Who are we supposed to trust then? The media? Oh come on…

Stacey Kirk thinks we can’t trust the government:

Our spy agencies don’t exactly have an exemplary record for following the law, in the minds of most New Zealanders.

That’s partly due to a disgracefully gung-ho attitude, partly due to poorly drafted laws.

But the power has been executed just once, since it was legislated for at the end of 2014. It appears it’s something Security Director Rebecca Kitteridge clearly doesn’t take lightly.

In fairness, it seems there has been somewhat of a culture-shift in both the SIS and Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) to both be more transparent, and abide by the rules.

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei is now calling on Finlayson to release more details of the circumstances of the incident, in particular, whether it was related to terrorist group Islamic State (ISIS).

Here’s the problem I have with that: how would it be any different to the information – flawed as it was – that we received from Kitteridge and the Prime Minister late last year about the Kiwi brand of jihadi brides. Kiwis they were, but living in Australia – an omission that was clearly intended to bolster the case for greater spying powers, received in this year’s review.  

In order to be a Kiwi, and this is something that seems to have escaped the notice of media like Stacey Kirk and fools like Metiria Turei, you still have to have been here…and if they were in Australia then then they had to have left from here. On top of that they did still go to Syria, and they were still Kiwis, therefore they were Kiwi jihadi brides…most people know this, only the vested interests of the opposition and the Media party don’t seem to have grasped it.

“Scaremongering” cried the Greens, quite rightly.

So if these details were to be released, what would be the benefit? Greater transparency for the public to check whether the terrorist threat in question, was enough to spy without a warrant?

To understate; that seems dangerous.

Frankly, I’d be suspicious of anything released by the Government on this – as manipulating as it was last year.

Which is a disgraceful position for the public to be placed in. It can no longer be sure any information isn’t highly politicised.

But hell, call away Metiria; I’d still love to know.

Well if we can’t trust the government who are we supposed to trust? The media? The Green party?

Obviously Stacey Kirk didn’t read this post about trustworthiness and how most people view the media with far more disdain than any politicians.

If the media actually did their job instead of trawling through social media looking for outraged people to cut/paste or manufacturing stories or pimping the poor then people might actually regain some trust in the fourth estate.

I’d say there is bugger all chance of that happening so the only alternative is to create something new and prove a point.


– Fairfax


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  • Souvlaki

    I’m speculating, probably correctly…that many in the media read both the posts on Whaleoil, and to some extent the comments. The fact that the bulk of voters ( and their own readers ) disagree with them, and put up generally logical reasons for their stance, cuts no ice with “journalists “such as Kirk. This suggests they rely on primitive ego defenses ( denial ) or are too thick to think logically,or both I guess.

  • john Doe

    Another free advert for the Green party. Why Kirk thinks that the rest of the population may be interested in her opinion is beyond me. Do these rags not have editors anymore?

  • Woody

    What qualifies her to comment on what “most New Zealanders” think?

  • Orca

    So if a jihadi was born in NZ, radicalised in NZ, and then went to another country before committing an act of terror, that would have nothing to do with NZ, but would be blamed on the countries that they passed through along the way?

  • sandalwood789

    This kind of preachy “breathless” reporting reminds me of the “goody two-shoes” kids at school. Everyone’s seen them – the ones that will report the most trivial of wrongdoings to a teacher. That’s what Kirk and Rachel “Keplar jacket” Smalley seem to be like.

    These reporters need to get a life and get some cynicism, life experience and perspective.

  • XCIA

    If Stacey Kirk places her trust in Metiria Turei, then who the hell in their right mind would trust anything that Stacey Kirk has to say?

  • Second time around

    As soon as you give details you give clues about the methods used, whether steaming open envelopes or xraying postcards, whatever. No security service, no matter how much it wants to appear user friendly should ever release any details- it’s been logged and if the Inspector General is interested, she can review it without Metiria’s help.

  • Vlad

    Her opinion might be worth reading if it were substantiated by research or statistics ( in other words, work). Or even if the writing was entertaining. But her clumsily expressed assertions are in fact contradicted by published research.

    “What most New Zealanders think” has been tested by very recent research that shows they rate media lower than government.

    I have not seen any evidence that NZ’rs feel that our security services are untrustworthy.

    Most recent reports by her own senior colleagues acknowledge the quality of oversight and openness achieved by the new Director-General.

    Inconsequential blather by a second-rater sucking up to the Green’s Metiria Turei in the hope of getting first go at their press releases.

  • Graham Pilgrim

    Who the hell is Stacey Kirk? I suppose I could Google it, but I really can’t be arsed. Is she an authority on national security?

    And as for the comments under her diatribe on Stuff…..

    I sometimes wish Whaleoil wouldn’t post stuff like this. It does my blood pressure no good at all.

  • Abjv

    “Our spy agencies don’t exactly have an exemplary record for following the law”. The do have a pretty good record at stopping the bad guys however.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    There is the then and then there is the now. It was the Media party who initially misled the public who took it with the mandatory dash of salt. In the minds of most New Zealanders as she seems to consider an assumed knowledge of they actually think nothing of the sort. They do however seem to be unanimous that rants like this on the limited knowledge of the scribbler are absolute baloney.
    It is only thanks to WOBH exposing it to a wider readership as they keep us abreast of the growing numbers of Media party ranks we get to know the bleating drivel levels expansion.

  • benniedawg

    What is it with these leftist fools that believe that we all have a right to the the sensitive material being worked on or resolved by the SIS. For goodness sake Metiria