What is your retail rant?


Today’s face of the day designed and brought to market beautiful shoes for women with big feet because she was sick of wearing jandals. Another lady had a viral rant recently about the total lack of sexy bras for women with big boobs.

Retail does not cater to everyone’s needs or wants. If I had the power to makes changes I would also target shoes. I love pretty and unique shoes but women are forced to either wear flats or ridiculously high, calf muscle torturing, bunion making instruments of torture. My rant is, why oh why can’t they make something in between that is pretty? If they catered to that market they might be surprised at how much the sales of items of torture would fall. I sincerely believe that it is because of the extremely limited choice that women purchase these monstrosities.



So now I come to you. We all have a good rant inside of us. What products or services are you unhappy about? Share it with us all. You never know, an entrepreneur or business owner might be a reader and your rant might actually lead to change.


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  • bristol

    Well done Gustavia Lui, who quite clearly is a ‘the glass is half full’ type of person. Whereas the gal with big boobies is of ‘the glass is half empty’ variety. Maybe a negative to a positive attitude would convert to an opportunity for her to exploit an obvious niche in the market to manufacture ‘pretty’ big bras.

  • Bud

    I think the video rant needed less talking about boobs and more actual boob; I mean I was having a hard time picturing a double F…

  • Miss McGerkinshaw

    Plus size clothing where the manufacturer doesn’t automatically assume that because I’ve got fat my arms have grown longer! Everything seems to be too long in the arms since I’ve expanded, grrrr!

  • kiwisnab

    I’m XL size, so yes, clothes fit, but the pockets are not any bigger for larger hands. Small buttons annoy me.

  • pisces8284 .

    Duvet covers. They get wider (as in King and Super King) but they are all the same length. I would love a cover that hangs down as far as the sides do

  • KatB

    To have a telephone communications company that you can actually communicate with. It would be so nice to have a local company with shops with real people that you can discuss problems with. With the way most are set up these days, they can keep you at arms length, as you can never talk to the same person twice and never to anybody who can actually make a decision and hardly somebody even in the same country as you.

  • Mac50

    We decided to upgrade our separate personal mobile plans to a single business account at Vodafone. Spent an hour in the shop getting it all sorted, with a new phone thrown in, all for a monthly bill of $160, which we are happy with.
    What they didn’t tell us was that I have been abartarily assigned a $150 monthly credit limit. So before we had even left the shop we had gone over our credit limit! The automated response was to therefore terminate all outgoing services and Internet access. If that wasn’t bad enough, no one at the shop or at their call centre could fix it for 24 HOURS, after many long calls. During which time my wife’s business could not make ANY calls out – how is that for terrible service!!!

  • FornaK

    Why can’t the food and beverages at sporting stadiums and events be reasonably price,and fit for purpose?
    Food is normally lukewarm, and tastes like cardboard. The beer is served in small plastic bottles, served warm, and after queueing for an extended period of time, you’re only allowed two pp.
    I like to join The masses now and then, to watch live events with the boys, and to get away from the Mrs. No nagging, or interrupting at crucial moments, like when I’m trying to watch it at home! It’s amazing how often urgent jobs are required when I settle in to watch sports at home!
    This is a wide spread problem with differing catering companies, but the same bloody problems though!
    The best takeaways and cold beers I get, are always at the Fieldays! They know what their customers want, and the mrs likes to drive me home afterwards!

  • LesleyNZ

    Put adjustable elastic in waistband of shorts/pants and jeans. More often than not I find the waist is always so big for me. Adjustable is done in some children’s clothes and I have seen adjustable elastic in some designer jeans. I normally just use ordinary elastic – push it through the waistband like in the link below and sew each end to secure. The button hole elastic looks a great idea. Wonder if it can be purchased in NZ? http://makeitorfixit.com/how-to-make-an-adjustable-waistband-in-jeans/
    I am with you about the shoes SB.