a lot (at work).

  • Keeping Stock

    8/10 . I guess I can claim having to spend three nights this week in Auckland as a legitimate excuse…

  • Woody

    8/10 Could do better.

  • Annie218

    8/10 – I wasn’t paying attention to tax or fat this week.

    • Lux

      Exactly the same here .. But it’s the best score I have had for a couple of weeks !

  • Crowgirl

    10/10 – I’m back baby!

  • pisces8284 .

    9/10. Better this week

    • KiwiLliz

      Same here and no guesses this week ;-)

  • Wasapilot

    7/10. Better than last weeks 4/10

    • Jude

      ditto for me too:)

    • XCIA

      The chocolate is working then ;-)

      • Wasapilot

        I don’t think I could face anymore chocolate X, overload. Might have to eat more bacon to see if that helps me claw back the 3 I need to get a 10/10.

        • XCIA

          Well, I’m consuming chocolate covered nuts and raisins, so I’m not sure what is responsible for my 10/10, but something is clearly working…….

  • jonno1

    10/10 with no guesses. I need to get out more.

  • Spiker

    Brain fade on the APN tax question, otherwise 9/10.

    • oldmanNZ

      me too, but it just seem so low

  • Momo

    Same 9/10

  • Odd Ball

    heh, 10/10, and I’m not even in NZ..

  • Chris EM

    10/10 and 4 were guesses. Must by a lotto ticket.

    • Disinfectant

      8/10 and no guesses.

  • Nermal

    I’m usually around 8 to10 so the old brain cells are still working. Probably helps that I get most of my news fro WO.

  • Soleman

    10 for the first time ever – might have to go and have a lie down

  • Duchess of Pork

    10/10. Feel good factor kicking in right now.

  • JKV

    10/10 for the first time. Taking a break from work and paying more attention to WO really helps!

  • essiep

    Yay. Back to 10/10.