When the Greens play Dirty Politics with Dirty Media

The Green party manufactured a hit job on the Prime Minister and his media by feeding several Media party outlets with “exclusive” details.

The first to run the story was Matt Nippert, who somehow forgot about his gushing articles of outrage about me feeding stories to media that were described as Dirty Politics. He forgets too that he was a glad recipient of many stories from me back before Nicky Hager threatened them all.

But he took the info, shilled a Green party hit job and Fran O’Sullivan praised him for it even though the Green party did all the leg work.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 10.09.30 AM

This is what I call Dirty Media. Not because it is dirty per se, but because of their rank hypocrisy of going all in and attacking me for the very same things that are done every day in politics around the world.

Frances Cook exposes the Green party tactics of how they shilled this story to a lazy and complicit Media party:

It was the Green Party which uncovered the story, after some excellent investigation. Less good is that they then spoke to several media outlets, leaving at least three with the impression that they had an exclusive story.

It’s not the end of the world, and it’s still the Prime Minister who will face the most questions over this. But the Green Party might find media wary of them the next time they uncover dirt on their opponents.

She went further on Twitter.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 10.13.53 AM

When the Greens do Dirty Politics the Media party laps it up. When Nicky Hager writes a lopsided book leaving out all the Media party, Green MPs and Labour MPs, it’s called Dirty Politics.

Are we getting the picture now? Dirty Politics = Politics…it is as it has ever been. Politics is a game played by dirty despicable people doing dirty despicable things…it won’t ever change and the Green party are just as dirty as everyone else. They just think their shit doesn’t smell because they compost.


– NewtalkZB


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  • sonovaMin

    I doubt very much if the green party itself did any investigation. It would have been handed to them on a plate by Hager with a line by line instruction on what to do.
    I may be wrong but this all could be a preamble to a book Hager may have coming out soon, which would be a real smearfest.

    I love it how investigative journalism now means trolling through stolen emails, data, etc and putting a massive spin on what is found.

    On the matter of exclusiveness, the news media have got to learn that when it comes to the Greens they are as trustworthy as snakes – or maybe they are just to stupid to care.

    • Keeping Stock

      Equally SonovaMin, the Greens will eventually learn that the MSM is as trustworthy as snakes too, which is probably why they deserve one another.

    • sheppy

      I suspect both with an additional dose of ideological naivety thrown in

  • Mick Ie

    In the earlier days of twitter, a journalist friend of mine was asked to follow up on a potential story from the Greens that appeared on a post. He told me he spent over half a day researching it, only to find it couldn’t be researched because it was actually non-existent. He was so p’d off that he had wasted all that time, when he could have continued to work on a story that was actually factual and needed to be reported on. Currently, he’s taking a break from his career.

  • Rick H

    It doesn’t leave you much time for the run up to the election, Sir.
    It doesn’t leave much time for my oponents either. Brrrp.

  • one for the road

    Dirty Politics = Politics? That is so correct, look at what is happening in the USofA

  • Teakay

    It is now very evident that the Greens and Labour are not only using Hagers book as their operations manual but also taking “dirty” to a whole new low by actively encouraging their scumbag supporters to add their disgusting vitriol on social media.