While Chippy is trying to end Charter Schools, he might like to close this one too

Chris Hipkins wants to end charter schools, despite never even visiting one, ostensibly because he says that kids aren’t safe at the schools…and, because of the risk of unregistered teachers, they should be closed down.

While he is trying to pass that legislation, he might like to add an amendment to close this school in Hamilton where a registered teacher gave a student a blowie.

A Hamilton high school teacher has resigned from her job after she allegedly performed oral sex on a Year 13 boy the same night as his school leavers’ dinner.

The dinner was held in November and the teacher allegedly performed the act on the boy the same night, but not at the venue.

The schoolboy complained to the school but no action was taken.

A source said the student then presented a sworn affidavit to the school board.

The incident was witnessed by other students and it was widely discussed among senior students and on social media.

The teacher is now reportedly under investigation by the Education Council.

Why is it so hard to get schools to act on sexual predators? Why do the schools and the teacher unions protect these people?

Clearly, Hipkins’ rationale that teacher registration protects the kids is a fantasy.

The principal and board chair told Fairfax they could not comment on the matter, that it was inappropriate to do so while the investigation was ongoing.

Education Council spokesman Andrew Greig said the teacher “has undertaken not to teach” while she was being investigated.

“It would be improper and unfair to comment further because the investigation is active and we don’t want to predetermine any outcomes.”

The principal and board should be hounded to explain why they ignored a complaint.

Chris Hipkins’ claims about risk to children from unregistered teachers is a joke. His bill should be cancelled and, instead, focused on closing state schools where kids are at risk from registered teachers.


– NZ Herald



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  • The school system sucks! How come I never got a teacher like that?

    • john Doe

      Apparently the lad was taken straight to hospital after dislocating his shoulder “high fiving” the the rest of the senior school.

      • spanishbride

        You wouldn’t say that if a Male teacher went down on your daughter. Do you think she would be high fiving the rest of the senior school?

        • Shane Ponting

          Given the element in society that is intent on demolishing or reversing gender roles, I’d say that sounds unlikely now but could in fact be normal in another generation.

        • Aucky

          Slightly different scenario SB. I find it very difficult to believe that a female could perform oral sex on an unwilling male victim. There’s something we are not being told.

          • spanishbride

            I don’t find it difficult because I know someone who was preyed on by his Aunt. He was living with his Aunt so relied on her for food, clothing transport to school etc. He was in no position to say no when she decided to take his virginity when he was 12 or 13. When he told his mates they told him he was lucky so he was influenced into believing that it wasn’t wrong. However when he had a son of his own that age I asked him how he would feel if his wife’s sister took his son’s virginity while he was staying at her home. he felt sick and was horrified. he realised then that his mates were wrong. He wasn’t lucky at all.

          • Aucky

            This bloke is a strapping 18 year old SB not a naive weedy 12 year old who still not quite sure what it’s for.

            There is something we are not being told.

          • spanishbride

            Yes on that I agree

    • XCIA

      Because in our day, there was not as much emphasis on freedom of expression.

    • Aucky

      Would you mind rephrasing that please Wallace.

    • Pita

      Beacuse in your day Wallace, there were probably more male teachers in schools, so less predation on the students.

    • axeman

      Why did he complain?? there will be some very disappointed year 12 boys now

  • Woody

    There has to be a back story here, after the initial gasp, shock, horror reaction, up pops a number of “why” questions.

  • Doug

    So where is the rest of the story? To me there appears to be a few rather large gaps

    • Jude

      I have read conjecture on this too. There is I suspect more to this than is being reported.
      The fact it is reported in the media as “click bate ” raises a red flag .

      • Kevin

        To me it looks very much like the student and his mates made up the story for a laugh and now it’s gotten out of hand. Not saying it doesn’t happen, but for the teacher to do it in front of witnesses the teacher must have been drunk, extremely stupid, or it didn’t happen. Occam’s Razor says the latter.

        • Mrs_R

          Where there are witnesses there are mobile phones, and for the teacher to actually resign tells me perhaps alcohol and good sense didn’t mix and there is proof of it. I’m just having a hard time reconciling any 18yr old male actually complaining he got some head. Even the school couldn’t believe it. As Doug says there is more to this story so it will be interesting to hear what it is.

        • Jude

          Agree. I thought maybe she didn’t realise he was a student maybe thought a former pupil. Either way an 18 year old agreeing to I believe consensual sex then it going viral on NSM does not add up to me. Media via Facebook seems to be the norm these days

  • Not Clinically Insane

    Quite how the school determined there wasnt any action to take is frankly gobsmacking

  • cows4me

    The idea that registered teachers can do no wrongs reminds me of an issue we had with transit NZ, same sort of logic. Put a sign on main road, can’t do that. Why? , It has to have a consent as people may be distracted by the sign and run off the road. So if you give transit $1000 this guarantees cars will not run off the road and the sign is “safe”. Yeah they tried this on.

    • hookerphil

      Had to be a certain distance back from the road – takes longer and a bigger turn off the head to read.

    • Of course the spectacular views of our countryside don’t distract anyone at all…just ask drivers over the Skippers Canyon road.

      • cows4me

        It’s a wonder country people can drive in the city then, signs every two meters. Besides how does paying off some extortion artist now make the sign crash proof ?

  • Mrs_R

    The teenage network is an astounding thing. Nothing gets by them. Their filtering might be off on some occasions (as in they don’t see things like an adult would), however it’s impressive all the same. It’s honestly better than google. You ask a question and the answers come flooding in. It obviously helps to have connected teenagers who have the acceptance and trust of their peers, however honestly the NZ Police really need to tap into this thing. I asked the questions of the who, where and why, and voila I have the answers. Man, I’m just bursting to tell ya all :)