While Andrew Little’s Tax Return stunt fails, the Media party keep smearing Key

Next leader? Who cares?

How much did Little pay in net tax over gross earnings?  7% you say?

Andrew Little got to table his tax return in parliament today and, like any good Telethon, challenge the PM to equal or better. But it’s nothing more than a stunt. One that’s actually got very little Media party attention. The Media party are still too busy sticking knives into John Key.

Claire Trevett is another who has gone full retard and is now a confirmed KDS case .

Prime Minister John Key has declared a short-term deposit in a trustee company which specialises in foreign trusts and provides legal services for Mr Key.

The short term deposit in the Antipodes Trust Group was included in his entry for debtors in the Register of Pecuniary Interests which has just been released. There are no overseas trusts listed in his entry. […]

Mr Key has denied he has any overseas trusts himself.

The entry in the MPs’ register also shows Mr Key has disposed of an apartment in London which he has owned since entering Parliament.

His gifts register ranges from a framed oil painting by William Tseng, to pen and coin sets from the Prime Minister of Kuwait, and numerous helicopter rides and golf games in New Zealand, including two helicopter trips to Kauri Cliffs courtesy of richlister Trevor Farmer, one to Tara Iti from DB Breweries, and three helicopter rides and golf outings to Wairakei from Alloy Yachts’ richlister Gary Lane.

…all of which is public, has been declared and has absolutely nothing to do with the Panama Papers.

And among all this, not a single media voice is calling for sanity. Well, with the exception of yours truly and Larry Williams I reckon. Everyone else has jumped on the KDS-fuelled Panama Papers stunt that’s being fuelled by the Media party.

Key is heading overseas to China next week.

I can’t wait to see what sort of “surprise hit” the Media party and Labour have got prepped this time. It better be of a higher quality than this KDS Rich Prick Envy Attack, because I’m getting bored.


– Claire Trevett, NZ Herald via ODT


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  • Goldie

    This truly is getting ridiculous. Is there a term for going further retard than ‘full retard’.

    • Nige.

      Yes. Full Little retard.

      • Orca


      • pisces8284 .

        Full returd?

      • Goldie

        Maybe something a little more generic: Hyper-retard?

        • biscuit barrel

          The word you are looking for is Antipodes, from the greek ‘opposite to the feet’ or in our lingo down under

          Much more digging ‘down under ‘to come

      • Dumrse

        A Little Tarded.

    • Isherman

      Inside the Labour Party, they just call it ‘tomorrows talking points’.

    • Orca

      Full retard always reminds me of a time in my teens when I took a Valiant V8 for a test drive. It was some hotted up model E something. I was already doing a good speed and then decided to knock the auto down a notch to check the acceleration, but the auto was very, very loose, and went “click, click, click” right into full retard (reverse). There were noises, there was a lot of smoke, the dashboard lit up with so many pretty lights. I remember full retard.

      • Goldie

        At the risk of being off topic, there is the old (Dad) joke about what the numbers on the gear stick meant: 1 – first gear, 2 – second gear… R – racing

    • dumbshit

      Not sure what the term would be, but the outcome of disappearing up their own exhaust pipes would be fitting!

    • Left Right Out

      Yes…. I believe they use the term Andrew Little…. never go Andrew Little

    • Uncle Bully

      One word comes to my mind, that describes both Labour and the MSM: Pathetic.

    • kayaker


    • rexabus

      He’d be a vote retardant

  • Jude

    Well if Little does disclose all of his tax returns for public scrutiny, I would not be surprised if it just confirms his lack of business acumen.
    He seems proud of achieving Little.
    It just confirms he is unfit to be Prime Minister of this country.

  • Nige.

    Something else that I think is quite disgusting…. Andrew made a formal request to the speaker of the house today to try and ditch debates already before the house so that he could continue his deluded pursuit of passing cars and have an urgent debate on whether or not John Sherwan is an appropriate person to be conducting this enquiry.

    He’s a Mr.7% list mp and is attempting to waste our parliamentary time on CRAP. He’s as bad as the green party.

    New low for labour.

    • XCIA

      In 2014, it cost +/-$310 per minute to run parliament. The Speaker should have the authority to rule questions out of order as frivolous or vexatious and charge the party concerned for wasting parliaments time.

      • OneTrack

        Charge the person concerned. Angry can afford $310 per minute. It’s worth it to “Get Key”, isn’t it Andy? What’s that? Not when it is going to cost you personally, but only when you are wasting, I mean using, taxpayers money? Oh, ok.

        What’s that Andy? I should just work harder and pay more taxes so that you can waste more of question time asking if the PM stands by his statements. I’ll see what I can do Andy. You sure you don’t want to spend that money on starving kids instead? Yeah? Nah?

    • Woody

      I think there should be an inquiry into Little’s salary, after all, it’s not fair.
      My wife and I work very hard, take considerable business risk with substantial capital tied up (well substantial for us), employ staff and our combined income is only half of his salary which he is paid for being nothing more than a useful idiot who is not even capable of wining a seat and is only where he is because of bully boy tactics of his union mates/masters.

  • Curly1952

    Yes, I noticed this headline & photo has stayed up on the top of the papers web site since its announcement. The fact that the left are getting a hiding in the polls hardly rated a mention on the day by the paper and that poll would have more effect on NZers than this no news story.

  • Isherman

    With salaries at the EPMU of 178k and 281k as ‘Leader of the Opposition’, we should see how much he’s ever given to charity. By the lefts own logic he can’t possibly need all of that to live on…so he’s really just another ‘rich prick’ isn’t he?
    Although, that being said, the salary for ‘the leader of the opposition’ is 281k, whereas Winston ‘only’ gets 189k. Surely, the guy on 10% as opposed to 7% is the real leader of the opposition. Winston’s being ripped by Andrew Little…he should address that, might be a case to be made..snigger.

  • You are bored? New Zealand is bored, as seen by Labour’s last pole ratings.

  • Vlad

    An important component of this is that the dumbos who are reporting the story don’t know what Trusts are; they don’t know what Blind Trusts are; they don’t know what the laws provide and protect. They are just ignorant plonkers who throw out trigger words with no context in the hope that non-existent mud sticks. What a sad outcome for journalism.

    • biscuit barrel

      So Key has sold his London apartment , pocketed a massive gain as hes had it for a long time.
      All we know is that $30k is left over, as a NZ resident he has to pay tax on world wide income.

      if you wanted to shuffle funds and keep them offshore, Antipodes Trustee would be the people to see. Hint they dont do this sort of thing to get better interest rates as they are even lower in UK than here.

      These sort of companies are expensive to use, and there is only one reason to do so.

      • David Moore

        Selling an apartment he had as a residence would not be a taxable event for a NZ resident. Not do you need a lawyer to keep funds offshore, you would just have the account with a suitable offshore institution.

    • David Moore

      Nice summary!

  • Cadwallader

    Reading the declared assets which JK has declared makes me feel grubbily voyeuristic. I bet the msm and Labour trolls don’t share that feeling.

  • pisces8284 .

    To be fair, it was #2 on TVOne news and didn’t amount to much. More interested in a story about WOFs that they had broken

  • shykiwibloke

    Did Littles return mention his popularity is half that of GST?

    • Larry

      Sorry. The name GST is already taken. A friends first wife got half then the second wife got half again and then the third one got half of the remainder. Then 12.5% wasn’t even GST when they put it up to 15% but the name stuck.

  • Eiselmann

    Just saw Corin Dann on TV effectively annouce that theres nothing to say John Key has an overseas trust account …but yeah you know he might, so not a good look.

    Really Corin, thats so weak.

    I mean some reporters lie to the public but while theres nothing to say Corin has , still its not a good look Corin, I wonder if you stand by all your statements.

    • XCIA

      Its idiots like desperate Dann who will talk nothing into something to the point his followers will pass on his unsubstantiated drivel as absolute fact.

  • Larry

    OMG. I got a ride in a helicopter a few weeks ago and I haven’t told anybody

    • Dog Breath

      Did the pilot know.

  • stephen2d

    Emphasis on “specialised in foreign trusts domicile in NZ”. No word that it is a NZ company and such rules would not apply to a Kiwi resident. How low can they sink in the MSM? No matter what they say…

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Angry Andy assisted by the Media party are still satisfied with the idea of if enough mud is thrown then some must stick. Surely. They have already logged a substantial loss at the ballot boxes for their gutter politicking along with the Dirty Politics sham. The hole is getting deeper but they seem convinced they are digging for victory.
    The view beyond the blinkers is so much different to what they see in what must surely be a virtual vision and they are missing the writing on the wall. Action and reaction are going to certainly see them dipping further as the backlash cracks like a stock whip.
    Take it as a pun or fact there is very little coming from Little that will do anything but more harm to him and his flagging party situation.
    Angry Andy seems to think he is playing a simple card game of “snap” by laying his tax records on the table and overlooks it is called “Go Fish”. The fool can’t see he’s played the Joker.

  • rangitoto

    DPF points out that Little didn’t actually table his tax returns. Just salary and PAYE statements. Was he misleading parliament?

    • Woody

      He wouldn’t know or understand the difference.

  • essiep

    I am a Chartered Accountant. What Andrew Little has released is NOT a tax return. It is merely a printout of his salary & wage info.

    • biscuit barrel

      Thats all thats required, the summary of earnings and tax paid. Thats seems to be what they are doing in Britain.
      next youll be wanting the ‘full’ birth certificate

      • essiep

        What was the purpose of the stunt? Did he want to get John Key to provide his income from all sources? Andrew Little has not provided that. A spokesperson has already said that he also has interest. $10 or $10 million? What about dividends? You don’t have to file a return if all of your income is taxed correctly at source. John Key could easily provide the same info as Andrew Little. What would be the point – his salary is a matter of public record.

        • Ross

          Given what a commercial failure Andrew Little has been, it’s highly likely he hasn’t found a way to supplement his income in other ways.

          • Cadwallader

            Little sure as hell doesn’t own New Plymouth!

      • Uncle Bully

        Rubbish, a full tax return would show Little’s earnings beyond what the taxpayers are paying him, such as rental income from his investment property portfolio, dividends from his shareholdings, and the interest he receives from his term deposits. If Key were to simply show his summary of earnings, the socialists would howl with rage, be absolutely horrified and demand his resignation (again).

      • David Moore

        His earnings as leader of the opposition is already a matter of public record, what did he achieve releasing his payslip?

        • Aucky

          Proof that he is overpaid?

  • meltingpot

    But where in all this is there any actual evidence of tax avoidance? It seems only about Foreign Trusts registered in NZ because of our safe economy, I would have thought this was a positive story?

  • Michael

    Did Little declare the Labour staffer who didn’t pay his employees PAYE and Kiwisaver to IRD when he ran a company?

    Are the media reporting that Green MP Julie-Anne Genter holds a US domicled tax free Individual Retirement Account? (An offshore tax free arrangement?)

    Are the media reporting that NZ First MP Clayton Mitchell has four shelf companies?

    Of course not.

  • jaundiced

    John Key ‘admits’ to having a term deposit.

    Paddy Gower tonight frothing over this revaluation, despite saying that Key has done nothing wrong. However, it is ‘deeply embarrassing’ for him.


    By the way, I admit going to work today, but continue to deny that i went on a bus.

    • Uncle Bully

      The only person who should be deeply embarrassed is Patrick Gower for thinking that this is news and that anyone, except nutbars with KDS, actually cares.

  • Superman

    What’s it with the media? Don’t they know NZ is on a good wicket at the moment? Why would they want to stuff it all up and have Labour and the Greens running amuck?

  • Superman

    Just like the TPPA.

  • Teeps

    When the Labour party go full-retard, you know they are a party on life support. No money, no talent, no credible ideas. Just a shell of a party whose history includes MJS for instance. They are dying, slowly, piece by piece. This is the beginning of the end for the reds.

  • Metricman

    Time for a new handle, how about, “Andrew Futile”

    • biscuit barrel

      Well there has been an inquiry announced just days after we were told nothing to see here.
      Whats the bet more will come by Friday, after Curia has done the polling

      • Second time around

        Shewan was approached last week while Key was saying that there was probably nothing. So it looks like Key always expected to have to do an inquiry

      • Uncle Bully

        You’re on. I bet you a stale biscuit that the MSM will concoct yet another “story” about absolutely nothing, then claim JK and the Nats are to blame.

        • Aucky

          They will wait until JK has arrived in China in order to cause the country the maximum embarassment and limit the PM’s ability to a regular right of reply. It doesn’t need to be factual, innuendo is quite sufficient.

  • biscuit barrel

    Not quite.
    The law firm is a specialist with offshore trusts. They share a floor with a law firm which used to be known as Whitney & Ross.
    The web page blows apart the idea there is full disclosure

    “Reporting requirements are limited and the identity of the settlor and beneficiaries need not be disclosed. ”

    Nowhere does it say they provide standard lawyer services , such as buying selling property, holding funds etc.

    • Second time around

      So they do family law in secret and launder money in public? It’s too good to be true!

    • Cadwallader

      Ahhh! But they do! They have done precisely that work on mine and my clients’ behalves. Please try some fact checking as a component of your contrarianism.

  • Rick H

    Sledge of the day – Questions in the house –

    John Key to the Little-Tool – He should not be tabling his tax records, he should be tabling his CV, as he will be out of a job very shortly.

    Best one yet.

  • CheesyEarWax

    I look forward to next week, where JK will be wining and dining with the Chinese and helping our exporters connecting with the biggest market in the world, whilst back in NZ the Opposition and Media Party will be digging for dirt on JK that they have been doing since…2008. So which of these headline stories NZers will care more? The Panama Papers doesn’t reveal anything new, just look at the multi-national companies dodging tax, including APN. Don’t forget, many NZers used trusts to minimise their tax liability, guessed who closed this loophole? Yes, it was the National govt that closed this loophole, a loophole that was created by Clark’s Labour govt.

  • Aucky

    All this futile energy from the lefties and NZF and how many of their ‘homeless, poverty stricken and helpless’ constituents that they profess to care for will be fed and housed as a result. Hypocrisy at its worst.

  • contractor

    Keep it up Andy and your leftie media mates – you are doing great things for National’s polling!

  • earthyundertones

    (A stolen comment from a guy called Millhouse, but I thought it summed it up perfectly) Andrew Little releasing his records and asking John Key to do the same is a bit like me taking my top off and going “now it’s your turn, Scarlett Johansson”. Nobody cares about Andrew Little’s records, and obviously John Key is not going to show his.

    • tjb

      An even better analogy than you thought. For like hacked/leaked secret trusts, ScarJos breasts are on the internet if you search for them.

  • WBC

    It is an interesting and exciting race though, this race for zero integrity. You’ve got to hand it to both of them for dedicating themselves to it so completely, most people simply couldn’t compete as general background human conscience tends to kick in.

    It’s close, but I think the media are in the lead, a bit of an unfair advantage of course as they can distribute the public displays of increasingly comical proto-human degeneration across the workforce whereas Little has to totally debase himself and himself alone, an act he will never recover from. He’s working hard though and has already sloughed off the residual barriers of the rest of his party, no longer able trusting or trusted by any of them he is free to plummet deeper and deeper as high approaches absolute zero.

    It’ll be fun to see which one reaches it first. There might even be an event horizon after which thy just disappear from public trust forever! The scientific and philosophical work that could be done on this is just so exciting.

  • earthyundertones

    The trouble is that either the New Zealand media have given up all pretence and are willing to outright lie to the public to smear Key, or they collectively haven’t got a clue what the difference is between a deposit, a trust, a foreign trust… if they are “bad”… any of it. Honestly, I’m not sure which is worse.