What is it with lefty hypocrites?

It appears that Bernie Sanders has the complete set of the Shield of Sanctimony and the Cloak of Hypocrisy.

Bernie Sanders took a private jet to the Vatican to address a conference on wealth inequality on Friday, hours after attacking Hillary Clinton over her stance on fossil fuels.

The Democratic candidate is believed to have flown with fewer than 50 people aboard the Delta 767, a jet that can carry between 211 and 261 people.

Joining him on the more than  8,500-mile round trip flight were his wife, Jane, and 10 family members, including four grandchildren.

The whole trip would have used up to 33,193 gallons of fuel, calculated MailOnline, which noted that an average American – who is estimated to fly only 7,500 miles per year – releases fewer carbon emissions via aircraft in 12 months than Mr Sanders did for the trip to Rome.   

Hours earlier during the Democratic debate, Mr Sanders claimed some of Mrs Clinton’s support came from employees at oil companies and lobbyists for the fossil fuel industry. “‘As I understand it, 43 lobbyists for the fossil fuel industry maxed out, gave the maximum amount of money to Secretary Clinton’s campaign,” he said.

He also claimed to have “introduced the most comprehensive climate change legislation, including tax on carbon” – something, he said, Mrs Clinton did not support.

Addressing the Vatican conference, Mr Sanders issued a global call to action to tackle “immoral and unsustainable” wealth inequality and poverty, using the high-profile gathering to echo one of the central platforms of his presidential campaign.

Dickhead. Typical leftist politicians thinks he can say one thing and do another.


– The Telegraph


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  • Orca

    It reminds me of the lovely Al Gore, chartering a 737 to fly him all around the world to preach his message about how to reduce your carbon emissions. Perhaps we need a new category in the “Mile-High” club, i.e. the “Mile-High Hypocrisy”.

  • R&BAvenger

    This is the same guy who claims he was invited by the Pope when he actually invited himself?

  • “Joining him on the more than 8,500-mile round trip flight were
    his wife, Jane, and 10 family members, including four grandchildren.”

    The Left-Famous for two things. Prolific breeding and spending someone elses money for personal benefit.

  • Superman

    The fact that Bernie is so popular is a sad reflection on the shambles that America has become. He is going to turn it into the next Cuba.